Fisheye 2.1mm Lens

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1/3" CCD or CMOS

Focal Length

2.1 mm


0.3 Mega

Aperture (F/NO)




Field of View (Diagonal)


Optical Total Length

25.16 mm






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Q:SLR lens filter function and type
Seven, blue mirror (B):         For black and white photography. The mirror through the green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow and other colors. Wavelength of about 400-500nm range through the need to increase the exposure level 2 or so (according to the degree of softness of the mirror to master). Eight, gray mirror (ND):         There is a consistent absorption characteristic in the visible range. From the role of light, there is no color change. Is a commonly used to adjust the bright filter. Nine, Leiden 80:         The mirror color temperature conversion filter, points A, B, C, Leiden 80A color temperature from 3200K to 5500K. The use of the mirror can be sun-type film for artificial light source.
Q:SLR camera lens: Since the aperture can be set to a fixed value (such as F3.8), in this case, turn the zoom ring aperture can change?
This is called the fixed maximum aperture, that is, in any focal length below can use F3.8 this maximum aperture. But also can reduce the aperture, such as F8, in general, can be reduced to F22
Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
Camera lens is the most important part of the camera, because it directly affects the quality of shooting imaging. At the same time the lens is divided into the camera type and grade of one of the most important standards. In general, according to the camera, the camera can be divided into professional cameras, quasi-professional camera and ordinary camera three grades, whether it is a traditional film camera or digital camera, can be applied to this division. The lens can be divided into zoom and fixed focus two categories.
Q:How do I know if the lens of the camera is glass or resin?
   This is because the glass thermal conductivity is much larger than the thermal conductivity of the chemical synthetic resin, while the human body's tongue is a high sensitivity temperature sensor.         Modern zoom lens in order to eliminate color, often use aspherical lens. The cost of grinding aspheric lenses with glass is very high. The use of resin is simple, direct injection molding can be. Therefore, the ordinary lens if you want to use aspherical lens, the general use of resin instead of glass.         From the optical performance, the difference between the two is very limited. But after long-term use, the degree of aging resin lenses than glass serious.
Q:Why is there a white dot on the camera lens?
It does not matter Just the liquid dry mark - and then wipe it
Q:Apple camera 6 camera lens can be scaled?
IPhone6 camera is not scalable because iPhone6 for the most fuselage of ultra-thin thickness of 5.3 mm Making the camera to protrude but not shrink. The reason is that Apple's camera itself is limited, due to the need to use optical camera coke and other restrictions, there must be a certain space,
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
   Each focal length of the lens how to use it? Wide angle lens wide viewing angle, so suitable for shooting scenery, especially ultra wide-angle lens, wide field of vision, shooting out of the scenery is particularly imposing. The angle of the standard lens is close to the angle of view of the human eye and hence the name. Standard lens application is very extensive, landscape, portrait can be competent, but also very difficult to control. Ordinary people with standard lenses to take out the photos may be stereotyped, but experienced photographers can use the standard lens with the human eye perspective similar to this feature, shooting a lot of photos with a sense of the scene. 85mm ~ 135mm in the telephoto lens is generally used to shoot half-length portrait, the use of this lens is easy to shoot out the background of the photo, looks more artistic sense. More than 200mm telephoto lens is usually used to shoot insects, ecology, stage and sports. Because the focal length is long, you can put the object far away to the eyes of the photographer, so do not have to be close to the subject can shoot out a clear picture. In the shooting of insects, ecology, stage and sports time, obviously need such a capacity.
Q:What does the camera lens's ccd mean?
In principle, the digital camera uses a photographic device containing color photographic elements (hereinafter referred to as photographic elements) to record the light intensity and image color taken by the lens, and then generate a color image through the processor in the camera Calculate the complete color value of each corresponding pixel in the final image file, through which the digital photo similar to the film photo is formed. However, not all of the sensor photographic elements can play a role in the final formation of the photo. Because the digital camera will be the outside edge of many "black" (light is blocked) photography as a reference. They are not sensitive to themselves. Since each pixel needs to retrieve data from all the directions around it, there are some "black" photographic elements that provide the edge pixel values, but they do not appear in the final picture, which is the difference between the CCD pixel and the CCD effective pixels
Q:SLR Canon camera lens 18135 good or 8518 good?
But if you only take candy portrait like the need to blur the background that 8518 but this head can not zoom Jiaojiao still relatively long daily use more limited even if the shooter is not good in the room started because too long
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
So, I judge the owner of the camera fog should be in a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the solution is very simple answer is the same temperature inside and outside the lens can also be used to dry the air blower, but pay attention to sealing must not care lens Too close to the side of the coating.

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