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Look at this new 170°degree replaceable camera lens for GOPRO hero 2. This camera lens is designed specifically for those people who has higher requirement in taking photos. It features 170°degree, which must bring your different and wonderful experiences. It makes your sight wider and the image clearer. The replaceable design will give you much more conveniences. With reliable material and fine processing, the camera lens is fit for your camera perfectly and tough for long-term use. The lens is easy to install and use. Do you look for a great camera lens to replace your broken one? It will be your best choice. 


Made of high-quality plastic and metal, durable in use 

170 degree field of view 

Professional and high-definition 

It is easy to use 

It provides optimal light and image effect with minimum distortion 

Prodcut Size: 2.2cm(L) x 1.8cm(W)


OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and logo

Type of Packing: Plastic Bag

Packing list:

Qty :600 pcs
G.W :7.4 kgs



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Q:I SLR camera did not shut down on the lens for what hurt
1 camera body shell is generally negative grounding body, relative to many lens connection contact contact (positive) have 'potential';
Q:Nikon how to change the lens
And then put the lens to pick up the lens to be replaced, the lens at the red on the camera mount;
Q:SLR camera lens parameters What does it mean
Canon EF is specially configured full frame, but can also be used in APS-C (non-full frame) body But the focal lengths need to be multiplied by the conversion factor 1.6, is the real lens focal lengths 18-55mm (18-135mm) Refers to the zoom lens focal length and maximum
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
Civilian level of the lens, the same interface can be said that basically ... ... For the usual auto zoom function of the lens, the Canon camera is the EF bayonet, Nikon camera is Nikon AF bayonet, Sigma camera Sigma AF bayonet, Sony Minolta is Minolta AF bayonet, Pentax is Pentax AF Bayonet. Probably this is the case.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens is a bayonet? Can you use a domestic lens?
Canon SLR camera is bayonet - Canon EF mouth. Canon SLR camera from 1987 to EF card mouth, only Canon 1987 after the production of EF mouth or deputy factory production EF mouth lens can be installed directly. Even Canon's own lens, if it was produced before 1987, non-EF mouth of the lens, can not be directly connected to the Canon EF bayonet camera body. China's domestic production of all previous SLR lens, there is no one EF card. China's production of SLR cameras only Phoenix is used PENTAX PK bayonet, that is only only Phoenix SLR lens can be used in the Pentax body.
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
The lens is actually the most afraid of hard dust, like sand, metal particles ,,, in the studio we generally use blowing, blowing better than anything else, brush is also very good, as long as the first dust off, hurt. Rare use of alcohol is also harmless, the lens coating in general, after hundreds of scrub will not fall, (thousands of times do not know). We are dirty when the location, there are fingerprints, mouth watermark, under the urgency of the mouth with a blow, grab the underwear can also rub. Instead, I do not like to call paper, not easy to use, easy to break, but also to create pollution, can not be reused. Really want to rub the words ,,,, personal recommended high-quality glasses cloth, suede, tissue paper. Alcohol in your really difficult to clean up the stains and then, but please remember the key, be sure to determine no hard dust and then wipe, or wipe it is a heartache marks ,,, Finally suggested that you buy A UV protection mirror, but also to block the UV, but also to protect, even if really wiped out, and then for a like, say, the lens has a few marks before, really do not change
Q:Sony camera lens into the sand, and can switch machine and zoom, just not smooth, but also squeak how to do?
fter all, the camera is a precision instrument, which must be handled into the sand, otherwise it will cause the camera inside the motor damage, when the motor is more expensive, the most terrible is the lens part of the optical damage, after repair up more trouble.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
4. With the lens cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains (caution): on whether to use lens cleaning solution to clean the lens of a lot of controversy, some poor quality of the brand-name cleaning solution does cause damage to the lens, so we recommend that if the use of suede and other tools You can wash away the stubborn stains on the lens, then you can not use the cleaning fluid, when the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not put the cleaning solution outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution Ingredients are acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious will make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! The lens has oil or fingerprints, blowing, brush are invalid, it is necessary to use a very soft clean cotton swab (or mirror paper) stained with a little lens water gently wipe. It is not recommended to use lens cleaning solution, cleaning fluid is often used, will wash away the coating. On the other hand, the cleaning fluid in the dry when it is inevitable and then stained with dirt.
Q:What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
4, SLR machine operation is complex, need to learn before they can get started, card machine easy to learn. 5, SLR prices higher, card machine is cheaper. 6, SLR body fitted with a wide range of lenses and accessories, you can form a set of photographic equipment system, a machine on the card, accessories rarely, does not matter the system.
Q:Bought a Canon camera lens on the EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L USM what it means
24-70: zoom lens, the minimum wide-angle end focal length 24mm, the maximum focal length of the focal length of 70mm F / 2.8: constant aperture of 2.8, the aperture does not change with the increase in focal length

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