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Rare-Earth-Si-Mg alloy is a configuration of alloy that put RE, Mg, Ca in ferrosilicon, it is also called Magnesium alloy nodulizer. Rare-Earth-Mg-Si is a kind of good nodulizer. It has a big mechanical strength, the effect of deoxidization and desulfurization is strong.It‘s widely used in the metallurgic industry:

Steel-making: Deoxidizer and alloy agent.

Cast iron: Inoculants and ball agents.

Ferroalloy: reducing agent.

Samples  & Inspection:

We could provide free sample for our customers, the buyer will only have to bear the express charge.

And we do arrange factory inspection for all goods which had been produced and deliverd,and can provide SGS and certification from other testing organizations as well.Additionally, the buyer may appoint a third party inspector or, in person for inspection of the goods.

Ordering & Payment:

You could place a trial order for test the quality of the goods,our minimum order quantity if 20 tons.If the tria order met your satisfaction, you can place a official order.

We usually accept T/T and L/C payment and will deliver the goods within 14 working days after receipt of the advance payment/ Letter of credit.

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