Pmission Camera Conversion Lens Of Wide Angle Lens 52mm 0.45X Wide Angle Lens For Canon Nikon

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Product Description:

Pmission Conversion lens of 0.45x 52mm wide angle lens

  • No adapter needed -the 0.45x Combo Lens has 52mm rear threads and screws directly onto your camera .

  • The 0.45x Wide-Angle dramatically increases your wide-angle range. Fit the entire family or the whole team into the picture. Can be used Night or Day.

  • Macro Mode is accomplished by unscrewing the front lens assembly and using only the section labeled MACRO with your existing lens. 

  • Front filter size is 67mm for attaching other accessories.


Magnification Value0.45
Lens Construction3 Element 3 Groups
CoatingDouble Side Multi coating
Mount Thread Size52mm
Filter Thread Size67mm
Body Sizeφ=64 mm / H= 31mm
Marco functionavailable


Package includes:
1x 52mm 0.45x Wide Angle & Macro Lens

1x Front Cap 

1x Rear Cap 

1x Lens Bag


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Q:If the camera pixels are low. Can you make up for a good shot?
If you put on the 24-inch computer to watch 800W pixels and 1600W pixels to shoot out of the photo is absolutely the same or even 1600W pixel photos can also point because the camera mainly to see the size of the sensor area of the same CCD area pixels the greater the quality will be more Times
Q:Why is the camera lens to be coated? What are the disadvantages?
Not only that, the reflection between the lenses will have a serious impact on the final image quality. The light is penetrated through the lens at the same time by the lens of the surface of the constant reflection of the reflection of some of the light shot, and some are in the lens by the other lens surface reflection, and finally fell on the focal plane, in the image of glare, The contrast of the image, especially the shadow area of ​​the contrast decreased, fog up, the sharpness of the image is also greatly reduced.
Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
2.NIKON digital camera, you can also transfer Y / C lens, but because NIKON digital camera F bayonet caliber smaller, it may not be able to transfer all the Y / C port lens.
Q:What is a 135 single lens reflex digital camera?
2,35mm film specifications for the 24mm × 36mm, this specification is the most widely used traditional camera film specifications, so in the photography industry to form a tradition, that is, as a reference, as many times in the marked metric length The unit "m" is also converted to the English length unit "feet" and is noted later. We know that the focal length indicates the distance from the lens to the focal plane, that is, the distance from the lens to the film or the sensor. The precise definition of the focal length is "the distance from the focal point to the lens optical center". For digital cameras, the focal length is usually very small, which is due to the current digital camera commonly used image sensor specifications are very small - the diagonal length is usually not more than 25 mm, so the lens from the focal plane close, resulting in focal length Far less than the traditional 35mm camera is much smaller, the common 3x zoom optical lens is usually 6-18mm or 7-21mm or so. Coupled with different digital camera image sensor specifications are different, the lens marked on the real focal length of the number is also 7-21mm, in fact, converted to 35mm camera lens focal length is not the same. However, the real reason for marking the number of focal lengths with a 35mm camera is that most photographers can not understand why the lens focal length of a digital camera is so short that it can not understand the complex conversion relationship and convert the equivalent of 35mm camera lens focal length with this conversion relationship
Q:SLR camera lens thickness, what is the difference!
he lens thickness is related to the following aspects, but not limited to the following aspects, only pick up my moment to think about it: 1, aperture size: aperture F value is the lens focal length and aperture diameter ratio, the longer the focal length, aperture F value is smaller, the larger the aperture diameter, since the aperture diameter is clear that the lens is fine. So the general telephoto than the standard focal lengths thick, large aperture lens than the small aperture lens rough. (Can ask this question you can also estimate that the food may be, focal length, aperture and so on the basic terms are not clear, to check their own)
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
7. Virtual background requires a large aperture (f1.4 or f1.8), the standard lens 50mm fixed focus lens shot portrait is good, cheap head less than 1000 dollars. But the need to shoot the smallest focal length of 18mm lens, sometimes still have to use.
Q:Canon 60D appears Err 01 "camera and lens communication is faulty, please clean the lens contact" What is the problem? The lens is 18-135
The lens is not safe, re-install the majority can be resolved. And then do not scratch the touch on the lens of the "cheat". If not solve, it is very likely that the lens inside the cable cup. To repair the lens.
Q:My camera lens stuck
There are many reasons for the lens error: 1. The lens itself is a problem: 1. The internal transmission gears between the gears (debris may be the responsibility of consumers - in the camera dust outside the environment using the camera or the lens by the external force after the transmission gear rupture; also may be the camera manufacturer responsibility - in the assembly The lens when the rip fell into the lens, the lens for a long time caused by gear stuck)2. There is a problem with the sensor on the lens (which may be the responsibility of the consumer - the lens of the camera causes the component to be short-circuited, and may be the responsibility of the camera manufacturer - the component fails or falls off)
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
Dual lens mirror viewfinder camera, referred to as "double reverse camera". This system consists of two sets of lenses with the same focal length. The top lens is usually unable to adjust the aperture, only the use of framing; the lower lens with a shutter shutter adjustment device for the actual exposure. Double reverse system structure is simple and durable, has been widely accepted by reporters and the public. But because of its inherent parallax and lens restrictions, is now less production and use.
Q:Vivo xplay 3s camera lens can not focus
The camera is a normal sound; the handset is close to the camera position, the camera has a focus function, the camera module is not fixed, can be moving, so when the force shaking, there will be a slight noise. Please feel free to use.

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