0.5X85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

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0.5x85mm Broadcast Fixed Focus Wide Angle Lens

Broadcast         Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.6X851–185mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X854–485mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X821–182mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X824–482mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.75X82B2–282mm0.75xZoom Lens105mm
HD-0.6X771–177mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X774–477mm0.75xZoom Lens
HD-0.6X721–172mm0.6xFixed Focus Lens
HD-0.75X724–472mm0.75xZoom Lens
LX-0.75X72B2–272mm0.75xZoom Lens95mm
HD-0.55X581–158mm0.55xFixed Focus Lens82mm
HD-0.65X584–458mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.65X58B2–258mm0.65xZoom Lens82mm
LX-0.7X432–243mm0.7xZoom Lens67mm
LX-0.5X372–237mm0.5xFixed Focus Lens55mm
LX-0.65X372–237mm0.65xZoom Lens49mm
Fisheye           Lens
Item NO.Lens ElementsMount ThreadMagnificationLens Type
HD-0.4X821–182mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.4X771–177mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X721–172mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X723–272mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.4X581–158mm0.4xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens82mm
HD-0.3X583–258mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
HD-0.3X373–237mm0.3xFixed Focus Fisheye Lens
LX-0.25X373–337mm0.25xZoom Fisheye Lens62mm
MC UV58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 
CPL58   62   67   72   77   82   86   95   105   112   127mm 

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Q:What is the function of the wide-angle lens of a digital camera?
The main parameters of the optical lens and evaluation of the main parameters are focal length, field of view, object distance, aperture, shutter and so on. The most perfect evaluation of the lens than the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function). However, due to aberration (calibration reasons), each range of the lens has an MTF value. These ranges refer to: (1) the paraxial portion, (2) the off-axis portion, and (3) when the optical system has an asymmetric distortion, the two parts are sub-sections in different directions. Each part has its own corresponding MTF value for different radiation energy wavelength ranges. MTF is the most commonly used and optimal index of the imaging system, and it is also the optimal index to guide the integration of machine vision system.     In the shooting of the distant movement scene, play a key role is the camera shutter speed, which is closely related with the composition, such as children, walking the characters generally more than 1 / 125S can, if the high-speed sports Of the images such as cars and other general in the 1 / 500-1 / 2000S, in general, to be able to shoot the angle to decide.
Q:If the camera pixels are low. Can you make up for a good shot?
High pixels can wash big pictures but the general household 8 million pixels are enough like 12 million pixels can almost wash 40 * 30 inch so much photos you wash the kind of big picture of the chance and your home computer TV screen sure Not so big
Q:Children photography camera and lens selection?
4, shed shining light equipment I do not understand, but at least two lights (including the reflector), a lamp for the main screen cloth, another lamp used to add contour light. Such as butterfly light, the light source is set in the camera after the light, and will create a cheek and chin of the shadow, it will be more prominent cheeks cheekbones, and make the face look more thin, chin more sharp, The charm of the object; and, for example, Paramount-style cloth, is the painter Rembrandt is commonly used in painting the cloth technique, the face of the triangular light is marked. And the ring cloth is different from the shadow of the nose and the cheek is connected, but more important is the shadow of the eyes there, still eyes light, in order to maintain the bright and beautiful face, and the photo is also a sense of drama. Cloth is a science, need to slowly learn, it is recommended according to their own learning progress, slowly add lighting equipment;
Q:The digital camera shows what the lens is wrong
Camera tips lens error, the camera can not use the need for professional maintenance, failure can have the following: 1, the camera lens by the external force damage, can not be extended, you need to replace the deformation of damaged parts;
Q:Canon lens ef what does it mean
The reason is simple, because the size of the EF-S lens group is relatively small, but also a small length than the EF, such as installed in the full frame body, full frame SLR reflector will hit the EF-S lens After the group above, so EF-S lens can only be used in the Canon non-full frame (APS-C frame) above the body to go.
Q:Why are SLR cameras so expensive? Are you there?
Expensive in the structure of the patent, lens material, lens grinding, lens coating are quite need of high-tech level of fine technology, focusing system, shutter system, anti-shake system, imaging system, miniaturization, reliability; To achieve the best grip feel, reduce the weight of the machine structure of the material, the machine sealing performance. And both are top scientific and technological achievements.
Q:SLR camera lens how to see is not a constant aperture
1, constant aperture is certainly better than non-constant aperture, the price difference is great. Constant aperture volume is relatively large.
Q:What is the picture quality of the camera lens? Is the clarity of detail?
2, the image is more sharp, in the normal light, to enhance the space in fact a little bit, no detail can not see. To know the price of 24-70 is almost ten times the 18-135.
Q:What is the lens aperture?
No one intended to spend a few hours to take a vague picture, we have to find ways to increase the amount of light. Is there any way to make this hole open and produce a clear image? People immediately thought of the condenser lens condenser function. The glass convex lens installed on the big hole, the problem is not resolved? Really so. Camera lens is so born. Today, a variety of digital camera lens is a combination of a few pieces of convex lens, and then outside with a package of plastic or metal. With the lens, the aperture of the hole in the hole - that is, the aperture below - is no longer pinhole, and it becomes a hole.
Q:SLR lens STM what it means
Is a symbol of the lens, indicating that the lens is used stepper motor, the lens is very quiet when focusing

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