77mm 0.45X Professional Camera Wide Angle Lens Macro Dc/Dv Japan For Canon Nikon Sony

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In photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology, fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Perfect for extreme sports photography.



Deluxe High Definition Lens for Professional Results. (Wide Angle & Macro)

Engineered to Highest Precision & Specification

For Day/Night digital video & camera recording

Multicoated Optical Glass. (UV, Glare & Infrared)

Ultra Compact & Light Weight Titanium Barrel Housing.

Infrared compatible

Extreme Speed Auto-Focus/M

Mount thread size: 77mm

Front filter size: 95mm

Magnigication: 0.45X

Made of Metal

Color: Black


All Camera Lens with 77mm Filter Thread


1 X Brand 77mm 0.45X Wide Angle Lens with Macro (Black)

1 X Leather Bag

1 X Front Lens Cap

1 X Rear Lens Cap




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Q:What camera and lens are suitable for humanistic photography?
Used to shoot the humanities photos of the camera, need to meet the following points: First, small size, take in the hands of light; Second, the shutter sound is small, try not to disturb the photographed; Third, you can immediately show the shot Effect; Fourth, the time is short, not to miss a good opportunity; Fifth, the image quality is better.
Q:Can the old SLR camera lens be used on a digital SLR camera?
Other brands I do not know, generally see the bayonet is not right. There is also a thing called the adapter ring. Can you turn the flange away from. Someone put Nikon AIS lens to play on Canon, but Nikon can not use Canon lens.
Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
You are talking about the Nikon brand lens technology logo, said the following. D: Distance Focus Distance Data Transfer Technology. D-type lens and non-D-type lens is the biggest difference between the D-lens support 3D matrix metering.
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
3. Model to see their affordability, entry-level SLR sensors are similar. Do not have to care about, if the money can buy a full frame of the SLR (sensor size, and the bigger the better), to more than 10,000, a little expensive
Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
The focus is not on the bar, the aperture if the focus is clear, coke outside the fuzzy ... generally also the pursuit of this effect. You can put the aperture small, such as F8, are clear.
Q:Camera lens stained with oil how to do?
To the pharmacy to buy some medical alcohol (which can be dissolved in oil) and cotton balls, and then dipped in cotton with cotton balls, from the center of the lens clockwise rotation wipe, pay attention to light to soft, do not stop halfway, a turn to the side, No more than once again.
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
Engineering head should be the same quality with the formal product of non-new products, probably means that a product known BUG have been repaired, and then the product needs to have a test entity ah, that is the "engineering version", if No problem on the mass production, after the product manufacturers sometimes deal with the engineering version. (Note: I have the default problem of the project head will not be sold)
Q:10 years ago SLR camera lens
As long as the lens mount and the new digital fuselage to buy the same on the line For example, if the Canon EF lens, then it is suitable for all current Canon EOS SLR body! 10 years ago the lens is not too old, my EF28-105 generation or 14 years ago to buy EOS5 sets of machine with it, now used in the EOS5D MARKII on the!
Q:SLR camera lens how to see is not a constant aperture
2, constant aperture is in the zoom lens of the focal length of the focal length of the lens are the same, such as 70-200 / F2.8 (only one maximum aperture value), rather than the constant aperture is the zoom lens in the focal lengths have different maximum Aperture value, such as 70-300 / 4-5.6. Constant aperture in use is easier to control, the general constant aperture zoom lens are high-end, but non-constant aperture lens is often smaller because of the volume of light and more portable.
Q:Hello, my Canon G10 camera lens can not be recovered after the opening, can not focus,
After repair, find someone asked the exact reason, the original is a chip pin caused by Weld, the camera detection signal instability, self-protection to stop mechanical movement. The problem is very high in G9 - G10. Should be the camera manufacturing BUG.     They can not get, find a hammer light some of the place to repair it After the repair is completed will not affect the quality and focus of the segment.

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