Aluminum New 12X Zoom Telescope Lens Optical Telescope Objective Lens For Sumsung Iphone Smartphone Lens

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Product Description:

Aluminum New 12X zoom telescope lens optical telescope objective lens for SUMSUNG IPHONE SMARTPHONE LENS


Please Note:


"Buy one get one free"the Get One Free mean get a Universal Holder free as below:


The Universal Holder fit for most of Bar phone.


Aluminum+Optical 12X Zoom Telescope Camera Lnes for Sumsung GALAXY note2 note3 iphone and other bar phone+Mini Tripod+Universal Holder+Cover Case for Sumsung GALAXY  



The manual-focus ring

Minimum focus distance3M
MaterialAluminum shell+Optical glass elements
Angle of view80degree
Objective Lens diameter21mm


Tripod user's guide


1.Lens holder ring adjustment screw:Loosen to slip lens holder ringer onto the lens.


2.Hole for attaching tripod


Attach tripod to the lens holder ring in order to steady the Smartphone during shooting:


to switch between portrait and landscape view,loosen the lens holder ring adjustment screw,rotate the lens counter-clockwise 90 degree,tighten the lens holder ring adjustment screw.


Package includes:


-12X Zoom telescope objective lens*1pcs


-Mini tripod(optional)*1pcs




-Holder on lens*1pcs


-Cover Case for phone(according to your phone model)*1pcs


-Cleaning cloth*1pcs


-Lens cap*2pcs


-Universal holder*1pcs



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Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
3, fiber cleaning method: This is a soft texture of the micro-fiber material, stained with play a clean solution, in-depth CCD internal cleaning method. It is said that the playability of the cleaning solution is preferably more than 90% concentration of pure alcohol, do not use isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol can absorb moisture in the air, clean up in the industrial camera CCD surface to leave the liquid traces; Do not use methanol, methanol is a highly toxic substance. The advantage of this method is no damage, easy to operate, clear targeted, oily dust have a certain effect, the disadvantage is that if this method is used improperly, easy to clear more dirty, counterproductive.
Q:SLR camera lens has a slight spot-like moldy how to do? Is it sunny?
Can try, but can not guarantee useful. If the lens is better, it is best to repair it, looking for professionals to do lens maintenance mold. If you want to do it yourself, you need to open the lens (hands-on ability is not strong, do not understand the people please do not split)
Q:Vivoxplay why the camera failure, can not connect the camera lens
3, if the mobile phone system is not the latest, the phone upgrade to the latest version of the try, you can enter the settings - more settings - system upgrade - check the update immediately, according to the prompt to download the upgrade package, click check and install, Restart automatically enters upgrade mode.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
For example, the ft is the English abbreviation of the foot, and the corresponding line of numbers refers to the distance (in feet) of the current lens, that is, the number of feet of the distance from the lens to the subject when the current lens is exactly focused;
Q:SLR lens STM what it means
Is a symbol of the lens, indicating that the lens is used stepper motor, the lens is very quiet when focusing
Q:Camera lens does not go back, do not stretch, how do?
There are several possibilities: 1) lens zoom gear dislocation or foreign body stuck. 2) The lens motor drives the cable loosening or falling off, or the electronic part of the fault. First pay attention to observe the switch when the camera is a little move or do not move about If it is a little bit about the reason 1), otherwise it is 2) if it is 2) is very simple, that telescopic lens in the fall or in the extended state was squeezed lead to mirror expansion and contraction of the thread dislocation.
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
If the bayonet is the same, it can be universal; But the current variety of SLR camera bayonet, Canon's EF bayonet, Nikon's F bayonet, Olympus 4/3 bayonet, Pentax PK bayonet and Sony (Kemei) α bayonet, etc. The Some machines like Canon and 4/3, because of the particularity of the bayonet, can be transferred through the ring, transfer the other lens, but like Nikon machine, it can not take its own any other bayonet lens.
Q:SLR lens stabilizer key what is the use
SLR lens stabilizer button is the lens anti-shake switch. Lens image stabilization is set in the lens of a special anti-shake compensation group, according to the camera's direction and degree of jitter, compensation mirror group to adjust the location and angle, so that the optical path to maintain stability.
Q:How many mm is the camera's lens length or lens diameter?
The lens of the camera is a group of lenses that can be understood as a single lens. When the light parallel to the main optical axis through the group of lenses, converge to a point, this point is called the focus, the focus to the lens center (ie, the distance), known as the focal length. Focal length fixed lens, that is, fixed focus lens; focal length can adjust the change of the lens, that is, zoom lens. The optical center of the lens, or the optical center, does not have a physical standard position, it can vary with the shape of the lens, even outside the lens. Understand the meaning of the focal length, to master the camera perspective, composition, depth of field, and then shoot out the excellent works have important significance.
Q:SLR camera lens Cha Cha's ring is how the matter
It is in focus, no problem.

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