Samyang 8mm F/3.5 Umc Cs Ii Fisheye Lens For Canon Mount Hood

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Product Description:

 Product Description

- Fit all for Canon mount DSLR.

- Create out-of-the-ordinary images by emphasizing depth of field and perspective (180 angle in APS-C sensor).

- Cover the entire frame to the corners (APS-C sensor).

- Ensures stable imaging quality right out the periphery of the image.

- Allows detaching lens hood and it is ultra multi-coated to suppresses flaring and ghost images.

- Can get almost real images from the camera with 35mm of image format after remove the hood.

- The lens elements are multicoated (10 lenses in 7 group, with one aspherical lens element).

- Body is made of high strength aluminium alloy, durable to used.


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Q:How to clean the camera lens dust
With a lens paper twisted into a rope, broken off, forming a stubble, with the stubble part of the dip a little water, the feeling of tide, and then gently rub the lens lens, you can erase the fingerprints. This is not easy to hurt the lens.
Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
3.SONY NEX camera, NEX flange from only 18MM, you can transfer almost all the lens, you need to purchase the adapter ring, NEX belongs to the EVIL camera, and SLR different, easy to carry, the body like ordinary DC In summary, if you are buying a SLR, it is recommended to buy Canon EOS digital SLR
Q:Camera lens can not open how to do?
I myself is selling the camera, the problem, I encountered many times, very simple, just need to gently pull back and forth a few can. This is because, dirty things in the camera at the camera, after any problems, you can always ask me ah.
Q:Why is the SLR lens so expensive?
Anything is not based on the cost of his material to count, there are many to count into the material costs, labor costs, machine wear and so on. And in terms of optical lens, not as you said the cost is not high, you can say, optical calculation of optical lens, 10 sets of lenses and 1000 sets of lenses fixed cost is the same, each lens needs a face The whole set of tooling, and even if you only produce a lens, there are two sides, each side need to tooling, and 1000 words also need such a tooling, so the more the cost will be lower. And then with the lens diameter, the greater the diameter of his surface more difficult to control the accuracy of the higher precision machining requirements, the greater the difficulty of processing, it will increase the cost, some must be a little bit of artificial surface dressing. Then spherical and aspheric, spherical processing is simple, aspheric processing is much more difficult. And then the coating, do not underestimate the coating, a film design and processing are good products on the impact of the optical system is huge, and the coating of materials tend to be relatively high prices. These are only for a single optical lens, and did not form a lens into the optical system.
Q:Can Canon's camera use Nikon's lens?
In principle, is not enough, But the middle of the adapter ring can be, Is the first in the Canon's body bayonet, install the adapter ring, And then install the Nicole lens on the adapter ring, Very troublesome, and strongly not recommended to do so, Not only the lens function can not be reflected, and often there will be strange strange things happen, Purely money to buy uncomfortable!
Q:SLR camera lens is generic for all brand SLR cameras
there is a way to use the adapter ring, is a Metal ring, side mounted on the camera, there is not installed with a camera brand camera, so that can be universal, but the lens is not auto focus, and only manually
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
In the lens around the root of a button different interface position is not the same press the lens can be rotated to remove the
Q:Digital camera lens fell, probably the lens fell down, Canon ixus115hs, now the lens does not go back
Certainly not what CPU is broken and the like, pay attention to the following steps to test. 1. Can the camera shut down? Can not go to the second step 2. Is there any distortion of the sighted lens? Yes to the third step 3. Put the camera in the off state, if not operate directly remove the battery. 4. force the lens breaking off, into the battery boot test whether the normal action. Can you congratulate you You saved a lot of money.
Q:Canon 600D indoor close-up shooting with the kind of camera lens?
Taking into account your current budget and the actual needs, with 18-135 not only not enough budget, the only thing is 18-55.
Q:How to protect the camera lens
Second, the lens should not be damp, to be placed in a dry cool place. It is best to put the camera in a plastic bag with a desiccant (silicone) or a sealed box in the rainy season, or in the rainy season. Because the lens after the damp, the mirror will change or stains, affecting the effect of knot; more serious will make the middle of the lens layer of glue to produce mildew, or even completely degumming.

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