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New camera lens for galaxy note 3, zoom lens for mobile phone camera lens




The camera lens is flexible, easy to carry, durable, studios nice, solid structure is reasonable, is the best choice for Travelers. The size of holder and Zoom is adjustable, and it also is suitable for different models mobile phone and card digital cameras




1>Single bracket suitable for other series such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, millet and more domestic machine sitting on top of a movie, a TV can be.

2> Camera lens Material:Super lightweight aluminium alloy,

3>Three-section legs, quick lock, the soles non-slip design  Flexible Tripod zoom lens for mobile phone

4>Adjustable focal length according to your needs, to achieve better results

5>It can install macro. wide angle,fisheye lens converter SLR camera phones different lens changing to play

6>Mobile phone under 84 mm, width all can use.Mobile phone thickness below 11.5 mm is the best,Rotating detachable easy installation 





zoom telescope for mobile phone iphone camera lens


Super lightweight aluminium alloy


black and silvery

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Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
Sensors as the core components of digital cameras, photographic components undoubtedly shoulder the camera's most important mission. Compared with the traditional camera, the traditional camera uses the "film" as the carrier of its record information, and the digital camera "film" is its photosensitive element, the photosensitive component of the photo quality will have a decisive impact on the image quality. Because of this, the author today and we come to talk about the photosensitive components of those things.
Q:In the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 inch means what it means
Read the previous answer, completely unintelligible, especially the so-called recommended answer, what lens aperture F 2.3, wrong. In order not to be misled, I say a few words: not you refer to the lens, refers to the important parameters of the digital camera, the current home digital camera used in the sensor (CCD or CMOS, the role of the previous film is equivalent to the area) (From large to small) 2/3 1 / 1.6 1 / 1.7 1 / 1.8 1/2 1 / 2.3 inch.
Q:SLR camera lens SLR lens classification
Single-lens reflection of the way it means that its professional positioning, even for ordinary users of entry-level products, also have a lot of excitement. Focal length and aperture are digital SLR (also known as SLR digital camera or simply referred to as DSLR lens parameters of the two most important parameters.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
Ft is the foot abbreviation. M is the abbreviation of rice for focusing.
Q:The height of the camera lens
2, pay attention to check whether the four corners of the screen have been blocked defects Check the camera lens will be installed on the camera, and the aperture shrink, the contrast of the bright objects to view the scene, focusing, from the viewfinder to observe the four corners of the screen is blocked, the normal lens is no blocking phenomenon. Check the zoom lens, the lens should be adjusted to the focal length of each focal length to check to see whether the various focal lengths of the four corners were slightly occluded phenomenon. 3. Note the inspection of the imaging deformation In the inspection, the camera lens should be installed in a single-lens reflex camera or direct viewfinder camera, through the viewfinder to observe the distance of the horizontal lines or vertical lines with or without deformation. If the object line at the edge of the horizontal line or vertical lines into an arc, indicating that the lens there is distortion aberration. The greater the deformation of the straight line, indicating that the more serious distortion. The camera facing the direction of the shop window to see, such as the square of the line after the formation of a bend, indicating that the lens distortion. Under normal circumstances, wide-angle lens barrel distortion; telephoto lens with occipital distortion; standard lens should not have a more obvious distortion. For the infinity of the subject of the focus of the accuracy of the inspection, the lens should be adjusted to the infinity of the infinity mark to see if the frosted glass on the knot is the most clear; if clear, said the focus is high; Degree is poor, then the focus of the lens focus is low.
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
Why is the tripod ring? 1, the lens is very heavy, not easy to hold a stable shooting, of course, except for iron hand. 2, the lens is very long, not easy to hand, or center of gravity instability. 3, telephoto lens needs a safe shutter soon, the light can not guarantee a safe shutter, the need for tripod, stable shooting.
Q:How do I clean up the fingerprints on the camera lens?
SLR refers to single-lens reflex viewfinder, that is, SLR (Single Lens Reflex), which is today's most popular viewfinder system, most 35mm cameras are using this viewfinder. In this system, the unique design of the mirror and the prism allows the photographer to view the image through the lens directly from the viewfinder.
Q:Is the full-frame camera's lens available for full-frame cameras?
But there are many deputy factory lens, such as Tu Li 12-24, although only APS frame lens, but most of the body can be installed on the whole body, this situation, the use is no problem, but limited to field problems, There is a circle is black, because APS
Q:SLR camera lens focal length problem
Suggestions: First, there is a Dragon 18--270 lens, the basic section of the focal lengths are included, so as long as not a professional player, the basic acceptable. At present, Nikon has a concept, 18 - 300 soon to come out. But the price may be very expensive. If you want to shoot better (this is a person who took the camera are longing for), and not bad money, then you can consider the Canon's red circle, but it is generally three heads to include 18-300 focal lengths
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
I suggest you pick high-strength cards, I heard that they have a special cabinet is used to store the camera lens!

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