77mm 0.45X Professional Camera Wide Angle Lens Macro Dc/Dv Japan For Canon Nikon Sony

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In photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology, fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Perfect for extreme sports photography.



Deluxe High Definition Lens for Professional Results. (Wide Angle & Macro)

Engineered to Highest Precision & Specification

For Day/Night digital video & camera recording

Multicoated Optical Glass. (UV, Glare & Infrared)

Ultra Compact & Light Weight Titanium Barrel Housing.

Infrared compatible

Extreme Speed Auto-Focus/M

Mount thread size: 77mm

Front filter size: 95mm

Magnigication: 0.45X

Made of Metal

Color: Black


All Camera Lens with 77mm Filter Thread


1 X Brand 77mm 0.45X Wide Angle Lens with Macro (Black)

1 X Leather Bag

1 X Front Lens Cap

1 X Rear Lens Cap




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Q:Find the popular SLR camera lens
The lens "× × mm mm × × mm" is the lens zoom range, such as: 24-70mm focal length 24 to 70 ends can be any zoom. Shoot vision with telephoto such as: 200mm, 300mm and so on Shoot macro to use macro lens such as: 100 micro 100mm / f2.8.
Q:SLR camera lens must be installed UV mirror?
Installed UV mirror has two advantages: to reduce the glare stray light, to protect the lens is not rubbed. But more or less will affect the amount of light, and the market quite a mixed bag, some lenses can cause imaging or even distortion. So it is necessary to install a good equipment.
Q:Camera lens has a fingerprint how to do?
The correct way is:      1. First blow the dust with a blower balloon, and then use a lens paper or a soft cloth with a dedicated lens, gently rub out from the center of the lens, and then blow the dust again with a blower.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
3. wipe with a lens pen: the use of the lens before the pen must ensure that the surface of the lens to ensure that there is no dust particles, and then gently pull the lens from the middle of the lens clockwise out, after a time to blow off the lens surface off Lens toner, and then observe the effect, then rub and then blow! Repeated 4-5 times the lens should be bright as new! The expert said that any of the actions of the lens are hurt lens coating! Although the lens pen is a relatively safe tool, you should also be careful to use, with the lens pen gently wipe, it should be noted that the lens pen is also life, when the brushed polished, it must be replaced. The lens will always blow more rub!
Q:SLR camera lens play what role, the fuselage play what role?
From the responsibility of the fuselage and the lens, it is generally believed that the lens on the image quality of the role of a larger, about 65%. So buy the machine when the price ratio is so divided.
Q:My SLR lens and both sides of the fuselage have AM What is the difference between the two AM?
No difference, the body of the AF and the lens of the A are the meaning of auto focus. Use, the lens and the fuselage must be allocated to A, in order to auto focus, there is a not A, can not complete the auto focus. Are allocated to M is the manual focus
Q:How to remove the Canon SLR lens hood
Holding the hood counterclockwise rotation around half a circle, along the bayonet pull on the unloaded.
Q:My Sony digital camera lens can not play out, how do?
Your camera's lens but not out on the two possibilities ~ ~ the first lens with a bad lens can not be powered. The second is inside the lens into the dirty things such as sand stuck lens gear. The You first wipe the lens by hand and then use the ears to listen to whether there is no sound inside the repair
Q:10 years ago SLR camera lens
This, you must first confirm whether this lens can be used in today's camera. Such as Nikon, most can be universal; Canon is not good to say; if it is the German lens, that body to death ah ... ... what brand you and what brand? On the back of the problem, the optical point of view, mainly film is certainly not as good as the current lens, but the lens structure, mechanical structure these are not necessarily behind. If the year to sell more upscale, now use, in most conditions can still have a good effect. From the electronic point of view, there must be no autofocus function like friends, but fortunately your father since 10 years ago will use the camera, presumably this is not troubled. As for whether to buy a new lens, you can use to read again Well.
Q:What is a 135 single lens reflex digital camera?
135 single-lens reflex digital camera is full-frame (CCD, COMS or film size = wide 36x high 24mm) SLR camera. Here's what is the 135 camera. 1,35MM camera is 135 camera, both of the same kind of camera call. 135 camera film frame width is 36x high 24mm, count the height and the upper and lower square hole height is 35mm. This film originated in the late 19th century film film, and later it was Germany in 1924 (left and right) for the Lycra camera and the formation of industrial production, which is the initial use of 35mm film camera. Later, we recognized the 35mm film called 135 film, with 135 film camera called 135 camera.

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