3TREES Waterborne Fluorocarbon Paint (Pure Color) for Exterior Wall

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Product Description:


Multiple colors available, excellent anti-chemical corrosion performance, suits the need of high-standard constructions e.g. luxury hotel and villa.


Application scope:

Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.





Main components:

Waterborne fluorocarbon resin, rutile type titanium dioxide


Theoretical consumption:

9~10kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm)


Dry time:

Touch dry, 2H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃



1.    Super durability and UV-resistant performance, over 2000H artificial aging time

2.    Unrivalled non-corrodibility and chemical corrosion performances, suit for special harsh environment

3.    High performances, e.g. strong adhesion, stain-resistance, high gloss and color retention, water-repelling ability and anti-abrasion


Recommended application system:

1.     Treated Concrete Wall

2.     P0503Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3.     P0502 Exterior Fine Putty(1 coat)

4.     Permeable plus Alkali-Resistant Exterior Sealer (1 coat)

5.     Waterborne Shiny Putty(1 coat)

6.     Waterborne Fluorocarbon Middle Paint(1 coat)

7.     A0005A Waterborne Fluorocarbon Pure Color Paint(2 coats)


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Pu blue called Prussian blue, also known as iron blue or copper blue, the composition of ferrocyanide, is the 17th century invented in Germany, synthetic pigments;
Q:What is the meaning of the bottom of the paint?
Simply said that the primer and finish, in the paint when the package.
Q:Is paint harmful to hermit crabs?
paint fumes are really bad for hermit crab gills. If you're painting your house move your crabs to another room. same with house hold cleaners. Sprays candles perfume or tobacco smoke are harmful for crabs. Avoid any scents around hermit crabs Painted shells kill land hermit crabs. They are animals not art projects. They groom their shells and eat the paint. the paint becomes tacky causing them to be lodged in the shells. It chips off and gets stuck in their gills. not to mention if gives children the impression that they are nothing more then toys. These are animals that can live for decades and need love and respect.
Q:Can paint be conductive?
The conductive condition is to have the freedom to move the electrons, the above compounds can not be ionized, so the paint is not conductive.
Q:what should i paint?
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Q:What is the difference between painting and painting?
Painting is relatively convenient.
Q:what kind of paint should I use for a painting on wood?
I had fantastic results painting our 1965 wood paneling with Benjamin Moore Aura flat finish paint. (it IS washable too, after it has cured for a couple of weeks). I first washed the paneling with a little Simple Green added to water. I caulked everything, using a caulk gun and paint-able interior caulk. I caulked floor to ceiling along the wood cove used in the corners. This gave a seamless look. I caulked along the based boards and around the windows, I caulked all along the ceiling line too I filled small nail holes with the caulk. Be sure to pound in any protruding nails, as they will show after painting if they stick out. I gave two coats of latex primer, used a favorite called Stix, by Benjamin Moore. When I primed, I first took a small paint brush and painted into each grove in the paneling. This step is time consuming, but it sure added for a beautiful finished job after the top coat was applied. I painted into the groves with the top coat also, before rolling on the entire wall. The key is using matte or flat paint when painting paneling. Any imperfections are hidden better with this finish. I was so pleased with the first room I did, I went on to paint four more rooms in the house.
Q:Who can tell me how to distinguish between flat-panel printer pigments and dye inks?
Dye ink is not easy to fade with water, for cloth and other daily necessities, the pigment ink faint water is mainly used for painting. Pigment ink put the image point, that is, powder ink, of course, this is just a kind of image of the argument, not accurate enough. To be precise, it is the solid pigment grinding into very small particles, dissolved in a special water solvent, is a suspension solution or semi-solution, with our printing and dyeing clothing pigment properties of the same. In contrast to the principle that the dye ink penetrates into the medium and then forms the color, it is colored by the color of the material attached to the surface of the medium (such as copy paper or paper). Therefore, it is not possible to print with pigment ink, even if it is printed on plain paper, and it is not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet rays due to the waterproofness of the pigment itself. Therefore, it is strong in water resistance and light and prints out even if it is outdoors Use can also be maintained for more than a year without obvious signs of fading. The above information provided by the base of the industry!
Q:How to distinguish between fluorocarbon paint and ordinary paint?
In my opinion, choose Hua? Long paint fluorine paint, will feel good.
Q:What brand of latex paint is best
The country's best latex paint with a friend of paint, Dulux, Nippon Paint, Chinese lacquer paint these paint brand latex paint in the country are very famous. You can try to use

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