37mm 0.42X Fisheye Lens For Fish Eye Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Jvc Camera Camcorder

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37mm 0.42X fisheye lens Fish Eye for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic JVC camera camcorder


made of muilti coated optics glass lens

Mounts on any camcorder with 37mm lens filter thread
180 Degrees Circular Fisheye Capability


0.42x High Definition Professional Wide Angle Panoramic (Panoramic, wide pictures) Fisheye.


It fits right over your camera's existing lens system and affects the full zoom range of your camera's lens.A wide-angle converter MORE THAN DOUBLES your angle of view, allowing you to get twice as much in the picture, include more of the landscape, include more people in group picture, and interiors show more of the room. Your telephoto setting also becomes wider, this converter brings everything closer.


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Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
his magnification and lens design, focal length, the closest focusing distance and so on parameters together determine. Optical zoom to rely on the optical lens structure to achieve zoom, zoom mode and 35mm camera is almost through the camera lens to zoom in and zoom out the need to shoot the scene, the greater the optical zoom, the more distant shooting. Optical zoom, like traditional camera design, depends on the focal length of the lens, so the resolution and picture quality will not change. In other words, optical zoom can support the image of the main imaging, add more pixels, so that the main not only become larger, but also relatively clear. Usually the optical zoom magnification is suitable for telephoto shooting. Today's digital cameras have an optical zoom factor of between 2 and 5 times, and some digital cameras have 10x optical zoom effects.
Q:SLR camera protection lens called what
Uv mirror is used on the film camera for filtering ultraviolet rays. UV has an effect on film. But the ultraviolet light on the digital camera has no effect. So add a uv mirror digital camera, in the imaging will not be affected. But also in front of the lens more than a layer of lenses, to protect the lens of the original lens. Uv mirror no need to buy your dozens of dollars can be a piece of money.
Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
Therefore, in the daily maintenance, if it is industrial camera CCD body dust, just a soft, dry cloth can be wiped, there are more stubborn oil dust, cloth can be dipped in a small amount of detergent to wipe; if it is The lens has dust, try to use the vacuum cleaning equipment, oily dust, etc. are required to choose the appropriate dust pollution method. However, regardless of the method used, should be careful not to use metal tools for processing, because it is easy to damage the CCD
Q:About wiping the digital camera lens
Lens spray on the clean cloth, along the center of the lens like a circle around, after the wipe, the lens against the different angles of light to see if there is no wipe clean.
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
When the telephoto lens is stretched, the focal length also increases. 1, the longer the focal length of the optical zoom lens larger, the longer the focal length of the smaller the angle of the lens;
Q:Camera lens has a fingerprint how to do?
  3. lens outermost glass it is still part of the lens, can not be easily damaged, or maliciously treat it.
Q:Is the lens of the camera as long as possible?
However, the longer the focal length of the lens the greater the color difference, the more difficult to correct, consume more materials, the higher the price this is the fact.
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
Also, the studio with a lens, as far as possible with a large aperture and constant aperture of the head! First, the location of the big cloudy day we still get! Second, non-constant aperture will affect the shooting speed! Day 5,6 sets of clothes shooting (wedding) unhappy not ah! Finally talk about my configuration, of course, I have no money: D300 + Tuli 11-16 + Dragon 17-50 + Nikon 50 / 1.4 + Nikon 85 / 1.8! Give you a reference! You will have a question to see it, why I want to use the 11-16 lens, Oh, and now wedding location ultra-wide use of a lot of the kind of deformation is now guests like very popular! Especially those after 85-90! Some "fashion" youth, you have to set the photos are shot with a long focal length aperture, they will say that this photo is too earth! Ha ha! no way! Studio is also a fashion industry, to follow!
Q:Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
Specifically, the following two cases are included: 1, with a large aperture shooting If you shoot with a large aperture, the impact of dust on the imaging of the naked eye can not see the basic. And we routinely use a large aperture when the majority, which is a lot of people think that dust has no effect on the reasons for the image.
Q:How to configure the SLR camera lens
General imaging excellent lens prices generally between 4000-7000 Another SLR camera do not expect a go to the world Of course, is not to say that no one go the world of the lens And is such a lens sacrifice picture imaging in exchange for convenience The pros and cons have to look at your own trade-offs

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