Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Lens 3 In 1 Clip Mobile Phone Lens, 180 Degree Fisheye Camera Lens

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Product Description:

Universal Clip Fish Eye Macro Camera Lens for Smartphones



1. 100% brand new and high quality product 

2. .Make your short-sighted phone camera into a Telephoto one

3. Can be used as a telescope separately

4. Suitable for watching match, concert, travel, animal observes fans

5. Quick and Easy to install 



Fisheye lens with 180 degrees field of view, appears a full view which is totally from your left side to right side over front, and from up to down that bring you an imaginative world.

Wide Angle lens expands the native viewing angle 2 times, that appears 2 times larger range view of front forward and width.

Macro lens focus distance of close to 12mm, that appears extremely tiny details for you.


Packing Details:

1)Lens Caps for both ends

2)Microfibre lens cleaning cloth bag

3)Fisheye lens

4)Macro Lens

5)Wide-angle Lens 



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Q:What is the meaning of the camera lens 18-55
Is the meaning of the focal length, 18-55 represents the shortest focal length of 18mm, the longest focal length of 55mm
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
I am a studio photographer, you generally want to use the camera in the studio, in fact, the most important thing is to consider the cost and effect of choice! That studio is generally used machine, not the best! It will not be the cheapest! Of course, digital SLR constantly updated quickly, so it is impossible to a machine to the old! That is now the market Well, the studio generally use D300 D700 or 5D 5D2 four machines more! As for the 3D are too expensive, the studio portrait does not need to use such a machine!
Q:Hello, my Canon G10 camera lens can not be recovered after the opening, can not focus,
My camera and you are the same problem. The screen also shows a lens error. The possibility of breaking the motor is very small. This problem is G9 - G10 a common problem, it should be design flaws. Take the time to repair, maintenance staff did not ask me the situation, looked at the camera to accept, offer 300 yuan. It seems that this common problem is the focus of maintenance, that is, often encounter this problem.
Q:Camera lens function and how to distinguish
18-135 with high zoom ratio of 7.5 times the high magnification standard zoom lens, the focal length conversion of 35mm specifications can cover 29-216mm focal lengths, optimized lens position and coating can effectively inhibit the ghost and glare generation. The recent focus distance of 0.45 meters, with a strong hand shake compensation agencies, to meet the general needs from photography to macro photography.
Q:SLR camera lens is a unified standard?
Different interfaces can not be dedicated That is to say Canon can only use Canon Sony can only use Sony's Nikon can only use Nikon's Of course, there are many deputy factory to do the lens, and some vice plant is a transfer ring can buy The lens can not say regardless of brand - can only say that buyers buy the lens when the main consideration parameters for the first
Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
This question is very professional. Digital photography and industrial photography is different, but I see the classification is "Baidu know" education / science> science and engineering> engineering science ", so you must ask the industrial camera / camera, CCD / CMOS there are industrial lenses, In contrast, that is more important to the imaging effect. At present, I think it is the type of sensor, because most applications of industrial cameras do not need particularly high pixels, many with millions of pixel-level CCTV lens. In contrast, or CCD / CMOS performance, as well as RAW picture decoding effect is more important.
Q:My camera lens can not stretch
This type of fault is mainly the lens telescopic gear position shift, or indeed a foreign body stuck, but these two questions if it is not on the electrical repair is very good. Generally can only find professional repair. The price of about three hundred.
Q:Can the Canon SLR camera lens be generic?
The adaptability of the above three kinds of bayonets can be summarized as follows: 1, EF bayonet camera, the lens for the versatility is relatively poor, can only use the EF mount lens, but the vast majority of the current lens, especially high-end lenses are EF bayonet. This type of camera is mostly full-frame camera, representative models have 1Ds series, 1DX, 5D series, 6D; Secondly, 1D series is not the full size (APS-H format), but also must use EF lens; again, Canon early APS-C frame models (before 2003), because EF-S bayonet has not yet come out, can only use EF lens, on behalf of models D30, D60, 10D 2, EF-S bayonet camera, the lens is very versatile, in addition to all the EF lens can be used, you can also use all the EF-S bayonet lens, but no matter what kind of lens, the actual focal length are Equivalent to 1.6 times the focal length of the lens. This type of camera are APS-C format camera after 2003, on behalf of models are: 7D, 70D, 700D, 1100D and so the vast majority of Canon in the sale of entry-level camera 3, EF-M bayonet camera, in a sense for the lens of the versatility is the strongest, in addition to matching the EF-M lens can be used, you can also install the adapter ring, the use of all EF and EF-S lens, focal length conversion factor is also 1.6. At present, only Canon's no use of the camera (in fact, that is micro-single, just because the name of the micro-single registered by Sony, and other countries can not be used), on behalf of models: EOS-M and EOS-M2
Q:SLR camera lens Cha Cha's ring is how the matter
2. If the lens has an anti-shake function and is turned on. Canon lens image stabilization is IS image stabilization, Nikon is VR anti-shake. As long as the start of the anti-shake, half-press the shutter when the sound will appear sasa, which is inside the anti-shake at work (is to capture the shock).
Q:SLR camera lens price difference so big why?
3, focal length, the general angle of the more expensive the more expensive, such as 28mm generally no more expensive 12mm, Because the wider the description of the larger picture but the more complex workmanship, manufacturers to control not to happen Deformation. Farther will be expensive, such as more than 400mm lens price is also expensive, this type of lens Are generally shooting sports news or the like or aviation, because the far cost is high Canon far from the lens are generally white, you can see sports games that hold a white lens Are more expensive price.

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