Samyang 8mm F/3.5 Umc Cs Ii Fisheye Lens For Canon Mount Hood

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Product Description:

 Product Description

- Fit all for Canon mount DSLR.

- Create out-of-the-ordinary images by emphasizing depth of field and perspective (180 angle in APS-C sensor).

- Cover the entire frame to the corners (APS-C sensor).

- Ensures stable imaging quality right out the periphery of the image.

- Allows detaching lens hood and it is ultra multi-coated to suppresses flaring and ghost images.

- Can get almost real images from the camera with 35mm of image format after remove the hood.

- The lens elements are multicoated (10 lenses in 7 group, with one aspherical lens element).

- Body is made of high strength aluminium alloy, durable to used.


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Q:Camera lens why so many lenses?
The combination of multiple lenses can correct aberration to some extent. Second, if the lens zoom requires multiple lenses to change the spacing to achieve.
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
2, the shorter the focal length of the optical zoom lens smaller, the shorter the focal length of the lens the greater the perspective. the focus is reduced, the subject changes from far to near.
Q:How to clean the camera lens.
then you can use the glasses to wash the cloth with some alcohol, do not hand or other hard To get, this is the industrial lens, scratched your scan effect on the affected
Q:Can the old SLR camera lens be used on a digital SLR camera?
Other brands I do not know, generally see the bayonet is not right. There is also a thing called the adapter ring. Can you turn the flange away from. Someone put Nikon AIS lens to play on Canon, but Nikon can not use Canon lens.
Q:On the Canon camera "lens error, please restart the camera" problem?
Second, deal with 1, unplug the SD card again. Reload the battery should be okay 2, for a new battery or charge
Q:SLR camera lens specifications how to see
Part IV: Other features of the lens IS stands for the image stabilization feature of the lens, IS is the abbreviation of Image Stabilizer, which means that the lens is equipped with an optical hand shake compensation mechanism, that is, the general anti- II represents the design algebra of the lens, the lens basically uses the same optical design structure, only in the details of the slight difference when adding the mark, II said the same optical structure of the second generation of the lens   General home Canon SLR, on the 650D bar, the budget limited selection of 18-55 lens, the budget can be selected more points 18-135 lens
Q:Camera lens change and transfer ring
In fact, the lens of the mouth and transfer are expedient. In contrast, the adapter ring program is more flexible, will not cause damage to the lens, there is now the adapter ring with the chip, can help metering.
Q:In the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 inch means what it means
Configuration 1 / 2.3 inch digital camera is usually low-end or although not low-end but most of the telephoto camera (optical zoom more than 10 times), the use of 1 / 2.3 inch advantage is the camera's volume can be done Small, like a card machine and the like are used in such photosensitive components, and the use of a little more photosensitive components of the camera size to do some big, of course, the quality of the image will be better.
Q:Digital camera lens how will there be a shadow ah?
Is the possibility of dust is relatively large. Remove the lens to see if the air can not blow off, if it is no way to blow the inside of the lens. Such as the supplier can change, if not for, to see whether the impact of imaging, do not affect the words do not go to customer demolition of the lens, the impact of imaging was demolished, there are some lens inside the factory with dust.
Q:Minolta film camera telephoto lens and what kind of digital camera match it?
in order to know what the lens is what the mouth, see Camera models it, Minolta can automatically focus on the camera are named AXXX, such as A7000, is the camera with the lens can be used directly on the Sony digital SLR

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