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Fixed iris lens:


C Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
2.8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
6mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
12mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
16mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
CS Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
4/6/8/12/16mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
25mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
50mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
3.5-8mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
4-9mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-15mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
2.8-12mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-60mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
3.5-8mm Lensauto iris
2.8-12mm lensauto iris
12-30mm lensauto iris
6-60mm lensauto iris
5-100mm lensauto iris


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Q:Can the camera lens be repainted again?
but the quality of recovery will be resigned, because the coating and lenses The same time, in the lens design at the beginning to take into account and designed, and re-give you the coating manufacturers will not know the original intention, to re-plating the film is not necessarily very appropriate, it is difficult to ensure the final quality
Q:SLR camera lens has a slight spot-like moldy how to do? Is it sunny?
With a mirror paper stained with 3% of the hydrogen peroxide, to be more points in the lens surface gently with, as long as the hydrogen peroxide stained on the line on the line. If the lens moldy too much, simply put it in the whole bubble in the hydrogen peroxide.
Q:SLR camera lens price difference so big why?
4, with a shaking the lens is not the same specifications than the anti-shake expensive 5, Germany-made lenses are generally more expensive work, but the German-made lens is generally not easy to buy
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
You want to ask is 100D and 5D it Canon D is behind, D stands for digital camera. Canon SLR currently has two main specifications of the lens. EF-S half-frame lens and EF full frame lens. EF-S and half-frame fuselage as halves, so the cost is low, the price is cheap, the quality is correspondingly worse. EF full frame lens and full frame opportunities like the use of materials, relatively high quality, the price is high.  
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
Ordinary magnifying glass are spherical lenses, and is a single lens does not eliminate the dispersion design, so distortion ah, aberration ah, scattered ah are more serious. Magnifying glass surface generally do not have any coating, reflective more, light transmission is not high ... ... All in all, the film is able to shoot, but the imaging effect is very problematic.
Q:Why are SLR cameras so expensive? Are you there?
Is said to be high precision, advanced production equipment and so on. The The The The In fact, SLR lens price is high because the SLR camera operation is complex, and now people are lazy, most people choose to use a fool camera. Believe that if I SLA popular, the market demand, we can definitely produce a small workshop, what "high precision, advanced production equipment, high technology content" are clouds, I do not believe it is not a big price.
Q:Do you want to give the camera when you come back?
See what you buy Some only sell bare metal with some hedging Generally speaking, the price is bare metal prices in fact the best not to hedge their own with a good match
Q:SLR camera lens ternary ternary how to talk about it?
[Canon small ternary] Wide angle zoom: 17-40mm f / 4L USM Standard Zoom: 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Telephoto zoom: 70-200mm F4L (IS) USM
Q:Recommend SLR camera. How much good the lens is.
Not rich only entry play, then this is enough. After the upgrade, say something later. There is no one step in this way.
Q:What is the price of the most expensive camera lens?
Your question is so broad 20 tens of thousands of lenses are some, super telephoto! Model you search online search it

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