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Q:How to distinguish between good and bad lens lens SLR camera?
Because this problem can not streamline the answer, so typing more, the key is to explain, clear your problem. If you want to streamline, then three words: the lens of the front of the lens coating the more reflective, the better the lens; aperture leaves more, the better the lens; the greater the aperture, the better the lens.
Q:Find the popular SLR camera lens
The lens "× × mm mm × × mm" is the lens zoom range, such as: 24-70mm focal length 24 to 70 ends can be any zoom. Shoot vision with telephoto such as: 200mm, 300mm and so on Shoot macro to use macro lens such as: 100 micro 100mm / f2.8.
Q:SLR camera lens anti-shake and not anti-shake great difference? Anti-shake and anti-shake lens that is more practical?
Lens image stabilization is to rely on the lens anti-shake components of the displacement to achieve anti-shake, you can visually see the viewfinder anti-shake effect. Relative, because each lens need to have their own anti-shake components, the lens price is relatively high, usually than the same specifications without anti-shake of your 1000. According to the safety shutter, the proposed 18-55 standard zoom lens, you can not use anti-shake lens. 70-200 like telephoto lens, anti-shake is more necessary.
Q:Canon 600D indoor close-up shooting with the kind of camera lens?
Such as upstairs that macro, do not know how to leave so close how to use a macro lens to take a complete dress, say Canon's cheapest macro lens should be more than 3,000 yuan, the current Canon's most expensive 60mm macro about 3400 Yuan or so, from the 3 meters can only shoot 1 meter big goal, and this is the camera vertical shot, according to the normal horizontal shot away from the distance of 3 meters can only shoot 0.725 meters high target, and with 18-55 lens in 18mm The distance from the 2 meters away from the camera can shoot 1.8 meters high target, which should be almost as long as the light layout is no problem, if there is color can change the white balance or post-processing about.
Q:What is the SLR camera lens built-in zoom
But why photographers take pictures with a lot of lens it, because this kind of mirror to go the world what can meet the lens image quality is not so good. From the use of up to say, to take a clear film, go out with a lens to use 18-135, but from the pursuit of the quality of the photo, the smaller the scope of the focus of the lens imaging effect is better. 17-70 pull can also shoot big scenes, far from 135, but the image quality will be better. See what you are looking for. If the pursuit of quality or sub-lens better, wide-angle wide-angle lens, shooting telephoto detail with telephoto lens. But the price is more expensive
Q:Sony camera dsc h50 lens how to clean
1, the lens is very small dust to absorb moisture will cause moldy, mildew will gradually expand over time, the general environment is absolutely impossible to do this, so the need for professional lens Dust studio.
Q:My camera lens can not stretch
This type of fault is mainly the lens telescopic gear position shift, or indeed a foreign body stuck, but these two questions if it is not on the electrical repair is very good. Generally can only find professional repair. The price of about three hundred.
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
Also, like Japan's Canon, Nikon that few engineering head to buy you, because the technical and quality control are already very mature. National Bank is the domestic licensed.
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
So when you distinguish, look at the lens of the focal length, you know is wide-angle lens, the standard lens or telephoto lens! For example, Canon 16-35, is a large wide angle - wide angle lens. 50F1.2 is the standard lens. The 70-200 is the standard - telephoto lens.
Q:Camera lens material problem
Resin is light, low cost, but the optical performance is not good, such as light transmittance, color difference, what difference is worse than the optical glass, but the problem is not used in the card machine, because the card itself is not good imaging, no need to use expensive The glass lens. Of course, the stress is generally glass. There is nothing in the camera parameters that relates to the lens material.

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