Tokina At-X 116 Pro Dx Af 11-16mm F 2.8 Lenses

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Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX AF 11-16mm F 2.8 Lenses


Mount availability:Canon and Nikon APS-C
Focal length:11 - 16mm
Maximum aperture:f/2.8
Minimum aperture:f/22
Optical construction:13 elements in 11 groups.
Angle of view:104°~82°
Minimum focus distance:0.3m
Reproduction Ratio:1:11.6
Focusing Mode:Internal Focusing
Zoom Mode:Rotary Zoom
No. Aperture blades:9
Filter Size:77mm
Lens length :89.2mm
Lens Hood:BH-777
Accessories:Flower design Bayonet lens hood (BH77A)

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Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
Lens and sensor type, it should be more important to the lens The sensor area is more important than the type, the larger the area the better
Q:What does the camera use to control the amount of light entering the lens?
The shutter is the mechanism by which the camera is used to control the effective exposure time of the photoreceptor. Is an important part of the camera, its structure, form and function is a measure of camera grade is an important factor.
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
If you need a large depth of field, give priority to select a smaller aperture, with a slower shutter to ensure that exposure to moderate. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the theme of small depth of field, with a large aperture, fast. In the static state of the object, the speed can be set too slow, select a smaller aperture; shooting moving objects, in order to avoid shooting images made virtual, should choose fast, large aperture.
Q:How to clean the digital camera lens
   Method Two:      In the case of insufficient equipment, such as we only have a mirror cloth or mirror paper      Then the way to blow the lens is: hand in front of the camera 30 ~ 45 degrees angle, with the mouth to the hands of blowing, gas reflected to the lens in order to blow dust, this benefit is to prevent the saliva blowing on the lens.
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
In general, the lens is named by the focal length. For example, Canon 24-70, 70-200. That is, focal length 24 - focal length of 70 lens.
Q:How long is the life of the SLR camera, how long is the life of the lens?
The life of a SLR camera depends primarily on the number of times the shutter can be released. The life of the lens mainly depends on the use, storage and maintenance of the situation.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
I suggest you pick high-strength cards, I heard that they have a special cabinet is used to store the camera lens!
Q:Canon camera lens error
Hello camera lens does not have the following possibilities: 1. The battery is exhausted 2. Lens zoom motor failure 3. Lens Focus Assembly Cartridge 4. External force causes deformation or malfunction
Q:Camera lens out fixed and retracted, can not open what can not take pictures of what ah?
Is what brand, I use the Canon, you slowly click on the click, if it is Canon that brand, the lens has such a problem, I have this card master N times, let me throw the bed, throw All right.
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
 First lens focal length. We know or choose to buy a lens when the first factor should be considered the lens of the focal length, this parameter directly affects the shooting angle, but also directly affect the subject matter we shot. The focal length of the lens is usually expressed in millimeters, such as 35mm, 85mm, 105mm and so on. The shorter the focal length (the smaller the number), the wider the viewing angle; the longer the focal length (the larger the number), the narrower the viewing angle. In addition to the width of the angle of view, the focal length changes with our another intuitive feeling: the shorter the focal length, the subject is farther away from the photographer; the longer the focal length, the subject is closer to the photographer. Therefore, the consumption of digital cameras on the zoom function has been able to bring "pull away from the" feeling, in fact, by changing the focal length of the lens to achieve.

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