Hot Selling Camera Lens For Galaxy Note 3,Zoom Lens For Mobile Phone Camera Lens

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New camera lens for galaxy note 3, zoom lens for mobile phone camera lens




The camera lens is flexible, easy to carry, durable, studios nice, solid structure is reasonable, is the best choice for Travelers. The size of holder and Zoom is adjustable, and it also is suitable for different models mobile phone and card digital cameras




1>Single bracket suitable for other series such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, millet and more domestic machine sitting on top of a movie, a TV can be.

2> Camera lens Material:Super lightweight aluminium alloy,

3>Three-section legs, quick lock, the soles non-slip design  Flexible Tripod zoom lens for mobile phone

4>Adjustable focal length according to your needs, to achieve better results

5>It can install macro. wide angle,fisheye lens converter SLR camera phones different lens changing to play

6>Mobile phone under 84 mm, width all can use.Mobile phone thickness below 11.5 mm is the best,Rotating detachable easy installation 





zoom telescope for mobile phone iphone camera lens


Super lightweight aluminium alloy


black and silvery

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Q:What is my camera lens wiping good?
Clean the first lens with gas blowing, that is, the kind of ball plus a tube, with mouth blowing will be spittle ... ... After the gas blown with a lens with a brush sweep, Shan to float.
Q:Canon digital camera with what lens is better
60D is Canon's C-frame unilateral digital camera, because the frame in accordance with the 135 coefficient to X1.6, so I recommend recommend a wide-angle and standard zoom lens practice technology, and so good technology and then change the full-frame machine 60d lens can choose:
Q:Can the camera lens be repainted again?
It is impossible, but also no manufacturers to provide you with such services, more importantly, there are still technical difficulties, such as the first stripping, and then plating the complete film, plating also meet the design of this lens to ensure color reproduction, Basically, there is no hope.
Q:SLR camera lens What does the USM mean?
Canon ring USM in addition to the basic characteristics of the above, its own characteristics: 6, high efficiency, low power consumption; 7, the ring of the motor can be perfectly combined with the mirror body; 8, low speed, especially for the lens of the AF drive; 9, the rotation speed can be in the range of 0.2rpm ~ 80rpm arbitrary control; 10, can achieve the sensitivity of the electronic MF; 11, the working environment temperature is: -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃.
Q:Ricoh film camera lens can be used on the digital camera?
1, is it a SLR camera? 2, Ricoh SLR cameras have m42 and pk two bayonet, m42 through the transfer can be used in most of the digital SLR and all single power, pk bayonet can be used directly in the Pentax SLR, through the transfer can also be large Part of the digital SLR and all single use on the electricity.
Q:Camera lens single film, double film and multi-membrane, respectively, what does that mean?
There are several types of UV mirrors: 1, UV: double coating, light transmission rate of 75%; (also known as a single film, each side of the plating layer of the base film) 2, MC UV: multi-layer coating UV filter, Translucent than the UV mirror has been a certain increase; (contrast is obvious)
Q:Card camera lens dirty, how to clean up?
Second, rub Blow the dust and then do wipe. Generally for a watermark, stains, as soon as possible in time to clean up, like saliva or acid, alkaline rain stains on the film have a slight erosion, a long time may damage the membrane surface. Clean the way the lens is a breath, with the lens paper in the lens surface to clockwise or counterclockwise one direction to rub, must not rub back and forth, wipe the point is: light into, slightly wipe, and then light up as a process, And rub a process, we must change the site and then rub. Suede is a good lens wipes, but the quality of artificial suede, do not use the good. Natural suede if there are parts hardened, must not be used, easy to scratch the lens. The current consumer DC lens is very small, with the lens paper or suede are not necessarily able to wipe, rub the whole, recommend the use of special lens pen, one end of the brush, used to brush off the dust; the other end of the Run suede head, the area is very small, but the use of good results, can be used to wipe the small lens on the mark stains, and large mark on the stains do not need to do a large area of ​​wiping, the only drawback is the price Partial expensive, cheap 50 yuan or so, good quality about 200 yuan.
Q:How to distinguish the authenticity of Canon cameras and lenses
Canon's camera can only get to the after-sales service department to see it is licensed or parallel imports (in addition to the kind of special water, the camera is attached to the parameters of the English).
Q:Canon SLR camera lens is a bayonet? Can you use a domestic lens?
Canon's bayonet is the EF bayonet as long as the Canon can produce other manufacturers of the dragon with the Sigma is compatible with Canon's bayonet You can tell me the body model and then what the price of the head to do with what I recommend to you
Q:Can Canon's camera use Nikon's lens?
In principle, is not enough, But the middle of the adapter ring can be, Is the first in the Canon's body bayonet, install the adapter ring, And then install the Nicole lens on the adapter ring, Very troublesome, and strongly not recommended to do so, Not only the lens function can not be reflected, and often there will be strange strange things happen, Purely money to buy uncomfortable!

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