Standard Zoom Lens! Canon Lens Ef 24-70mm F/2.8L Ii Usm

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Canon  EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

A superb successor model of the professional zoom lens that is ideal for digital photography. It features various special lens elements including 3 aspherical lens elements, 1 Super UD lens element and 2 UD lens elements for excellent image quality in the entire zoom range. The lightweight design, together with the new zoom ring lock and fluorine coating, making this lens more durable and reliable.


Features Highlight
- Professional f/2.8L large aperture standard zoom lens
- Newly developed 18 elements in 13 group optical design
- 1 Ultra-high-precision Ground-glass and 2 high-precision Glass-molded (GMo) Aspherical lens elements
- 1 Super UD and 2 UD lens elements
- 9-blade circular aperture
- 0.38m minimum focusing distance
- Inner focusing design, ring USM and optimized AF algorithm achieve fast, quiet and accurate autofocus
- Optimized lens coatings for digital cameras to ensure excellent color balance and minimize ghosting and flare
- Fluorine coating to make cleaning easier
- Enhanced lens structure to increase durability and toughness to cope with the demand of professional users
- New zoom ring lock to lock the zoom position at wide end
- A 15% weight reduction compared to previous generation
- Dust and water resistance


Box Content:

  • EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

  • Lens Hood EW-88C

  • Lens Cap E-82U

  • Lens Dust Cap E

  • Lens Case LP1219

  • Instruction Manual

  • Purchase Record Card



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Q:SLR camera lens life how to count how to identify the life of second-hand lens!
In addition, some lens lenses have resin lenses, too old will have aging effects of imaging, this lens is not recommended to receive second-hand
Q:SLR camera lens into the dust how to clean?
First to determine the shadow does not affect the imaging, if not affect the amount of strength do not rub, because the lens above a layer of fluorite coating, old wipe bad. If you really want to rub the gray position, it may not be on the lens, perhaps on the CCD or mirror or viewfinder.
Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
1, suction suction method: This method is the use of turbo-type or piston-type suction pump suction suction industrial camera CCD surface dust, the working principle and our home use the vacuum cleaner is the same, so its advantages and disadvantages Is also consistent. The advantage of this method is that non-contact vacuum, no damage to the CCD; the disadvantage is that this method only for the dry dust has suction effect, and for the adhesion of dust, grease, etc. is not very effective.
Q:SLR camera lens which is divided into several?
(2) according to the lens of the condenser ability is divided into ultra-transparent lens, the relative size of the relative aperture of the camera should be more than 1: 2.8; strong transparent lens, 1: 3.5 ~ 1: 5.8; normal light transmission lens , 1: 6.3 ~ 1: 9; weak light transmission lens, less than 1: 9.
Q:SLR camera lens thickness, what is the difference!
4, special needs: the same full phase of the phase field and no anti-shake, Sigma 50 1.4 than Canon and Nikon's thick circle, filter size 77, the benefits of caliber is a little better performance, but some people like the caliber eclipse. Anyway, do not know how to think of Sigma, may be prepared to pretend to prepare, I do not like this head, people 200 to grams your weight more than you, if you are a D3, Malaysia and the like Even if, get hold of the entry behind the heavy foot of the experts to see a smile. In summary, the "rough" just gave the lens a space, the same focal length of the lens thicker than the thin easier to do better, but does not mean that the lens is better than the fine lens, the specific problems have to be specific analysis, Such as Sigma 1020 second generation 82mm, Tuli 1116 is 77mm, which we have a good heart, and Lycra, Fulunda and so on a few 0.95 lens which they are not thick.
Q:I would like to know the front of the SLR camera lens
Hood can also play a role in protecting the lens. Set the hood of the lens, you can block the finger to prevent it printed on the lens, but also collision effect. It can be said that this is only a side effect. Hood on the lens of the protective effect is actually better than the UV mirror, because the UV mirror will certainly affect the quality, and hood in the specific conditions can also beautify the quality. Therefore, in the recommendation of others to buy the camera, I often recommend them to buy a hood instead of UV mirror, unless the match is a very good lens.
Q:Can the Canon SLR camera lens be generic?
The adaptability of the above three kinds of bayonets can be summarized as follows: 1, EF bayonet camera, the lens for the versatility is relatively poor, can only use the EF mount lens, but the vast majority of the current lens, especially high-end lenses are EF bayonet. This type of camera is mostly full-frame camera, representative models have 1Ds series, 1DX, 5D series, 6D; Secondly, 1D series is not the full size (APS-H format), but also must use EF lens; again, Canon early APS-C frame models (before 2003), because EF-S bayonet has not yet come out, can only use EF lens, on behalf of models D30, D60, 10D 2, EF-S bayonet camera, the lens is very versatile, in addition to all the EF lens can be used, you can also use all the EF-S bayonet lens, but no matter what kind of lens, the actual focal length are Equivalent to 1.6 times the focal length of the lens. This type of camera are APS-C format camera after 2003, on behalf of models are: 7D, 70D, 700D, 1100D and so the vast majority of Canon in the sale of entry-level camera 3, EF-M bayonet camera, in a sense for the lens of the versatility is the strongest, in addition to matching the EF-M lens can be used, you can also install the adapter ring, the use of all EF and EF-S lens, focal length conversion factor is also 1.6. At present, only Canon's no use of the camera (in fact, that is micro-single, just because the name of the micro-single registered by Sony, and other countries can not be used), on behalf of models: EOS-M and EOS-M2
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
VR (Vibration Reduction) Camera Anti-Shake Technology is an optical technology that improves image blurring due to camera vibrations and allows you to shoot quickly when you lower the shutter speed by three steps, allowing you to take clear pictures with telephoto lenses. When the photographer shoots the moving object, the system will even automatically detect the movement of the camera, VR operation can only be carried out in the newer Nikon camera. Today, the Nikon VR anti-shake system and Canon IS image stabilization system by many consumers that the world's first development, the most influential two optical anti-shake system. Not only was a large number of professional SLR lens, but also often in the consumer level digital camera to see its shadow. Which also laid the Nikon VR anti-shake system in the field of optical image stabilization in the professional status. Nikon VR anti-shake principle and Canon's IS image stabilization system is basically the same, are the use of the lens in the floating lens to correct ldquo; optical axis offset rdquo ;, by the detection part, compensation vibration lens group and drive control part, In the electronic damping system to detect the slight vibration of the lens, real-time correction of the lens inside the lens position, effectively reduce the external vibration on the impact of the final camera imaging. Nikon VR anti-shake system can reduce the safety shutter to the third gear.
Q:Old seagull camera lens can be used on Nikon SLR?
This transfer ring is there, but after the transfer can not be auto focus, auto metering, can only use the M file full manual mode set the aperture and shutter, but you can buy a light meter, metering this problem can be solved The This is the mouth of the mouth to the mouth of the mouth, with a correction lens.
Q:Camera lens how dust?
Generally referred to the bayonet control, refers to the auto focus and aperture and other mechanical control. X bayonet through 10 contacts to drive the lens to the body, the implementation of electronic control. Moreover, the X bayonet is characterized by a variety of lenses can have a variety of optical information to a very high level to the camera body. Receive the lens of the optical information of the fuselage, on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of the best image processing, enhance the resolution and signal to noise ratio. Even with XF lenses with excellent optical characteristics, X-mounts can take on the function of giving full play to XF lens strength.

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