1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

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1 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)


1. Welded Wire Mesh Description:

Welded wire mesh is made of high quality steel wire through automatic process and sophisticated welding technique, laid horizontally and vertically. The finished products is strong welding, insistence and flat with sturdy structure.

Welded wire mesh is used in Industry and Agriculture, Building, Transportation and Mining for all such as Poultry Houses, Egg Baskets, Runway Enclosures, Draining Rack, Fruit Drying Screen, Fence, etc.

2. Material

galvanzied wire ,low carbon steel wire , low carbon iron wire , stainless wire , black iron wire

3. Main Features of the Welded Wire Mesh

a. smooth mesh surface

b. strong welded point

c. anti-rust

d. nice appearance


4. Welded Wire Mesh Images

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

1/2 inch galvanized welded wire mesh(manufacturer)

5. Welded Wire Mesh Specification 







1/4" × 1/4"

6.35 × 6.35


24", 36", 48", 60",72" 
0.5M, 0.6M, 0.7M, 0.8M, 1.0M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2.0M

10', 25', 50', 100', 150' 
5M, 10M, 25M, 30M, 45M

3/8" × 3/8"

10.6 × 10.6


1/2"× 1/2"

12.7 × 12.7


5/8" × 5/8"

16 × 16


3/4" × 3/4"

19 × 19


1" × 1/2"

25.4 × 12.7


1" × 1"

25.4  x 25.4


1-1/2" × 1-1/2"

38  x  38


1" X 2"

25.4 × 50.8


2" × 2"

50.8 × 50.8


2" × 3"

50.8 x 76


4" × 4"

101.6  x 101.6


6" × 6"

152.4 x 152.4




6. Surface of the Welded Wire Mesh:

a. pvc coated 

b. powder coated

c. electric galvanized

d. hot dip galvanized

7. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clients, may help you sincerely

(1) How about your company?

 A world class manufacturer & supplier of welded wire mesh and is one of the large-scale professional investment welded wire mesh bases in China. Annually more than 1000 containers of welded wire mesh are exported to markets in Europe, America and Australia.

(2)How to guarantee the quality of the products?

 We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

(4) How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within four working days, we will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The specific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.




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