Hot Selling Camera Lens For Galaxy Note 3,Zoom Lens For Mobile Phone Camera Lens

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New camera lens for galaxy note 3, zoom lens for mobile phone camera lens




The camera lens is flexible, easy to carry, durable, studios nice, solid structure is reasonable, is the best choice for Travelers. The size of holder and Zoom is adjustable, and it also is suitable for different models mobile phone and card digital cameras




1>Single bracket suitable for other series such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, millet and more domestic machine sitting on top of a movie, a TV can be.

2> Camera lens Material:Super lightweight aluminium alloy,

3>Three-section legs, quick lock, the soles non-slip design  Flexible Tripod zoom lens for mobile phone

4>Adjustable focal length according to your needs, to achieve better results

5>It can install macro. wide angle,fisheye lens converter SLR camera phones different lens changing to play

6>Mobile phone under 84 mm, width all can use.Mobile phone thickness below 11.5 mm is the best,Rotating detachable easy installation 





zoom telescope for mobile phone iphone camera lens


Super lightweight aluminium alloy


black and silvery

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Q:What is the camera lens servo
Camera lens is the most important part of the camera, because it directly affects the quality of shooting imaging. At the same time the lens is divided into the camera type and grade of one of the most important standards.
Q:Find the popular SLR camera lens
Such as digital camera: 3.6 times zoom; f = 6.7-24.0mm / F3.1-6.7 What is the meaning of these data? F = 6.7-24.0mm refers to the actual focal length of the lens, that is, wide-angle end (near focal length) focal length 6.7mm, telephoto end (far focal length) focal length 24.0mm. With telephoto end (far focal length) focal length divided by wide-angle end (near focal length) focal length, the number is the lens zoom, that is 3.6 times zoom. In the camera's manual generally shows that the lens is equivalent to the number of 35 mm lens. / Back F3.1-6.7 refers to the lens aperture size, that is, wide-angle end (near focal length) aperture is F3.1, telephoto end (far focal length) aperture is F6.7. The smaller the aperture value, the greater the amount of light through the lens. Ordinary home digital camera, shoot vision to use telephoto end, shoot macro with wide-angle end, and some cameras with macro shooting mode. If it is a SLR camera, it is possible to replace the lens, according to the need to choose telephoto, wide angle, fixed focus, macro and other professional lens shooting. Hope to answer to your help.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
You just remember one, Canon half-frame body, such as 100D 1100D 700D 70D 7D 650D 600D and so on these, general EF-s and EF two specifications of the lens. Popular market that all can be linked to the lens can be used.
Q:Will the SLR camera lens focal length the size
Such a problem to see you buy a camera or lens to the instructions can be resolved. No longer be able to visit the user exchange forum. SLR cameras and ordinary digital camera is the biggest difference between the manual focus, so as to achieve a more perfect shooting. 50 meters away from the external focus, ordinary digital camera can easily achieve, of course, not to mention the SLR, but for the lens you have to see the needs of the. The lens does not need particularly good, the most common header on it. The specific use of what kind of head, you can refer to the following website in the recommendation. In fact, a lot of equipment around the family, photography and equipment family is really a lot of money ah ~ better than the late learning, what problems can be solved by the ~
Q:Film SLR camera lens on the aperture ring is how to use it?
The shutter can not be pressed. The The Exclude the cause of a mechanical failure. Some film cameras must be put into film to move the shutter.
Q:SLR camera can take two shots?
You have the ability to process the connection of the link is possible. Such as the front is telephoto, followed by a short focus can be telephoto lens. But it's just theory. The actual to be successful that have to go through the calculation and complex processing. I do not know how the image quality. Hey, early there is a lens, you can open to become two telephoto lens. If you want two shots closer to the wide angle, that can not be done because they are imaged in front of the SLR plane.
Q:Camera lens on the 5.0-60MM1; 3.4-5.9 What does it mean
Camera lens 5.0-60MM is the focal length of the lens: the shortest focal length 5.9 mm, the longest focal length 60 mm. 1: 3.4-5.9 is the lens maximum aperture: the focal length of 5.0 mm, the maximum aperture of 1: 3.4; in the focal length of 60 mm, the maximum aperture of 1: 5.9.
Q:What does the camera lens's ccd mean?
In principle, the digital camera uses a photographic device containing color photographic elements (hereinafter referred to as photographic elements) to record the light intensity and image color taken by the lens, and then generate a color image through the processor in the camera Calculate the complete color value of each corresponding pixel in the final image file, through which the digital photo similar to the film photo is formed. However, not all of the sensor photographic elements can play a role in the final formation of the photo. Because the digital camera will be the outside edge of many "black" (light is blocked) photography as a reference. They are not sensitive to themselves. Since each pixel needs to retrieve data from all the directions around it, there are some "black" photographic elements that provide the edge pixel values, but they do not appear in the final picture, which is the difference between the CCD pixel and the CCD effective pixels
Q:Nikon D3100 SLR camera lens blur how to adjust
There may be two reasons, you do not have to hit the camera automatically, and that is when you focus on a long piece of the wall can not focus on a long time
Q:SLR camera lens price difference so big why?
2, the lens, a good lens will make the color return is good, high sharpness of imaging, which is professional photographers pursued. Good lens manufacturers will be special special markings, such as Canon camera with L characterThe symbol is to use a professional lens, there is a Nikon lens with a good lens lenses ED Can eliminate the dispersion phenomenon, you can make the color more pure.

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