Nikon Af-S Dx Vr Ii 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6G Ed Lens Dropship Wholesale

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Product Description:

  • One-lens solution adept in a wide variety of situations

  • Nikon VR II (Vibration Reduction) image stabilization

  • Two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements; three aspherical lens elements

  • Exclusive Nikon Silent Wave Motor (SWM)

  • Focus to 20 inches for extended versatility

  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC)


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Q:SLR camera outside the lens can not wipe with a paper towel
The camera is the most critical and most vulnerable parts of the camera, so usually use the camera should pay great attention to the protection of the camera lens, do not easily contaminated with dust, not to let the camera was dirty "finger", only when necessary The lens is cleaned.
Q:Why is the camera lens anti-blue?
The camera lens is anti-blue because of Camera lens on the film, this can improve the camera's imaging results.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
Surely, because the SLR camera on the one hand, the humidity is relatively high, after the impact of the impact of the impact on the wet, on the other hand is also more expensive, of course, in a special box in the more insurance!
Q:My camera lens stuck
2. Non-lens issues: A lot of consumer misunderstanding is the lens error is the lens problem, this wrong view led to unscrupulous maintenance quotes, resulting in expensive camera maintenance costs, because the cost of the lens is very high, in fact, the lens is not all the lens itself is the problem: 1. The lens is through the FPC (that is, we often say that the cable) and the camera board to connect, in order to achieve the purpose of the motherboard drive lens expansion, if the FPC problems, the same lens will be wrong; 2. The motherboard controls the electronic components of the lens problems, the boot will appear lens error words.
Q:Sony digital camera lens stretching with friction sound
Do not know how the frequency of your camera trial, it is estimated that there is a little dry inside the grease. In addition, the camera has recently suffered a strong shock or collision, if possible mechanical position has been offset. Both cases are going to be repaired
Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
his magnification and lens design, focal length, the closest focusing distance and so on parameters together determine. Optical zoom to rely on the optical lens structure to achieve zoom, zoom mode and 35mm camera is almost through the camera lens to zoom in and zoom out the need to shoot the scene, the greater the optical zoom, the more distant shooting. Optical zoom, like traditional camera design, depends on the focal length of the lens, so the resolution and picture quality will not change. In other words, optical zoom can support the image of the main imaging, add more pixels, so that the main not only become larger, but also relatively clear. Usually the optical zoom magnification is suitable for telephoto shooting. Today's digital cameras have an optical zoom factor of between 2 and 5 times, and some digital cameras have 10x optical zoom effects.
Q:Camera lens has a fingerprint how to do?
4. Really die, only to send professional maintenance department cleaning. (After the first two steps, the theory should be able to remove the fingerprint)
Q:Canon digital camera lens how to wipe
The best is to use the eraser of the deer skin, or in the market to buy a dedicated lens paper, dip a small amount of alcohol gently wipe the surface of the oil, if the dust is best to blow clean in the rub, or may scratch the lens, In the light side of the side to see are clean on it. Generally have a small amount of dust will not affect the camera, hand touched the oil to wipe or will affect the shooting.
Q:I would like to know the front of the SLR camera lens
Is called a hood.          Hood with barrel and petal-shaped, wide-angle lens hood is generally barrel-shaped; standard lens, medium, telephoto lens hood are barrel-shaped.
Q:What are the A and M on the SLR camera lens?
The A and M on the SLR camera are two of the four basic exposures of the camera. 1, M: full manual exposure mode. How much aperture and exposure time is completely determined by the user, the camera regardless of what photos are made in accordance with the user set to complete.

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