0.5X85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

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0.5x85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

Broadcast         Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.6X851–185mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X854–485mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X821–182mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X824–482mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.75X82B2–282mm0.75xZoom Lens105mm
HD-0.6X771–177mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X774–477mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X721–172mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X724–472mm0.75xZoom Lens
LX-0.75X72B2–272mm0.75xZoom Lens95mm
HD-0.55X581–158mm0.55xFixed Focus Lens82mm
HD-0.65X584–458mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.65X58B2–258mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.7X432–243mm0.7xZoom Lens67mm
LX-0.5X372–237mm0.5xFixed Focus Lens55mm
LX-0.65X372–237mm0.65xZoom Lens49mm
Fisheye           Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.4X821–182mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.4X771–177mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X721–172mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X723–272mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X581–158mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens82mm
HD-0.3X583–258mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X373–237mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.25X373–337mm0.25xZoom Fisheye Lens62mm
MC UV58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 
CPL58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 

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Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
Two questions: First, do not know what you use the lens, I am also Nikon series of machines, if you use the manual lens, zoom closer, you also need to manually adjust the focus ring. Second, if it is an automatic lens, you are not careful to set the lens focus to M (ie manual), then the zoom is not estimated after the auto focus Third, if the fuselage you set to MF, then do not return to auto focus; Fourth, the above situation is not, then you have to check your lens contact, there may be a problem with the lens.
Q:The height of the camera lens
2, pay attention to check whether the four corners of the screen have been blocked defects Check the camera lens will be installed on the camera, and the aperture shrink, the contrast of the bright objects to view the scene, focusing, from the viewfinder to observe the four corners of the screen is blocked, the normal lens is no blocking phenomenon. Check the zoom lens, the lens should be adjusted to the focal length of each focal length to check to see whether the various focal lengths of the four corners were slightly occluded phenomenon. 3. Note the inspection of the imaging deformation In the inspection, the camera lens should be installed in a single-lens reflex camera or direct viewfinder camera, through the viewfinder to observe the distance of the horizontal lines or vertical lines with or without deformation. If the object line at the edge of the horizontal line or vertical lines into an arc, indicating that the lens there is distortion aberration. The greater the deformation of the straight line, indicating that the more serious distortion. The camera facing the direction of the shop window to see, such as the square of the line after the formation of a bend, indicating that the lens distortion. Under normal circumstances, wide-angle lens barrel distortion; telephoto lens with occipital distortion; standard lens should not have a more obvious distortion. For the infinity of the subject of the focus of the accuracy of the inspection, the lens should be adjusted to the infinity of the infinity mark to see if the frosted glass on the knot is the most clear; if clear, said the focus is high; Degree is poor, then the focus of the lens focus is low.
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
4, the position of the tripod ring for the camera after the camera and the lens near the center of gravity, so to ensure that the camera's center of gravity is stable, no tripod ring, with the camera's foot hole will be heavy foot, the lens is easy to shake, Will damage the camera tripod hole, so some of the lens in order to shoot the need to reproduce the tripod ring. 5, the actual use of the lens when the camera hanging in the neck can not stand, you can take the tripod ring, like to take the same dumbbell carrying, comfortable.
Q:Camera lens has a lot of fingerprints how to do?
With the lens cleaning kit the best, first with the ball blowing dust, and then wash the water with the lens, so no problem, do not use the mouth gas with a handkerchief rub wipe, so to wipe the stain, and the lens coating is also damaged ,
Q:What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens?
What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens? SLR camera lens is a lens, its parameters are mainly two: Caliber (aperture) the bigger the better, the bigger the more expensive. Focal length (zoom range) The larger the zoom range, the more convenient it is to use, but the larger the zoom range is, the greater the resolution is.
Q:Canon 550 camera lens with
Need to be based on personal circumstances and economic capacity to set, in general, with a standard fixed focus lens (such as 50mm 1.8) plus a zoom head (such as 18-135mm or 18-55mm) can meet the daily needs. Travel zoom is much easier to use than focus.
Q:Why shoot the camera when the camera close to the front stretch?
According to the law of the imaging of the convex lens, the object distance is reduced and the image distance becomes larger. Close to the scene when the material is small, then the distance will become larger, and the camera's film can not move, then increase the image distance, only the camera's lens forward to increase the image distance.
Q:What is the difference between a built-in lens and an external lens for a digital camera?
Built-in lens and external lens are for consumer digital cameras. Built-in, simply say, that is, you can not see the lens telescopic, and external, that is, after the boot, you can see the extension of a section of the boss.
Q:Why is the camera lens to be coated? What are the disadvantages?
Not only that, the reflection between the lenses will have a serious impact on the final image quality. The light is penetrated through the lens at the same time by the lens of the surface of the constant reflection of the reflection of some of the light shot, and some are in the lens by the other lens surface reflection, and finally fell on the focal plane, in the image of glare, The contrast of the image, especially the shadow area of ​​the contrast decreased, fog up, the sharpness of the image is also greatly reduced.
Q:Digital camera lens brush can brush lens it?
Or be careful as well, with a professional lens pen can be assured. You can go to the equipment shop to ask, or online shopping, not very expensive

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