New Lens Zoom Unit Repair Part For Nikon S3100 S4100 S4150 And For Casio Zs10 Zs15 Z680 Camera

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       New Lens Zoom Unit Repair Part For Nikon S3100 S4100 S4150 And For Casio ZS10 ZS15 Z680 Camera





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Q:What is the flat lens that protects the camera lens?
Should be UV mirror, the above can also find UV words. The main function of this thing is to filter the UV, because the price is cheap, it is also used to protect the lens.
Q:Nikon camera CPU lens is what the meaning of the best said some
Nikon and Canon, are using their own research and development of the lens, but Nikon lens compatibility is not very good, focusing is also a bit slow, personal or more like Canon, of course, also see the landlord chose ~
Q:What is the meaning of IS in a digital camera lens?
IS refers to the image stabilization system, commonly known as anti-shake. Roughly divided into OIS optical image stabilization and EIS electronic image stabilization.
Q:Can I use the glasses cloth to rub the camera lens?
dozens of hundreds of gadgets, thousands of heads or a lot cheaper than the big one. Really dirty that Mozhe, nothing else old rub, buy a bottle of good point of the lens liquid, light, slowly concentric so rub.
Q:Why is the camera turned black after the camera is turned on?
The new SLR basically have a screen to take the mirror function, but to manually open the brand SLR switch settings need to refer to the instructions. Lens cover forget to take, but also made the boot after the display is black.
Q:Canon 6d camera with lens problem
o know the little white recognized image is not sharp enough and love the little white compared to the aperture and only F4 so you understand Portrait to use 85 1.8 enough so do not need any telephoto ~ ~ ~ Hang the lens with the best imaging is the fundamental after all, this is the most ~ ~ ~ Because you are a full-frame camera so it is not recommended small ternary series lens 17-40 24-105 70-200 F4 these three lenses can not play full-frame ability coke outside the contrast compared to the big three yuan gap is still great ~ ~
Q:Camera lens broken glass, you can repair it
But ... there are two questions you have to consider: 1, broken may not only the lens, there are other parts of the lens inside, especially the lens is a very high degree of precision things, so that after a fall can guarantee accuracy ..
Q:Film SLR camera lens on the aperture ring is how to use it?
It should be noted that some lenses have AM transfer. Use need to pay attention to A or M, is automatic or manual. Automatically and digital cameras, like, in the shutter action moment to narrow the aperture. manual.
Q:Old seagull camera lens can be used on Nikon SLR?
This transfer ring is there, but after the transfer can not be auto focus, auto metering, can only use the M file full manual mode set the aperture and shutter, but you can buy a light meter, metering this problem can be solved The This is the mouth of the mouth to the mouth of the mouth, with a correction lens.
Q:Canon camera lens error
Second, the treatment: 1, unplug the SD card again. Reload the battery 2, for a new battery or charge. 3, gently tapping the lens or to force, do not be too hard, the lens inside a small card astringent foreign body can be eliminated. 4, the above can not be resolved that is a permanent fault such as transmission gear, track and other jam had to repair the.

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