Universal Clip Lens 3-In-1 For Mobile Phone&Amp;Ipad&Amp;Notebook Pc

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10 Pieces pc
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universal clip lens 3-in-1 for mobile phone&IPAD&notebook PC


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There are some other parameters: Lens mount Additional mirror thread size The composition of the lens number of lenses, a few groups Coating situation With or without aspheric mirrors Macro situation Whether or not the zoom motor
Q:Canon's 40D is not on the coke, how to determine the camera or the lens of the problem,
It is best to have extra camera and lens, separate to try to know the case, the focus of the lens can be changed in your bad camera, the bad lens for a good camera
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
In front of the lens plus a magnifying glass shooting macro course is possible. In fact, this principle is a piece of lens mounted in front of the lens lens, but close to the mirror than the ordinary magnifying glass to work to some of the work.
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ERR01 is a communication failure, that is, the lens and body communication (through the lens, the body of the electrical contact interaction) problems, there are two possibilities: 1. contact with dirty things or surface oxidation caused by poor contact, clean contact to solve the problem, the contact is the camera and the lens contact with the copper. Wipe with a dry cloth. 2. Cable failure, occurred in the lens on the probability of relatively large, that several sets of Canon lens probability greater. If the cleaning contacts still appear after ERR01, then we must repair, and repair with a good body and lens.
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3, the lens is a high-precision professional devices, even if you clean up and then clean, re-assembly also need special advanced instruments to focus on the lens focus and many other important indicators to test, calibration, etc. Do not recommend self-cleaning machines, and sometimes the more clean the more chaos!
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After the lens of the attachment: telephoto lens - to increase the lens focal length, reduce the angle of view; macro ring - shorten the focus distance, so that ordinary lens can be macro photography; adapter ring - the different bayonet lens A body can be connected. Mirror body attachment: protective cover - playing birds with long focal length lens use, both camouflage effect; lens fixed bracket - so that heavyweight lens can be installed on a tripod.

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