Brand New Macro Cpl Wide Angle Star Mobile Phone Camera Lens For Apple Iphone 5

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Product Description:

Stick the optical macro lens to shoot a close-up photo of the bee's face with your iPhone 5!



The CPL filter eliminates the scattered light in the air,as well as the reflected light from the non-metallic surfaces like water and glasses. It allows the parallel light to go through the lens only,so that the camera can enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast between the clouds and the sky because it can be used to darken bright skies. When yo rotate the CPL filter in its mount,the effects will show up immediately. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun.


The Star-cross filter creates a star in the picture where this is bright light,ideal for photographs of ladies wearing jewelry or other objects with strong reflections or light of night view.


The 3-image filter creates a special effect with 3 duplicated images,make fun for children.

The Close-up filter lets you fill the frame with a very small subject. It does so by magnifying the tiny subject so you can easily get the super-macro photography.

The 6-image filter creates a special effect with 6 duplicated images,make fun for children.



Housing: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Lens: professional optical photo lens

Adapt ring: 10mm alloy ring proprietary for iPhones.

Dimensions: D14*5.5mm

Weight: 3g
Color: Black 



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Q:How to protect the camera lens
Again, the lens should also be protected by strong sunlight for a long time or for a long time in high temperature places, such as on the stove, near the heating device, the lens is high. Temperature, the middle of the lens layer will be damaged. At the same time, but also to avoid a drastic change in temperature, overcooling or overheating are negative on the lens. Winter in outdoor photography, into the indoor lens will have a layer of water vapor, then wait for it slowly dry, must not be put on the stove to bake.
Q:Canon 550 camera lens with
Fixed focus lens: is only a fixed focal length of the lens, only a focal length, no zoom function. The design of the fixed focus lens is much simpler than the zoom lens, but the general zoom lens will have an effect on the imaging during zooming, and the biggest advantage of the focus lens relative to the zooming machine is that the focus is fast and the image quality is stable. Many have a fixed focus lens digital camera shooting images of moving objects clear and stable, focusing is very accurate, the screen is fine, grainy is very slight, metering is also more accurate.
Q:Children photography camera and lens selection?
2, Canon 70D sensor Although the tolerance is not the best, but the studio is not a small relationship. Shed shot mainly by indoor light, generally do not exist light than the environment. While Canon's excellent color reproduction can play a big role;
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
A little better lens surface coating, technology content is relatively high, the role is also more obvious, and the lens is different, the coating is also different. It is best not to use alcohol and other chemicals to wipe, in order to avoid damage to the lens coating, and change its characteristics, affecting the shooting effect. Since you can think of wiping the lens with alcohol, that you still love the lens. Although the lens is fragile, but not so squeamish. Dirt heavy, the general lens cloth or paper, Kazakhstan gas after the light enough, a little extravagant charcoal pen. Usually the kind of dust and so on, the air blown clean on it.
Q:What is the Chelsea certified lens?
"Certification" does not mean "production". In the field of digital cameras and mobile phones, Sony and Nokia's cameras are known as "Carl * Zeiss" certification. But these products are actually their own according to "Carl * Zeiss" standard production, and through the "Carl * Zeiss" recognized, not the real "Carl * Zeiss" products. Genuine "Carl * Zeiss" production plant has long been the production of low-grade lens.
Q:Camera lens stained with oil how to do?
Also pay attention to a problem, rub the camera when the camera down, to prevent alcohol and oil or pepper flow to the lens.
Q:How to clean the digital camera lens
   Method Two:      In the case of insufficient equipment, such as we only have a mirror cloth or mirror paper      Then the way to blow the lens is: hand in front of the camera 30 ~ 45 degrees angle, with the mouth to the hands of blowing, gas reflected to the lens in order to blow dust, this benefit is to prevent the saliva blowing on the lens.
Q:How to remove the Canon SLR lens hood
According to the method of loading the same with the above, but the hood in turn to become. I would like to thank the landlord to give me all these are my own out
Q:Canon camera lens does not come out how is it going
so the photo is blurred. Camera maintenance prices are uncertain. It is best where to buy where to repair, if the purchase is licensed in the warranty period this failure is free warranty.
Q:How does the camera lens handle?
With a special lens paper or wipe with a lens pen, handwritten with hand oil, with anhydrous alcohol will hurt the lens, glasses cloth will be slightly scratched lens! If it is SLR can add a UV to protect the lens, but the DC can not!

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