77mm 0.45X Professional Camera Wide Angle Lens Macro Dc/Dv Japan For Canon Nikon Sony

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In photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology, fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Perfect for extreme sports photography.



Deluxe High Definition Lens for Professional Results. (Wide Angle & Macro)

Engineered to Highest Precision & Specification

For Day/Night digital video & camera recording

Multicoated Optical Glass. (UV, Glare & Infrared)

Ultra Compact & Light Weight Titanium Barrel Housing.

Infrared compatible

Extreme Speed Auto-Focus/M

Mount thread size: 77mm

Front filter size: 95mm

Magnigication: 0.45X

Made of Metal

Color: Black


All Camera Lens with 77mm Filter Thread


1 X Brand 77mm 0.45X Wide Angle Lens with Macro (Black)

1 X Leather Bag

1 X Front Lens Cap

1 X Rear Lens Cap




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Q:SLR full lens and half of the difference between the lens?
EF series is designed for high-quality full-frame camera design and manufacturing, image quality is much better, can also be used for APS-C frame camera, but with the middle of the imaging part. The EF-S series lens is specifically designed and manufactured for APS-C frame camera photographic components, and can not be used on full-frame cameras, otherwise it will damage the reflector.
Q:How to choose a SLR camera lens
Most people agree that the Nikon image is sharp, suitable for the scenery, Canon imaging soft, suitable for portraits and post-processing. 15-70mm camera covers the commonly used wide-angle, portrait focal lengths, but not that can only be used to shoot wide-angle and portrait. For example, some people are using wide-angle lens to shoot portrait, but got a very special effect. But it is recommended that beginners or first hedge play and then consider buying more of the lens, when you will be more clearly what they need. The real master is how to use the hands of some of the lens to shoot, rather than what the lens to shoot. The camera behind the head is more important than the lens.
Q:Canon digital camera with what lens is better
"congenitally deficient" and can not cover the full range of the field caused by this photo after cutting can still be used, but the composition is not what you were framing that time. Of course, some APS frame of the lens, because the field is still relatively full, that circle of black appeared very little, even the situation is also estimated that some, but generally very long with APS lens to match the full size of the fuselage to use, because the defect too Obviously, the beauty of the cut is not the same thing.
Q:Does the SLR lens focal length and the aperture have a relationship?
So some of the low-end lenses that do not do much on the aperture (for example, you say 18-55), the maximum aperture at the 18 end is larger than the 55th end (the smaller the aperture is, the smaller the F value).
Q:Children photography camera and lens selection?
2, Canon 70D sensor Although the tolerance is not the best, but the studio is not a small relationship. Shed shot mainly by indoor light, generally do not exist light than the environment. While Canon's excellent color reproduction can play a big role;
Q:SLR camera lens is a unified standard?
Different interfaces can not be dedicated That is to say Canon can only use Canon Sony can only use Sony's Nikon can only use Nikon's Of course, there are many deputy factory to do the lens, and some vice plant is a transfer ring can buy The lens can not say regardless of brand - can only say that buyers buy the lens when the main consideration parameters for the first
Q:Why does the camera retract when the camera shoots the vision?
On the contrary, if you can like to be able to take pictures on the photo, the image will become smaller, according to the "object distance increases, like the distance becomes smaller, like a small" rule, from the camera (object distance) should be far , While the film from the lens (like distance) should be close, that the lens should be back to shrink, so as to be closer to the film. The following is the same type of problem: Example 5 When shooting the object at the bottom of the pool with a camera, if the position of the camera is kept constant, there is water and no water in the pool (assuming that the two objects are large) () A. Dark box should be slightly shorter, get like will be slightly larger B. Dark box should be slightly shorter, get like will be slightly smaller C. Dark box should be slightly longer, get like will be slightly larger D. Dark box should be slightly longer, get like will be slightly smaller
Q:SLR camera lens must be installed UV mirror?
Installed UV mirror has two advantages: to reduce the glare stray light, to protect the lens is not rubbed. But more or less will affect the amount of light, and the market quite a mixed bag, some lenses can cause imaging or even distortion. So it is necessary to install a good equipment.
Q:My camera lens can not stretch
1, how not to hit the fruit is likely to be gray into the lens, of course, a long time the switch machine may also cause the camera to load the gear break the situation. 2, now go to the repair shop to check the better, staring at him after opening the gear to adjust the scene to open the scene to repair.
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need

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