3TREES Waterborne Fluorocarbon Paint Metallic Effect Excellent Performance

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Product Description:


Metallic effect with excellent anti-chemical corrosion performance makes the product suit the need of high-standard constructions e.g. luxury hotel and villa. 


Application scope:

Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.





Main components:

Waterborne fluorocarbon resin, rutile type titanium dioxide and metallic powder


Theoretical consumption:

9~10kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm)


Dry time:

Touch dry, 2H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃



1.    Super durability and UV-resistant performance, over 2000H artificial aging time

2.    Unrivalled non-corrodibility and chemical corrosion performances, suits for specially harsh environment

3.    High performances, e.g. strong adhesion, stain resistance, high gloss and color retention, water-repelling ability and anti-abrasion


Recommended application system:

1.     Treated Concrete Wall

2.     P0503Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3.     P0502 Exterior Fine Putty(1 coat)

4.     Permeable plus Alkali-Resistant Exterior Sealer (1 coat)

5.     Waterborne Shiny Putty(1 coat)

6.     Waterborne Fluorocarbon Middle Paint(1 coat)

7.     A0006A Waterborne Fluorocarbon Pure Color Paint

(2 coats)


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Q:Open paint and closed paint which is more expensive? What is more beautiful? Is doing white
The open type is made of nitrocellulose. Closed is made of polyester paint and water-based paint. The price of water-based paint is the most expensive. Nitrocellulose and polyester varnish are relatively less than the type of nitro. The price is generally the same as the price of polyester mid-range paint. Polyester paint more types. Selectivity is relatively large. The price range is relatively large. But do open with nitro has a disadvantage is the amount of great. The general use of polyester paint construction, then painted three times more than twice the paint on it. If you use nitro, then the general six times to paint six times before the paint effect we go. General paint workers are not afraid of trouble with nitro. Nitro makes it very good. More suitable for young people with. There are time to try to find a good way to paint the painter. Because the difficulty of the construction of nitro is higher than that of polyester. Nitro environmental performance is also very good. Polyester and water-based paint is more suitable for closed. This is more suitable for mature type. If you are more personal. Young people use nitro to do open is pretty good indeed. If you are more mature nature that with polyester and water-based closed may make you like more. I know the knowledge is poured out. Give me points to it.
Q:how do you paint things shiny gloss?
First you need a paint or finish that is full gloss. Then you need one that is abradable. (Poly is not very abradable). Applying that finish or paint will get you as glossy as you can get off the gun or off the brush. Normally this is about 85-90 degrees on a scale of 0-100. Let it cure for several weeks, then polish with progressively finer abrasives like auto rubbing compounds.
Q:Quickest Way Removing Paint?
countless subject concerns. Sandblasting eliminates plenty greater then the paint, and creates localised warmth subject concerns - no longer good. Chemical strippers can influence greater desirable than the paint - caulking particularly so returned no longer constantly so good. There are some manufacturers and kinds that make claims to no longer influence the substrate and there is not any reason to dispute this, in prepare except you attempt them that's hard to declare and expensive to maintain attempting selections - artwork on plastic and cardboard too, drips of softened paint can re-harden on your driveway maximum inconveniently. Mechanical abrasion - grinders and sanding pads. Loud, grimy, dusty and in case you at the instant are not careful fantastically brutal to the hull. generally spectacular however. Soda blasting - not one of the warmth subject concerns and intensely style to the hull, will kill something eco-friendly close to you. Cry ice or cryogenic cleansing. the main suitable and could flow away a clean sparkling floor. high priced. Hiring a expert and leaving it to them is the quickest way i will think of of, abrasion is in all threat the main maximum interior your budget and if the paint coating is being so perplexing that's in all threat a 2 %. style meaning there is not any rapid and easy restoration.
Q:Question about painting?
It is probably better to paint the trim. It is easier cutting in on the wall itself. The trim work (window and door frames) are generally in front of the walls so you may touch the wall. But then, when you cover the wall, you cover the mistake. You can also wait for the paint to dry on the trim and then tape over the trim work. Depending on the type of paint and the weather, it may be only hours. Paint the trim, go eat lunch, paint the walls.
Q:How much paint do I need for a paint fight?
tempura paints-will wash out of clothes normal paint- wear rubbish or old clothes you don't wear anymore, just in case the paint wont come off fabric paint- for the 2nd, 3rd and fourth idea :-) to make things interesting: 1) blow up a balloon (relatively small) 2) put the paint inside 3) fill it as much as you can ( the heavier, the better splash it will make) wear white: 1) once you have finished 2) take off the white item of clothing 3) leave it to dry 4) there you have a memory of the birthday and a cool clothing item ! wall paint: 1) get a giant sheet (bed sheet) 2) pin it to the wall with nails or drawing pins 3) get a paintbrush 4) splat the paint all over the wall and whatever you want to paint on it floor paint: 1) sheet on the floor 2) grab a tray or plate 3) put paint in each one 4)use your hands and feet, make a trail, make a picture with hand prints !
Q:The difference between exterior paint and exterior paint
Exterior paint includes exterior paint. Exterior paint is just a kind of paint
Q:Watercolor of white liquid sprinkled on clothes how to wash off
Watercolor pigments are granular dirt, do not dissolve in water, just evenly dispersed in water. The fabric has a strong color strength, the finer the particles, the more difficult to remove. 2, in the stains coated with laundry liquid, gently scrub, so that the washing liquid and stains more full contact; 3, and then in accordance with the general way with the laundry liquid (1), the same time, washing. 4, after the above method of washing, if there are any stains, can be used to remove the blue moon color drift collar collar method, the clothes will be put into the basin, stained parts of the pelvic floor, with the blue moon color drift cap 1/4 bottle cap (10g) color and 1/4 bottle cap (10g) Blue Moon collar net, pour it in stains, cover other stains with clothes. The If the stain disappears, rinse clean; if 2 hours after the stains, you can add the right amount of water wet the whole clothes, placed overnight.
Q:Class A lithium polymer battery and 3A level difference
Polymer battery in the security, the outer packaging for the aluminum-plastic packaging, different from the liquid lithium metal shell, the internal quality hidden can be immediately demonstrated by the deformation of the packaging, in the event of security risks, will not explode, only bulging.
Q:Artist VS Building Paints?
Building paints generally are mixed using readily available pigments of primary shades plus black and white which are added to either an Oil, Alkyd or Acrylic Base. Depending on whether the paint is used for interior or exterior, and relative to the amount of wear and tear on the paint, it could contain Teflon for wear ability, UV filters to prevent fading, etc. The polymer used in commercial Acrylic paint dries considerably slower than that used in Artists Acrylics. This is actually a blessing, that I've used to my advantage over the years. It's handy to use a white acrylic enamel interior paint for mixing with Artists acrylics when working on skies, water, or any large areas that require blending as it gives a smooth transition. Have done this for years. Artists pigments, depending on the quality of the paints you are using come from a variety of sources, everything from rocks, to plants, to fish, to bugs, and the list goes on. Depending on the source, some of these pigments are very rare and very expensive, making it uneconomical to use in commercial paint production. Hope this answers your question and hopefully gives you a couple of ideas that you might use.
Q:What is the origin of the names of thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers?
Thermoplastic polymer also has some special cases, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, the decomposition temperature is lower than the viscosity flow temperature, it can not use the traditional thermoplastic method for processing, but only solid phase sintering and so on.

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