Brand New Macro Cpl Wide Angle Star Mobile Phone Camera Lens For Apple Iphone 5

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Product Description:

Stick the optical macro lens to shoot a close-up photo of the bee's face with your iPhone 5!



The CPL filter eliminates the scattered light in the air,as well as the reflected light from the non-metallic surfaces like water and glasses. It allows the parallel light to go through the lens only,so that the camera can enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast between the clouds and the sky because it can be used to darken bright skies. When yo rotate the CPL filter in its mount,the effects will show up immediately. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun.


The Star-cross filter creates a star in the picture where this is bright light,ideal for photographs of ladies wearing jewelry or other objects with strong reflections or light of night view.


The 3-image filter creates a special effect with 3 duplicated images,make fun for children.

The Close-up filter lets you fill the frame with a very small subject. It does so by magnifying the tiny subject so you can easily get the super-macro photography.

The 6-image filter creates a special effect with 6 duplicated images,make fun for children.



Housing: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Lens: professional optical photo lens

Adapt ring: 10mm alloy ring proprietary for iPhones.

Dimensions: D14*5.5mm

Weight: 3g
Color: Black 



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Q:Camera lens is not installed
You put the lens aperture ring to the minimum aperture f22 on the line. This lens is very good price, quality is good, nothing special
Q:Is the lens of the camera as long as possible?
However, the longer the focal length of the lens the greater the color difference, the more difficult to correct, consume more materials, the higher the price this is the fact.
Q:Nikon camera lens shows how the memory card is locked is going on
There are two possibilities, one is a SD card on the other side of the LOCK can be a. The other is the camera card slot is broken, need repair.
Q:SLR camera lens play what role, the fuselage play what role?
SLR, that is, single-lens reflex. With this technique, the camera has only one shot, and the lens is used both as a photographer and as a photographer. This will be able to fundamentally solve the parallax caused by the decline in the quality of the situation.
Q:NIKON D90 camera how to take the lens
NIKON D90 SLR camera to remove the lens is not trouble. Press the lens lock button in front of the camera, press the camera while counterclockwise direction, SLR camera lens was successfully removed from the camera.
Q:Is the camera's lens longer and more expensive?
In fact the manufacturers for the use of convenience, do everything possible to make long short. So the short thick lens will be more expensive. Amateur telescope long, but you can weigh the weight to know, where there are few pieces of the lens, the general is also very fine. A 200mm f / 2 lens is not long, but the thick bowl of the diameter, making it worth more than thirty thousand yuan. Are talking about the vernacular, hope you can understand.
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
In general, the lens is named by the focal length. For example, Canon 24-70, 70-200. That is, focal length 24 - focal length of 70 lens.
Q:What is the function of the wide-angle lens of a digital camera?
The main parameters of the optical lens and evaluation of the main parameters are focal length, field of view, object distance, aperture, shutter and so on. The most perfect evaluation of the lens than the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function). However, due to aberration (calibration reasons), each range of the lens has an MTF value. These ranges refer to: (1) the paraxial portion, (2) the off-axis portion, and (3) when the optical system has an asymmetric distortion, the two parts are sub-sections in different directions. Each part has its own corresponding MTF value for different radiation energy wavelength ranges. MTF is the most commonly used and optimal index of the imaging system, and it is also the optimal index to guide the integration of machine vision system.     In the shooting of the distant movement scene, play a key role is the camera shutter speed, which is closely related with the composition, such as children, walking the characters generally more than 1 / 125S can, if the high-speed sports Of the images such as cars and other general in the 1 / 500-1 / 2000S, in general, to be able to shoot the angle to decide.
Q:SLR camera lens bayonet size is the same
D head can also be used for manual fuselage, and G head can only be used in the automatic body, manual body can not control the aperture size. DX head card mouth of the last lens is small, in the film machine according to a circle of black, the middle of imaging. FX digital machine is the pixel by half of the DX image photos
Q:Vivoxplay why the camera failure, can not connect the camera lens
3, if the mobile phone system is not the latest, the phone upgrade to the latest version of the try, you can enter the settings - more settings - system upgrade - check the update immediately, according to the prompt to download the upgrade package, click check and install, Restart automatically enters upgrade mode.

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