Digital Repair Camera Spare Parts Lens/Zoom For Canon A4000 Is Pc1730

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Digital Repair Camera  Parts Replacement Lens/Zoom for Canon A4000 IS PC1730



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Zoom/Lens for Canon A4000 PC1730

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Q:Why Casio digital camera will always show the lens error, and the lens can not shrink
The lens of the drive components are broken, there may be sand into, or the internal device is broken, repair it! The Telescopic lens prone to this problem!
Q:SLR camera lens play what role, the fuselage play what role?
SLR, that is, single-lens reflex. With this technique, the camera has only one shot, and the lens is used both as a photographer and as a photographer. This will be able to fundamentally solve the parallax caused by the decline in the quality of the situation.
Q:Digital camera lens how will there be a shadow ah?
No, SLR digital camera can not have, and occasionally there will be some failure. (1) obstructions may be in the manufacturing process accidentally put some garbage into the robot, into the camera repair office check. (2) high imitation of the "masterpiece", high imitation of things are not pieces are good, there are some remanufacturing process due to sloppy, accidentally fell into the garbage small pieces, became obstacles, Open to see!
Q:SLR camera lens anti-shake and not anti-shake great difference? Anti-shake and anti-shake lens that is more practical?
This is only because of people, iron hand work well, safe shutter can be relatively low. The general anti-shake can make less than the safety shutter 3-4 file photos are not "paste" In addition, anti-shake body anti-shake and lens anti-shake two Body anti-shake is the displacement of the sensor to correct jitter, the anti-shake effect is only reflected in the photo, from the viewfinder can not see the effect. With the body of anti-shake machine using any lens has anti-shake function, to achieve the cost of anti-shake is relatively low.
Q:SLR camera lens has a slight spot-like moldy how to do? Is it sunny?
With a mirror paper stained with 3% of the hydrogen peroxide, to be more points in the lens surface gently with, as long as the hydrogen peroxide stained on the line on the line. If the lens moldy too much, simply put it in the whole bubble in the hydrogen peroxide.
Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
Y / C port can now be easily converted to: 1. Canon EOS digital camera, because the Canon EF card mouth diameter is very large, you can easily transfer the other port of the lens, you need to buy Y / C to EF (EOS) interface ring, the current domestic ring in two, one Kind is not with coke tips, about 100 yuan, with about coke tips about 250 yuan, there are high precision copper ring, the price is high, not recommended to buy. In addition the Canon all EOS camera transfer other port lens can achieve body metering, you can use M and A file exposure
Q:Ask the master to introduce SLR lens camera focus principle?
3, focusing means     Canon in the AF era, there is a big thing, that is, change. FD before the direct abandonment, replaced by the later EOS mouth. EOS mouth is the biggest feature of all-electronic contacts. Because there is no transmission structure, so it uses a lens motor. Here we classify the focusing means.     (1) body motor. Body motor is installed in the camera body inside a motor, through the fuselage signal, direct the motor rotation. The fuselage bayonet has a screw cap like a small one-shaped mouth, the lens with a screwdriver with the same knife, the lens hit the fuselage when the body of the screw cap is a font with the lens Screw knife the same knife match. The power of the fuselage motor through the lens screwdriver linked to the lens inside the multiple transmission structure, and finally command the lens of the focus lens before and after the move. As early as the Minolta, Nikon, Pentax are this way of focusing.     (2) lens motor. Before that Canon switch, because the eos mouth no drive screwdriver, only the transmission of electronic signal contacts, so Canon put the focus motor to the lens. The body only need to issue a drive command, the lens motor can be rotated by instructions. At present, everyone has a lens of the lens. The difference between the two focus means is obvious. Body motor do not know why, the sound is very large and the lens motor sound is very small, the fuselage motor due to the cumbersome transmission structure so the focus speed is relatively slow and the lens motor is generally faster, except for low-end lens motor. Lens motor as the motor itself to take up the volume, so the general lens of the lens head is relatively large. But for the average user, are enough, in addition to the sound outside the sound is not much difference.
Q:SLR camera lens is installed on why the show also did not install.
Are you sure the installation is correct? Is it in place? You can remove the re-installed once, remember that little bit to align, rotate in place, there will be a very small "carbazole" sound, that in place,
Q:Camera lens how to do two filters at the same time use? The bayonet of the filter is one way
Filters are affecting the image quality, take pictures should be taken. Polarizer is very useful.
Q:Camera lens how to do oil?
There is a lot of debate about whether or not to use a lens cleaning solution to clean the lens. Some poor quality noodle cleaning fluids do cause damage to the lens. Therefore, we recommend that you can use the suede and other tools to clean out the stubborn stains on the lens. Cleaning fluid, the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not wash the liquid stained outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution is acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious Will also make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! In addition, we recommend that the time to clean the lens is best not to exceed 30 seconds, because too long wiping will cause unnecessary damage to the lens, if that is more harm than good

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