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Look at this new 170°degree replaceable camera lens for GOPRO hero 2. This camera lens is designed specifically for those people who has higher requirement in taking photos. It features 170°degree, which must bring your different and wonderful experiences. It makes your sight wider and the image clearer. The replaceable design will give you much more conveniences. With reliable material and fine processing, the camera lens is fit for your camera perfectly and tough for long-term use. The lens is easy to install and use. Do you look for a great camera lens to replace your broken one? It will be your best choice. 


Made of high-quality plastic and metal, durable in use 

170 degree field of view 

Professional and high-definition 

It is easy to use 

It provides optimal light and image effect with minimum distortion 

Prodcut Size: 2.2cm(L) x 1.8cm(W)


OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and logo

Type of Packing: Plastic Bag

Packing list:

Qty :600 pcs
G.W :7.4 kgs



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Q:The camera lens focal length and aperture is how to adjust
18-55 is a floating aperture, adjustable in the 18th aperture to the minimum, that is F3.5-F22; 55 side can only use F5.6-F32. 35mm maximum aperture should be F4.0 or F4.5, I guess ~ never used 18-55
Q:Sony camera lens into the sand, and can switch machine and zoom, just not smooth, but also squeak how to do?
fter all, the camera is a precision instrument, which must be handled into the sand, otherwise it will cause the camera inside the motor damage, when the motor is more expensive, the most terrible is the lens part of the optical damage, after repair up more trouble.
Q:SLR camera lens ternary ternary how to talk about it?
[Nikon big three yuan] Wide angle zoom: 14-24mm F2.8G ED Standard Zoom: 24-70mm F2.8G ED Telephoto zoom: 70-200mm F2.8G ED VR II Small ternary in the convenience and price to those who like the light, limited funds to provide a choice for photography enthusiasts. Big three yuan is a lot of professional or enthusiast zoom preferred, f2.8 constant large aperture, even in low light environment, but also to ensure the best quality. But the disadvantage is very heavy, out of the door is not convenient, and expensive, so that some amateur photography enthusiasts discouraged. Whether it is a large three yuan or a small ternary, can meet 90% of the combination of shooting needs, which has been a lot of photography enthusiasts, professional photographers of all ages.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
Unit of rice, and its corresponding line of numbers refers to the current lens when the focus of the lens to the subject of the distance of the meter; so through it to visualize the distance to the subject, you can generally determine the exact focus, focusing ring should Adjust the position (manual focus, blind tone used), in the auto focus, you can also use it to determine the distance from the lens to the subject.
Q:What is the camera lens?
Like the famous Canon white focal length is 70-200 mm less than 3 times the look, and the maximum aperture constant at F2.8, with no dispersion (purple side) of the fluorite lens! The Saying that if the landlord do not understand these most basic things, my advice is not easy to SLR!
Q:Ricoh film camera lens can be used on the digital camera?
3, automatic film machine lens can not be used 4, the camera axis lens can be determined according to specific circumstances 5, Ricoh no digital SLR
Q:Why is the camera lens to be coated? What are the disadvantages?
Not only that, the reflection between the lenses will have a serious impact on the final image quality. The light is penetrated through the lens at the same time by the lens of the surface of the constant reflection of the reflection of some of the light shot, and some are in the lens by the other lens surface reflection, and finally fell on the focal plane, in the image of glare, The contrast of the image, especially the shadow area of ​​the contrast decreased, fog up, the sharpness of the image is also greatly reduced.
Q:Just bought a SLR camera lens necessary film?
SLR camera lens necessary film? Tangram_guid_1357376677702 this lens is not a mobile phone screen, is not the film! The The The film will corrode the lens, causing difficult to repair the damage! You can buy a caliber and the lens diameter of the same UV mirror, installed on the lens to play the role of protection lens!
Q:Recommend SLR camera. How much good the lens is.
Do not just look at the fuselage on the Internet, the negative evaluation of the lens, according to those people's theory, 10,000 yuan a single body, the lens is not good. Since the manufacturers out of this lens, it shows that it is useless. Budget rich can be considered 5D3 + ternary.
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need

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