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Product Description:

  • One-lens solution adept in a wide variety of situations

  • Nikon VR II (Vibration Reduction) image stabilization

  • Two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements; three aspherical lens elements

  • Exclusive Nikon Silent Wave Motor (SWM)

  • Focus to 20 inches for extended versatility

  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC)


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Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
This is mainly to see where you are, generally in the north of China, if not long placed in a dark and humid place should not appear this situation, if it is in the south of the temperature, high humidity should also be the case of water mist Moldy.
Q:SLR camera lens what brand of easy to use point?
Followed by Sigma, Tenglong, Tuli and other three deputy factory lens, is also very good, very high cost, but workmanship, sharpness, color and so on slightly worse than the original.
Q:How to remove the SLR camera lens
Is on the lens, the lens is the right button to press, while clockwise camera can be won.
Q:SLR camera lens 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, the three focal length of the viewing angle were how many degrees
Classmates, this must be multiplied by the coefficient. Multiplied by 1.5 after the focal length unchanged, but the angle will be reduced. On 135 film 14MM is 114 ° 20MM is 94 °. The angle of view of the lens (diagonal viewing angle) refers to the angle between the ends of the diagonal of the image focal plane (image sensor) to the lens main point (second main point) The imaging range of the subject on the square focal plane. Therefore, when the size of the image focal plane as a factor of the viewing angle changes, the viewing angle will also change. As shown in the figure, when the image sensor becomes smaller, the viewing angle also becomes smaller. Although the viewing angle has changed, the distance from the main point of the lens to the square focal plane has not changed,
Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
When it is the lens of the camera, it becomes the clearest as the general does not just fall on the focus, or, the clearest, Generally not equal to the focal length, but slightly larger than the focal length. The specific distance is related to the distance between the illuminated object and the lens (object distance), the larger the object distance, the smaller the distance (but in fact it is always greater than the focal length). Because we are photographed, the distance between the illuminated object and the camera (lens) is not always the same, such as giving a photo, sometimes, like the whole body, away from the body, away from the body, away from the nearest. In other words, the distance is not always fixed, so that in order to get a clear image, it must be different with the object to change the film to the lens of the distance, the process of change is that we usually say " Coke ".
Q:If the camera pixels are low. Can you make up for a good shot?
The first camera just out of 400W pixels is not the same as very clear so the camera's image is good or bad do not look at the pixels to see the CCD area you did not see the Canon's machine is basically just 1200W pixels what you bought before the old machine is not clear should be a CCD Aging is not enough pixels    The lens can not decide the pixel pixel is the body itself to bring
Q:Nikon camera lens shows how the memory card is locked is going on
SD card has a LOCK to the other side on it.
Q:Will the SLR lens be bad?
So generally not a problem with the lens design, the possibility of normal use of broken very small, so more attention should be paid to use and keep the lens method properly. Specifically, it is used when the light to take, replace the lens method is correct, the use of moderate force, etc., the best in the South into the oven storage.
Q:Different brands of SLR camera lens can match each other
Nikon's words, less than D80 do not consider, 60,40 is crippled, a bunch of good head on the two machines can only be a manual machine, landscape portrait okay, if the insects, exhausted count, for example, Value of 50 1.8, or AF 60V or something
Q:Camera lens into the gray how to do?
If only a month, the lens into the gray of the possibility of minimal, almost zero. Generally the gray point on coms. Remove the lens, coms on the gray point, is not out of the. Can go clean up coms, generally 90 yuan once. This is not covered by the warranty. Lens inside the dust clean up, usually three hundred dollars each time.

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