Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Lens 3 In 1 Clip Mobile Phone Lens, 180 Degree Fisheye Camera Lens

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Product Description:

Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Camera Lens for Smartphones



1. 100% brand new and high quality product 

2. .Make your short-sighted phone camera into a Telephoto one

3. Can be used as a telescope separately

4. Suitable for watching match, concert, travel, animal observes fans

5. Quick and Easy to install 



Fisheye lens with 180 degrees field of view, appears a full view which is totally from your left side to right side over front, and from up to down that bring you an imaginative world.

Wide Angle lens expands the native viewing angle 2 times, that appears 2 times larger range view of front forward and width.

Macro lens focus distance of close to 12mm, that appears extremely tiny details for you.


Packing Details:

1)Lens Caps for both ends

2)Microfibre lens cleaning cloth bag

3)Fisheye lens

4)Macro Lens

5)Wide-angle Lens 



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Q:Can a film camera lens be used on a digital SLR?
It is estimated that Tenglong then ring of the old manual lens, the key is to see your lens with the wild ring is what bayonet, PK is Pentax bayonet, Pentax available. CY belongs to Yaxika card mouth, no digital SLR match. If your packaging box has two above said wild ring, then at least one is the PK port, and certainly can be used for Pentax SLR. If the bayonet does not match, and then install a adapter ring, it is not worthy of this lens with a single anti-body.
Q:Digital camera after the start of the lens telescopic non-stop
The lens is certainly a fault, and their repair can not, if the repair is not here to ask, in this tell you, you can not get, find the camera
Q:What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens?
What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens? SLR camera lens is a lens, its parameters are mainly two: Caliber (aperture) the bigger the better, the bigger the more expensive. Focal length (zoom range) The larger the zoom range, the more convenient it is to use, but the larger the zoom range is, the greater the resolution is.
Q:Camera lens does not go back, do not stretch, how do?
he performance can not be completely retracted or can not be fully extended and to the side of the side, after the lights turn on and ring three warning after the shutdown. If you have microelectronics product maintenance experience you can try to open the lens group to try to reload. Step by step to the temple to carefully observe, re-turn the mirror can be. In the demolition of the process should pay special attention to those small cable, accidentally will break the fault caused by increased.
Q:SLR camera lens, how long will it be updated once? Which brand lens is durable?
1. Ha, do not understand your question ah 2. The lens update cycle may be very long, it may be very short, but the time is generally no problem for 10 years, even 20 years and 30 years are possible, so the players are spending money on the camera, in the fuselage I have a lot of color around to play the old lens for fun, the fuselage has been changed, they are used to change the ring, still play ah.
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
Ordinary magnifying glass are spherical lenses, and is a single lens does not eliminate the dispersion design, so distortion ah, aberration ah, scattered ah are more serious. Magnifying glass surface generally do not have any coating, reflective more, light transmission is not high ... ... All in all, the film is able to shoot, but the imaging effect is very problematic.
Q:How to configure the SLR camera lens
1000 yuan or so Nikkor lens can buy up to DX 55-200mm F4-5.6 this lens (1400 yuan or so) But this lens is very general imaging, of course, your budget is too low Personally recommend you accumulate more money after buying a good point of the lens
Q:SLR camera lens: Since the aperture can be set to a fixed value (such as F3.8), in this case, turn the zoom ring aperture can change?
Note that your lens should be marked with words such as 18-135mm f3.5 / 5.6 This means that when you use 18mm end when the maximum aperture is 3.5 and 135mm side when the maximum aperture is 5.6 So when you use the 18mm end, the aperture can be fixed at f3.5 but when you turn the zoom ring, the focal length becomes longer when the maximum aperture of less than 3.5 will vary with the maximum aperture allowed by the focal length. If you set the aperture above 5.6, then no matter how you turn the zoom ring aperture value will not change.
Q:SLR camera lens price difference so big why?
2, the lens, a good lens will make the color return is good, high sharpness of imaging, which is professional photographers pursued. Good lens manufacturers will be special special markings, such as Canon camera with L characterThe symbol is to use a professional lens, there is a Nikon lens with a good lens lenses ED Can eliminate the dispersion phenomenon, you can make the color more pure.
Q:120 camera lens focal length
120 film also known as Brownie (Brownie) type film, or B2-8 type film. It uses a larger film area of 120 film, its width is about 6 cm, different types of 120 camera using the length of the film and there are differences, there are 4.5,6,7,9,12 or 17 cm, so 120 camera again There are 645,66,67,69,612,617 camera differences.

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