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Fixed iris lens:


C Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
2.8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
6mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
12mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
16mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
CS Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
4/6/8/12/16mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
25mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
50mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
3.5-8mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
4-9mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-15mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
2.8-12mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-60mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
3.5-8mm Lensauto iris
2.8-12mm lensauto iris
12-30mm lensauto iris
6-60mm lensauto iris
5-100mm lensauto iris


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Q:Camera lens g, d, e type what is the meaning
G, D, E model lens only appears in the NIKON camera lens sequence, G represents no iris ring all-electronic shock type interface, is the latest interface; D is the distance, that can pass the distance value of the lens interface,
Q:Camera lens why so many lenses?
The combination of multiple lenses can correct aberration to some extent. Second, if the lens zoom requires multiple lenses to change the spacing to achieve.
Q:SLR camera lens out of black spots
Two cases! First: coms on the dust! Second: lens lens on the gray! Identification is very simple, for a lens to see if the same location there, then there is dust on the fuselage COMS; If there is no dust after the lens, then it is the lens of the dust on the lens! No matter what the situation, to sale, all get!
Q:Why is the lens of the camera not square
2, due to the need for light through the lens lens into the camera in the film or electronic sensor on the exposure imaging, in order to ensure accurate imaging, the lens lens needs to be processed into spherical or other types of surface, the use of circular structure to facilitate the lens Polished and cut.
Q:Glasses cloth can rub the SLR camera lens!
Usually pay more attention to protect the lens, if dirty, to rub, then you can use a special camera to clean the paper.
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
4, the position of the tripod ring for the camera after the camera and the lens near the center of gravity, so to ensure that the camera's center of gravity is stable, no tripod ring, with the camera's foot hole will be heavy foot, the lens is easy to shake, Will damage the camera tripod hole, so some of the lens in order to shoot the need to reproduce the tripod ring. 5, the actual use of the lens when the camera hanging in the neck can not stand, you can take the tripod ring, like to take the same dumbbell carrying, comfortable.
Q:Camera lens into the gray how to do?
Not much gray words Ignore it Does not affect the image The lens is not sealed Behind the mouth of the hole What can fly in Lens gear between the teeth will also produce fines, of course, the amount of extremely small
Q:How do I clean up the fingerprints on the camera lens?
Clean up the camera lens on the fingerprint method is as follows: With a lens pen, lens paper, medical cotton, etc., first gently dry wipe, if you can not wipe a little dip on the pure water wipe, you can.
Q:What is the screw pitch of the camera C interface lens?
CS-type mounting seat: also known as special C mount, this time should be removed before the camera washer and then install the lens. The distance from the lens mounting datum to the focal point is 12.5mm. C interface lens is used in each inch 32 teeth thread, the corresponding pitch is 25.4 / 32 = 0.79375mm.
Q:What is the meaning of the VR on the camera?
VR (Virtual Reality, that is, virtual reality, referred to as VR), by the United States VPL company founder Lanier (Jaron Lanier) in the early 80s put forward. The specific content is: the comprehensive use of computer graphics systems and a variety of real and control interface equipment, generated in the computer, interactive three-dimensional environment to provide immersive feeling of technology. Among them, the computer-generated, interactive three-dimensional environment to become a virtual environment (ie Virtual Environment, referred to as VE). Virtual reality technology to achieve the carrier is a virtual reality simulation platform, namely (Virtual Reality Platform, referred to as VRP).

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