Optical 8X Zoom Lens For Mobile Phone Universal Holder Mobile Phone Telescope Lens

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Optical 8X zoom lens for mobile phone universal holder mobile phone telescope lens


The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography.


Suitable for watching the match,the concert,travel,the animal observes fans, the newspaper-man shoots remotely,the private detective takes a picture and collects evidence,geological prospecting,the forestry manages,the port dispatcher of the railway,the traffic administrative department to collect evidence,public secuity organs to enforce the law and collect evidence etc.



Eye relief9.6mm
Angle of view15degree
Objective Lens diameter18mm
Lens Weight42g
Product diameter3.4x72mm


Package includes

8x universal mobile phone telescope lens *1pcs

Cover case for iphone4*1pcs

Cleaning cloth *1pcs

Lens bag*1pcs

Universal holder *1pcs

Product User Manual*1pcs

Eyepiece lens cap*1pcs

Mini tripod*1pcs



-Super 8X Telescope  Optical Zoom Lens.
-Micro Manual Focus adjustment.
-No contortion of images.
-Detachable from the hard case.
-Compact, portable & easy to use.
-Comes with a tripod for more stability.


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Q:Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
If the lens is not much dust, can not ignore him Do not listen to people say, to buy something that is not cheap to come back to rub, as the lens is not good If the camera is UV mirror before the dirty, it does not matter, can change one Lens words, alcohol rub, the impact of the lens may be smaller, but can not rub, absolutely not rub.
Q:SLR camera lens parameters What does it mean
EF-S: EF-S is a digital dedicated head, then the full width of the dark corners. EF can be generic. USM: Ultrasonic motor IS: Image stabilizer Image Stabilizer DO: Multilayer optical diffractive element, currently using DO technology lenses are green circle (green circle is a technical verification mark, the previous fluorite lens Also used green circle) L: luxury, Canon professional lens logo, with red circle said. That is usually referred to as "red circle head" and then is the lens specifications, such as 17-85 / f4-5.6, that is 17mm to 85mm zoom head, wide-angle end of the largest aperture f4, telephoto end maximum aperture f5.6. If the aperture is only a number that is constant aperture, such as 16-35 / f2.8L is 2.8 constant aperture.
Q:Minolta film camera telephoto lens and what kind of digital camera match it?
Hello, Minolta's film camera has three kinds of bayonet, one is the MC, one is MD, there is a MA, which MA is the auto focus type film camera, the bayonet has been used down , First assembled to the Konica Minolta A5D, A7D two digital SLR on the use of Konica Minolta was Sony after the acquisition,
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
2, the shorter the focal length of the optical zoom lens smaller, the shorter the focal length of the lens the greater the perspective. the focus is reduced, the subject changes from far to near.
Q:Vivo xplay 3s camera lens can not focus
1, enter the settings - more settings - the application - all find and clear the program data try
Q:Digital camera lens fell, probably the lens fell down, Canon ixus115hs, now the lens does not go back
Certainly not what CPU is broken and the like, pay attention to the following steps to test. 1. Can the camera shut down? Can not go to the second step 2. Is there any distortion of the sighted lens? Yes to the third step 3. Put the camera in the off state, if not operate directly remove the battery. 4. force the lens breaking off, into the battery boot test whether the normal action. Can you congratulate you You saved a lot of money.
Q:Camera lens single film, double film and multi-membrane, respectively, what does that mean?
There are several types of UV mirrors: 1, UV: double coating, light transmission rate of 75%; (also known as a single film, each side of the plating layer of the base film) 2, MC UV: multi-layer coating UV filter, Translucent than the UV mirror has been a certain increase; (contrast is obvious)
Q:Will the SLR lens be bad?
In short, the lens is used with the camera tool, there will be a normal loss, of course, relative to the camera, the lens loss is much smaller, so the normal use of unnecessary tangled here.
Q:Camera lens can not open how to do?
You see the lens barrel at any foreign body, gently patted, try. I had a SONY P92, fell from the stool four times, once the lens is also crooked, and I do not do with the other, it is normal use. Bold and cautious. To repair, probably the camera's 1 / 4-1 / 3 price.
Q:The height of the camera lens
6, check the stray light coefficient The weather is eyeny, neither smoke nor fog, if the viewfinder in the view of the scene always some gray feeling, then the lens stray light, the quality is not good; such as in the viewfinder to see the scenery transparent, very clear, Note that the lens is of good quality. 7, check the color reproduction The color reproduction of the lens is very important to shoot a vivid picture. To check the color reproduction, first remove the lens from the fuselage, remove the lens cover, the aperture open to the maximum, take a piece of white paper on the back of the camera, facing the store's fluorescent lamp, see through the lens after the projection to the white Whether the fluorescent lamp on the paper or the original white, not color cast. This difference is very small, to be carefully observed to see. If there is a big difference in color, indicating poor color reproduction, quality times.     In summary, it is a relatively strict detection system, and if it is second-hand camera or lens, do not have to be so harsh, for the above items, the seller can promise no problem, it OK!

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