0.5X85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

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0.5x85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

Broadcast         Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.6X851–185mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X854–485mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X821–182mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X824–482mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.75X82B2–282mm0.75xZoom Lens105mm
HD-0.6X771–177mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X774–477mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X721–172mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X724–472mm0.75xZoom Lens
LX-0.75X72B2–272mm0.75xZoom Lens95mm
HD-0.55X581–158mm0.55xFixed Focus Lens82mm
HD-0.65X584–458mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.65X58B2–258mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.7X432–243mm0.7xZoom Lens67mm
LX-0.5X372–237mm0.5xFixed Focus Lens55mm
LX-0.65X372–237mm0.65xZoom Lens49mm
Fisheye           Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.4X821–182mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.4X771–177mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X721–172mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X723–272mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X581–158mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens82mm
HD-0.3X583–258mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X373–237mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.25X373–337mm0.25xZoom Fisheye Lens62mm
MC UV58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 
CPL58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 

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Q:SLR digital camera lens parameters are represented?
What to buy your own head to decide what to do. Recommend 70-200 head, or buy 85 / 1.4 fixed focus.
Q:How to clean the digital camera lens
method one:    When wiping the lens, we choose the following tools: professional mirror cloth / suede (never available glasses cloth), professional lens paper, soft brush, blowing balloons, mirror water (these can be bought to the professional equipment store)
Q:What is the picture quality of the camera lens? Is the clarity of detail?
4, in the case of telephoto, 135L such fixed focus shoot out, the background is very clean, but with the 18-135 telephoto end, the background will appear a bit dirty, which is caused by differences in optical components The If you want to start SLR, 18-135 is a good choice, picture quality is really good, waiting for you after a period of time, if there is interest, you will know what direction you want to upgrade.
Q:Camera lens why so many lenses?
The combination of multiple lenses can correct aberration to some extent. Second, if the lens zoom requires multiple lenses to change the spacing to achieve.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens is a bayonet? Can you use a domestic lens?
Is the bayonet, but then back, with the screw lens camera has been very rare Canon's bayonet size is Canon dedicated, deputy factory also has, but to Canon authorized Caixing, deputy plant is mainly Dragon, Tuli, Sigma, etc. Any domestic one can not be universal, but can be transferred through the adapter ring
Q:What is the Chelsea certified lens?
of course, the price is not acceptable to ordinary consumers even if sony cyber-shot camera with Carl Zeiss lens are only certified, let alone Nokia mobile phone , The phone on the "Carl Zeiss" just spend money to buy back a brand name label only, the certification is only made to obtain the Zeiss's authorization, not Zeiss factory production. Zeiss factory only do advanced camera lens, some Japanese manufacturers Zeiss lens, in fact, are authorized to produce, not the original. The real Zeiss lens, whether it is coated lens structure lenses are more than the phone! These standard Zeiss lens is only some specialized production camera company labeling it, perhaps and other mobile phone lens no difference, but in general the certified camera is better than the ordinary camera.
Q:SLR camera can take two shots?
You have the ability to process the connection of the link is possible. Such as the front is telephoto, followed by a short focus can be telephoto lens. But it's just theory. The actual to be successful that have to go through the calculation and complex processing. I do not know how the image quality. Hey, early there is a lens, you can open to become two telephoto lens. If you want two shots closer to the wide angle, that can not be done because they are imaged in front of the SLR plane.
Q:Millet camera lens reversal icon no
Brush machine ready: It is recommended to back up important data, and then enter Recovery to clear all the data. Do not restore the data after the boot to see if you can solve the problem. (Backup: Security Center - backup, backup the required data.
Q:In the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 inch means what it means
1: in the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 removed in., The meaning should be the lens aperture 1 / 2.3 that F2.3. 2: 1 / 2.3 inch, as Lou Sheng said nothing to do with the lens, refers to the size of the camera photosensitive components. Ie diagonal length is 1 / 2.3 inch (11 mm). The aspect ratio is generally 5: 4.
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need

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