Aluminum New 12X Zoom Telescope Lens Optical Telescope Objective Lens For Sumsung Iphone Smartphone Lens

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Product Description:

Aluminum New 12X zoom telescope lens optical telescope objective lens for SUMSUNG IPHONE SMARTPHONE LENS


Please Note:


"Buy one get one free"the Get One Free mean get a Universal Holder free as below:


The Universal Holder fit for most of Bar phone.


Aluminum+Optical 12X Zoom Telescope Camera Lnes for Sumsung GALAXY note2 note3 iphone and other bar phone+Mini Tripod+Universal Holder+Cover Case for Sumsung GALAXY  



The manual-focus ring

Minimum focus distance3M
MaterialAluminum shell+Optical glass elements
Angle of view80degree
Objective Lens diameter21mm


Tripod user's guide


1.Lens holder ring adjustment screw:Loosen to slip lens holder ringer onto the lens.


2.Hole for attaching tripod


Attach tripod to the lens holder ring in order to steady the Smartphone during shooting:


to switch between portrait and landscape view,loosen the lens holder ring adjustment screw,rotate the lens counter-clockwise 90 degree,tighten the lens holder ring adjustment screw.


Package includes:


-12X Zoom telescope objective lens*1pcs


-Mini tripod(optional)*1pcs




-Holder on lens*1pcs


-Cover Case for phone(according to your phone model)*1pcs


-Cleaning cloth*1pcs


-Lens cap*2pcs


-Universal holder*1pcs



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Q:What is my camera lens wiping good?
Clean the first lens with gas blowing, that is, the kind of ball plus a tube, with mouth blowing will be spittle ... ... After the gas blown with a lens with a brush sweep, Shan to float.
Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
Blurred picture is because the focal length is long, the slight jitter will lead to blurred photos. There is also a situation where the focus is not on the right position. Portrait to the eyes, the scenery should be on the first 1/3.
Q:How to protect the camera lens
Second, the lens should not be damp, to be placed in a dry cool place. It is best to put the camera in a plastic bag with a desiccant (silicone) or a sealed box in the rainy season, or in the rainy season. Because the lens after the damp, the mirror will change or stains, affecting the effect of knot; more serious will make the middle of the lens layer of glue to produce mildew, or even completely degumming.
Q:Is the camera's lens longer and more expensive?
Almost can think so. But not comprehensive, nor is it absolute. Only from the appearance point of view, some short lens may be longer than its long lens. If you look from the appearance of the lens of your cheap, but also from the size of the lens point of view. The larger the lens, the thicker the tube diameter, the more expensive! From the raw material point of view, the lens of its cost of material ah. The main cost of the lens is those glass lenses. The thicker the lens, the larger the lens,
Q:What does the camera lens's ccd mean?
Is the photosensitive element referred to ~ ~ ~ CCD is a digital camera to record light changes in the semiconductor devices, usually record millions of pixels. Digital camera specifications in the number of megapixels, referring to the CCD resolution, which means that this digital camera CCD contains the number of photosensitive components.
Q:Why is the SLR lens so expensive?
And then the mechanical structure, SLR lens mechanical structure of the precision requirements are relatively high, first of all to withstand enough zoom movement, and then in this movement to ensure that the optical axis is basically no offset. For the automatic zoom head and electronic structure and combined. Therefore, not the price of unrealistically high, there is a certain value in the inside. In addition, in fact, most of the well-known lens manufacturers are not their own production, but after the design of the lens were separately processed, the domestic production of lens manufacturers quite a few, but the status quo to the interests of the supremacy, rather than research, R & D strength and level is still limited.
Q:SLR camera lens is generic for all brand SLR cameras
no. In general, each brand of machine with their own brand of lens is the best compatibility. Of course, some deputy plant lens will also launch for different brands of models of the lens, but the purchase should pay attention to buy their own body with the lens, otherwise the same can not be installed properly.
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
If you need a large depth of field, give priority to select a smaller aperture, with a slower shutter to ensure that exposure to moderate. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the theme of small depth of field, with a large aperture, fast. In the static state of the object, the speed can be set too slow, select a smaller aperture; shooting moving objects, in order to avoid shooting images made virtual, should choose fast, large aperture.
Q:Why is the camera lens to be coated? What are the disadvantages?
Not only that, the reflection between the lenses will have a serious impact on the final image quality. The light is penetrated through the lens at the same time by the lens of the surface of the constant reflection of the reflection of some of the light shot, and some are in the lens by the other lens surface reflection, and finally fell on the focal plane, in the image of glare, The contrast of the image, especially the shadow area of ​​the contrast decreased, fog up, the sharpness of the image is also greatly reduced.
Q:What is a 135 single lens reflex digital camera?
135 single-lens reflex digital camera is full-frame (CCD, COMS or film size = wide 36x high 24mm) SLR camera. Here's what is the 135 camera. 1,35MM camera is 135 camera, both of the same kind of camera call. 135 camera film frame width is 36x high 24mm, count the height and the upper and lower square hole height is 35mm. This film originated in the late 19th century film film, and later it was Germany in 1924 (left and right) for the Lycra camera and the formation of industrial production, which is the initial use of 35mm film camera. Later, we recognized the 35mm film called 135 film, with 135 film camera called 135 camera.

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