Standard Zoom Lens! Canon Lens Ef 24-70mm F/2.8L Ii Usm

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Product Description:

Canon  EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

A superb successor model of the professional zoom lens that is ideal for digital photography. It features various special lens elements including 3 aspherical lens elements, 1 Super UD lens element and 2 UD lens elements for excellent image quality in the entire zoom range. The lightweight design, together with the new zoom ring lock and fluorine coating, making this lens more durable and reliable.


Features Highlight
- Professional f/2.8L large aperture standard zoom lens
- Newly developed 18 elements in 13 group optical design
- 1 Ultra-high-precision Ground-glass and 2 high-precision Glass-molded (GMo) Aspherical lens elements
- 1 Super UD and 2 UD lens elements
- 9-blade circular aperture
- 0.38m minimum focusing distance
- Inner focusing design, ring USM and optimized AF algorithm achieve fast, quiet and accurate autofocus
- Optimized lens coatings for digital cameras to ensure excellent color balance and minimize ghosting and flare
- Fluorine coating to make cleaning easier
- Enhanced lens structure to increase durability and toughness to cope with the demand of professional users
- New zoom ring lock to lock the zoom position at wide end
- A 15% weight reduction compared to previous generation
- Dust and water resistance


Box Content:

  • EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

  • Lens Hood EW-88C

  • Lens Cap E-82U

  • Lens Dust Cap E

  • Lens Case LP1219

  • Instruction Manual

  • Purchase Record Card



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Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
VR: Vibration Reduction electronic shock absorption system, and Canon's IS lens anti-shake system similar to the current development has been developed to the second generation, about 3-4 times to reduce the shutter speed.
Q:Canon camera lens does not come out how is it going
so the photo is blurred. Camera maintenance prices are uncertain. It is best where to buy where to repair, if the purchase is licensed in the warranty period this failure is free warranty.
Q:Canon 6d camera with lens problem
o know the little white recognized image is not sharp enough and love the little white compared to the aperture and only F4 so you understand Portrait to use 85 1.8 enough so do not need any telephoto ~ ~ ~ Hang the lens with the best imaging is the fundamental after all, this is the most ~ ~ ~ Because you are a full-frame camera so it is not recommended small ternary series lens 17-40 24-105 70-200 F4 these three lenses can not play full-frame ability coke outside the contrast compared to the big three yuan gap is still great ~ ~
Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
1, suction suction method: This method is the use of turbo-type or piston-type suction pump suction suction industrial camera CCD surface dust, the working principle and our home use the vacuum cleaner is the same, so its advantages and disadvantages Is also consistent. The advantage of this method is that non-contact vacuum, no damage to the CCD; the disadvantage is that this method only for the dry dust has suction effect, and for the adhesion of dust, grease, etc. is not very effective.
Q:SLR digital camera lens parameters are represented?
Virtual background has three conditions, one is the size of the aperture, large aperture virtual background or prospects, the second is the length of the focal length, long focal length virtual background or prospects, the third is the subject and the background or the distance, Blur.
Q:Can digital camera lens and mechanical camera lens be interchangeable?
We generally use the fool camera, whether digital or film camera, the vast majority are not for the lens.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
It is best to use, but generally less than 5,000 yuan lens is not necessary to use Each brand has its own temperature and humidity balance box
Q:Bought a Canon camera lens on the EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L USM what it means
EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L USM EF: Electronic Focus electronic focus, Canon EOS camera bayonet name, Canon is the original lens series name.
Q:What is the camera lens?
Not all, mainly to see the largest aperture and lens composition. For the lens, the greater the zoom ratio, the worse the optical quality!
Q:Camera lens out fixed and retracted, can not open what can not take pictures of what ah?
Is what brand, I use the Canon, you slowly click on the click, if it is Canon that brand, the lens has such a problem, I have this card master N times, let me throw the bed, throw All right.

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