1100 Common Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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Ceramic fiber blanket is a  new kind fire-resistant heat insulation matreial .

It has very good flexibility and strengh .it is mainly applicable to industrial furnace lining ,furnance door .heat in sulating of furnace cover ,and so  on  .

max working temperature:1430

continous working  temperature:max 1350

colour :white

Bulk density :96-160kg/m3(6-10(bs/fts)


1.Excellent sound insulation and resistance of folding;
2.Excellent heat insulation;
3.Shock and chemical attack resistant.


1.Low thermal conductivity ,heat storage and heat capacity

2.Excellent heat insulation

3.Excellent chemical stability

4.Shock and chemical attack resistant

5.Low thermal conductivity and shrinkage

6.Resilience under working condition, Low shrinkage under high temperature

7.Excellent sound insulation and resistance of folding


1. Applicable to all types of high temperature furnace, heating equipment

2. Widely used in lining and exterior equipment of furnace,

3. Used as filling material for the wall lining gap, etc.


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