3TREES Anti-Mould Weathershield Acrylic Emulsion Paint

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600 kg
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1000000 kg/month

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Product Description:


It is acrylic emulsion paint, matching the need of all sorts of properties for decoration purpose.





Main components:

Acrylic emulsion, rutile type titanium dioxide


Sheen &Color:

Matt, White (Please refer to 3TREE specialized color card for other color requests)


Theoretical consumption:

0.1~0.12 kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 1H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃



1.     Anti-artificial aging (>500H)

2.     Washable (>2,000 times)

3.     Anti-mould, chalking & alkali

4.     Strong adhesive ability for various substrates





The procedures as follows:

1. The buyer need to pay 50% of the total amount of products as contract ordered, the rest should be paid off at the day when the products is ready (we will inform you the date) 

2. The supplier should accomplish the required quantity of products within 15 days after 50% deposit confirmed. 
(Note: The producing time of products will be beyond 15 days, in that case, it can be pre-negotiated) 

 3. The supplier provides declaration documents, assisting accomplishing the Custom Declaration process.  

4. The buyer can receive goods at local port. 
The supplier provides clearance documents, aiming to assist the buyer to accomplish the Clearance process. 
For detailed information, please connect the local freight forwarder. 





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Q:What is polymer mortar?
Cobalt is an aqueous dispersion of macromolecule polymer, after adding cement mortar (polymer cement mortar impermeable anti-cracking anti-cracking mortar waterproof mortar polyacrylate emulsion cement mortar acrylic emulsion cement mortar) The The mortar has excellent adhesion, crack resistance, anti-freezing, anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, anti-chloride ion penetration, wear resistance, aging resistance and other properties, suitable for water conservancy, port engineering, roads, bridges, metallurgy, chemical, industrial and civil Construction and other steel structure and reinforced concrete structure of the anti-seepage, anti-corrosion surface and repair works. Propolis mortar can also be resistant to acid, urea, benzene and other chemical media corrosion, has been included in the national "industrial building anti-corrosion design specifications" GB50046-95 as a chemical corrosion-resistant materials. Compared with the traditional epoxy resin mortar, acrylic mortar shows its superiority, not only low cost, and easy construction. Propylene mortar construction and ordinary mortar similar to the artificial smear, but also mechanical spraying, and suitable for wet surface bonding, non-toxic, and the basic concrete temperature adaptability, resistance to atmospheric aging, life with ordinary cement mortar, to overcome the ring Oxygen mortar often because of its expansion coefficient is greater than the base of concrete and the drawbacks of cracking off.
Q:How much is the ratio of one kilogram of paint to thinner?
Paint the proportion of diluent to be determined according to the required consistency, there is no fixed ratio; different ingredients of the curing agent is also different, so the curing agent must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions to add, or certainly a problem.
Q:Clothes stick to the paint and acrylic paint how can we wash ah?
Take a carrot to wipe the dye directly and wash it with hot water.
Q:Paint all kinds of color Daquan
Coating consistency of the preparation due to storage or climate reasons, resulting in paint consistency is too large, should be mixed with the amount of thinner paint, so that the consistency reduced to meet the construction requirements. The weight of the diluent should not exceed 20% of the weight of the coating, exceeding the performance of the coating. The diluent must be used in conjunction with the coating and can not be abused to avoid quality accidents. Such as shellac paint with ethanol, and nitrocellulose will use banana water.
Q:Morning sun latex paint and Dulux latex paint that good
(China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Nanotechnology) 3, China Resources Paint (China Famous Brand (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) (Chinese top brand, Jiang Wenli endorsement, the Chinese chemical industry, China's top ten paint brands), China's top 100 paint paint brand, (The top ten brands of paint, brand), China's top brand, China's top ten paint brands) 7, Huadan paint (US brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) 8, (The top ten paint brands in China) 9, Apollo paint (American brand, American rugby players endorsement, the world's top ten paint brand) 10, Dabao paint (Taiwan brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) to add (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brands of Chinese Coatings) 4 Kang Pai Paint (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brand) 2 Dulux (China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brands) China's top ten brands of paint) 5kangpaiqu China famous brand, the top ten brands of paint in China) 6 million along the paint (paint is also old 7 Carpoly (China Famous Brand) 8 big treasure (China Top Ten brand paint) 9 three trees (Chinese paint Top ten brands) 10 US Tu Shi (China Top Ten brands paint)
Q:Acrylic paint and textile dyes, which is better painted on black clothes?
I personally feel that the textile is dry after the soft will not crack off the acrylic too thick there will be dry textile can cover the painted and ordinary paint the same painting I can tell you a little skill when painting in the clothes put paper to prevent paint Infiltration to the back of the finished so that he naturally dry like no can ask me
Q:Softened water to ensure the quality of dyeing water to avoid the role of reactive dyes and hard water c What is the meaning
Activated Dye Dyeing Alkali Use Cellulose fiber When dyed with reactive dyes, the base acts as a catalyst for the reaction between the dye and the fiber, and therefore it is necessary to use an alkali agent to promote the reaction. At this time the type and amount of alkali agent is not the focus, but must pay attention to the management of PH value of dye bath. The optimum PH value at the time of dyeing is based on the dyeing temperature. Generally, the pH value of the medium temperature (60C) dye is set at about 11,5, and the pH value of the high temperature dye is controlled at about 10-11, Control in 12,5 or so. Generally add 20G / L of sodium carbonate can reach 11.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of calcium-plastic coating and latex paint?
Calcium plastic coating is the main raw material only waste vinylon, lime, calcium carbonate, barite powder and other four kinds of cheap materials, the method is simple, safe and non-toxic. Coating looks like porcelain, smooth and smooth, high hardness, washable. Compared with the existing imitation ceramic coating, low cost, good quality. Applicable to the interior and exterior walls of the building.
Q:What is the polymer orientation structure?
The mechanism of orientation The amorphous polymer has two different structural units of motion - the orientation of the entire molecular chain and segment segments: through the internal rotation of the single bond, and the segments are arranged in parallel along the direction of the field. For example: in the high elasticity of the stretch, the entire molecular chain arrangement is still chaotic. The entire molecular chain orientation: the need for molecular chain of the coordinated movement, the molecular chain are arranged in parallel along the direction of the field. For example, in a viscous flow state, the external force can orient the entire molecular chain, but the segment may not be oriented. For the crystalline polymer, under the action of the external field, the orientation of the microcrystals occurs, that is, with the tilt and slip of the wafer, the original folded-chain wafer is stretched and rearranged to a new oriented folded-chain wafer , Straight chain microcrystalline or from the spherulite into a microfiber structure and so on.
Q:How to use the dyes on clothes or shoes
Propylene is relatively simple, hand-painted T-shirts and other clothing can be. My classmates used to paint things on black t-shirts and often wear their own paintings. The Other pigments are not clear, but do not have to wait for the speed of acrylic beam for half a day and not blooming, but also a very good durability. Because the propylene coverage is relatively strong so pencil draw when the time can spend a little more. The This will not be clear. The Hope to help you

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