Brand New Macro Cpl Wide Angle Star Mobile Phone Camera Lens For Apple Iphone 5

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Stick the optical macro lens to shoot a close-up photo of the bee's face with your iPhone 5!



The CPL filter eliminates the scattered light in the air,as well as the reflected light from the non-metallic surfaces like water and glasses. It allows the parallel light to go through the lens only,so that the camera can enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast between the clouds and the sky because it can be used to darken bright skies. When yo rotate the CPL filter in its mount,the effects will show up immediately. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun.


The Star-cross filter creates a star in the picture where this is bright light,ideal for photographs of ladies wearing jewelry or other objects with strong reflections or light of night view.


The 3-image filter creates a special effect with 3 duplicated images,make fun for children.

The Close-up filter lets you fill the frame with a very small subject. It does so by magnifying the tiny subject so you can easily get the super-macro photography.

The 6-image filter creates a special effect with 6 duplicated images,make fun for children.



Housing: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Lens: professional optical photo lens

Adapt ring: 10mm alloy ring proprietary for iPhones.

Dimensions: D14*5.5mm

Weight: 3g
Color: Black 



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Q:Why Casio digital camera will always show the lens error, and the lens can not shrink
Can be soil treatment. To find the thick book pad to the bottom of the camera fierce knock three, And then turn off the machine, repeated three or five times, generally just fine. It is not, to repair.
Q:How to use air blowing, lens pen, cleaning mirror cloth, cleaning mirror paper cleaning SLR camera lens?
Your equipment is not only all and all good things, in fact, the lens is not so fragile, if not stained with grease, generally only gas blowing on the line.
Q:SLR camera lens thickness, what is the difference!
4, special needs: the same full phase of the phase field and no anti-shake, Sigma 50 1.4 than Canon and Nikon's thick circle, filter size 77, the benefits of caliber is a little better performance, but some people like the caliber eclipse. Anyway, do not know how to think of Sigma, may be prepared to pretend to prepare, I do not like this head, people 200 to grams your weight more than you, if you are a D3, Malaysia and the like Even if, get hold of the entry behind the heavy foot of the experts to see a smile. In summary, the "rough" just gave the lens a space, the same focal length of the lens thicker than the thin easier to do better, but does not mean that the lens is better than the fine lens, the specific problems have to be specific analysis, Such as Sigma 1020 second generation 82mm, Tuli 1116 is 77mm, which we have a good heart, and Lycra, Fulunda and so on a few 0.95 lens which they are not thick.
Q:Canon 6d camera with lens problem
o know the little white recognized image is not sharp enough and love the little white compared to the aperture and only F4 so you understand Portrait to use 85 1.8 enough so do not need any telephoto ~ ~ ~ Hang the lens with the best imaging is the fundamental after all, this is the most ~ ~ ~ Because you are a full-frame camera so it is not recommended small ternary series lens 17-40 24-105 70-200 F4 these three lenses can not play full-frame ability coke outside the contrast compared to the big three yuan gap is still great ~ ~
Q:Camera lens divided into a total of several cameras divided several basic use of the camera more points
Lens type: A certain focus lens: focal length fixed lens is called "fixed focus lens." 1. Standard lens (referred to as the header): 2. Wide angle lens: 3. telephoto lens: 4. Fisheye lens: 5. folding lens (reflective lens):
Q:Canon camera lens cleaning
3. Wipe with a lens pen Use the lens before the pen must ensure that the surface of the lens to ensure that there is no dust particles, and then gently pull the lens from the middle of the lens clockwise out, after a time to blow off the lens surface off the lens toner, and then observe the effect, And then rub and then blow. Repeated 4-5 times the lens should be bright as new friends. The expert said that any action of the lens is hurt the lens coating. Although the lens pen is a relatively safe tool, but also be careful to use. On the lens to always blow less rub, blowing must be good, if necessary, with a little better to protect the UV lens. Wipe with a lens pen, it should be noted that the lens pen is also life, when the brushed polished, it must be replaced.
Q:Camera lens single film, double film and multi-membrane, respectively, what does that mean?
5, PROTECTOR PRO 1D (W): multi-layer coating protection mirror, light transmission rate of 99%, specifically for ultra wide-angle lens, to avoid vignetting. 6, MC-UV PRO PRO 1D K1: digital multi-layer coating with ultraviolet filter, specifically with wide-angle lens, to avoid the emergence of dark corners, followed by digital diagonal, can absorb a lot of ultraviolet light, eliminate fog, increase imaging clarity 7, gold MC PROTECTOR: multi-layer plating touch mirror.
Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
Sensors as the core components of digital cameras, photographic components undoubtedly shoulder the camera's most important mission. Compared with the traditional camera, the traditional camera uses the "film" as the carrier of its record information, and the digital camera "film" is its photosensitive element, the photosensitive component of the photo quality will have a decisive impact on the image quality. Because of this, the author today and we come to talk about the photosensitive components of those things.
Q:About wiping the digital camera lens
Use clean cloth and special lens water to wipe. Clean cloth will not fall dust, to avoid secondary pollution lens, lens water does not contain corrosion components, will not corrode the lens surface coating, and can quickly evaporate.
Q:Nikon D3100 SLR camera lens blur how to adjust
There may be two reasons, you do not have to hit the camera automatically, and that is when you focus on a long piece of the wall can not focus on a long time

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