For Iphone 5 Camera Lens 3 In 1 Lens Kit Hot!!!

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For iphone 5 camera lens 3 in 1 lens kit

1) Macro + wide + fish eye camera lens
2) Fashion design
3) White color
4) Compatible with iphone 5


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Q:How to clean the camera lens dust
And then spray a small amount of special cleaning solution on the lens Wipe the lens gently with deerskin or lens paper. Until the dust is completely wiped clean Important !!! In any case you can not wipe the completely dry lens! Must be wiped in the wet! Dry can only use the wind!
Q:Is the lens of the camera as long as possible?
When shooting stars, the moon and very distant scenes, the longer the better, the more able to play a smaller perspective imaging function. But to shoot near the scenery, the collective photo and other large viewing angle of the scene, it is necessary to play a wide-angle lens. So that the length of the camera lens focal length and the subject matter of the shooting.
Q:Does the Canon SLR lens in front of that glass piece is what? Shattered a piece to go where to buy?
Ken high uv mirror, the main role is to block the UV, but for the digital SLR UV effect is not large, so the UV mirror in the digital SLR on the main role is to protect the lens. The better the quality of the UV mirror reflected less light, that is, the higher the light transmittance. Line to sell the camera where there are a lot of online Taobao. The price of 58mm about 65 yuan.
Q:Canon camera lens error
Second, the treatment: 1, unplug the SD card again. Reload the battery 2, for a new battery or charge. 3, gently tapping the lens or to force, do not be too hard, the lens inside a small card astringent foreign body can be eliminated. 4, the above can not be resolved that is a permanent fault such as transmission gear, track and other jam had to repair the.
Q:What is a 135 single lens reflex digital camera?
135 single-lens reflex digital camera is full-frame (CCD, COMS or film size = wide 36x high 24mm) SLR camera. Here's what is the 135 camera. 1,35MM camera is 135 camera, both of the same kind of camera call. 135 camera film frame width is 36x high 24mm, count the height and the upper and lower square hole height is 35mm. This film originated in the late 19th century film film, and later it was Germany in 1924 (left and right) for the Lycra camera and the formation of industrial production, which is the initial use of 35mm film camera. Later, we recognized the 35mm film called 135 film, with 135 film camera called 135 camera.
Q:SLR camera lens using a different focal length to shoot the same object, quality distinction?
2, wide-angle end distortion, the focus is relatively good. 3, each focal length under the same aperture under different depth.
Q:SLR camera lens bayonet size is the same
Bayonet uniform are F bayonet, the general Nikon SLR lens can be installed. But the lens has the manual head (AI-S) and the automatic head (AF, AF-S) of the D and G type. AI-S manual head in the low-end digital SLR and low-end film machine can not be a good application, because the metering, in the digital SLR only D200, D300, D700, D3, D3X and D2 series can use the manual head Metering, because the bayonet has a ring to receive the aperture size. Other cameras can also according to, that is, can not metering. There D5000, D60, D40X, D40 fuselage mount no AF coupler, can not use the AF head auto focus. Only use AF-S head.
Q:In the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 inch means what it means
1: in the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 removed in., The meaning should be the lens aperture 1 / 2.3 that F2.3. 2: 1 / 2.3 inch, as Lou Sheng said nothing to do with the lens, refers to the size of the camera photosensitive components. Ie diagonal length is 1 / 2.3 inch (11 mm). The aspect ratio is generally 5: 4.
Q:How long is the life of the SLR camera, how long is the life of the lens?
The life of a SLR camera depends primarily on the number of times the shutter can be released. The life of the lens mainly depends on the use, storage and maintenance of the situation.
Q:Canon 550 camera lens with
Need to be based on personal circumstances and economic capacity to set, in general, with a standard fixed focus lens (such as 50mm 1.8) plus a zoom head (such as 18-135mm or 18-55mm) can meet the daily needs. Travel zoom is much easier to use than focus.

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