Lentes 6.5mm F/3.5-22 Fisheye Lens For Canon Eos 100D

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Product Description:

Product Description


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Fixed Focus Lens

Focus Type:

Fisheye Lens

Place of Origin:

Jilin China (Mainland)


mount on DSLR directly


Original Manufactory Package

 Customized or OEM:


Compatible Brand:

For canon,nikon,sony,olympus,leica,pentax,fujitsu,samsung,sigma



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details

Inner Box included:   6.5F3.5 Lens x 1       Lens Bag x 1       Lens Cover x 1 (Original Manufactory Package)
Carton: 63.5 x 41 x 26cm      

Packing: 20 pcs/carton                

G.W.: 16.5kg                

Volume: 0.07CBM Customize color Box for free base on 500 pcs


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Within 500 pcs, 5 working days, Above 500 pcs, about 10 working days


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Q:Canon 60D appears Err 01 "camera and lens communication is faulty, please clean the lens contact" What is the problem? The lens is 18-135
There are several possibilities 1. Poor contact. Unscrew the lens and wipe the contacts on the lens with a cotton swab. 2. camera error. Try to reset the camera, is to restore the factory settings. 3. The cable is faulty. This can only be repaired, it is best to bring the fuselage.
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
To take a good macro picture, choose a suitable macro lens is more important, there are three main categories: Focal length of 50 ~ 60mm standard macro lens, shorter focal length so that the focus distance shorter, suitable for close to the subject to complete the shooting. Do not deliberately open the distance from the shooting of the forest, botanical garden, etc. can play its strength. Because it is able to shoot around the subject, but also very suitable for indoor still life close-up, easy to carry. Focal length of 100mm macro lens, it is also referred to as 100 micro-lens, can not be very close to the macro shooting. The telephoto macro lens with a focal length of 180 to 200mm is suitable for telephoto macro shots that are close-up or close to the subject. Suitable for shooting insects and small animals such as unreasonable close to the subject, but also to enlarge the flowers on the branches in full bloom. There is also a macro zoom lens zoom lens, the subject can be enlarged 1 times to several times the macro photography dedicated lens. Able to the general macro lens is difficult to capture the microscopic world ideal imaging. Not only can the small insects local close-up, but also suitable for shooting small pieces of jewelry and so on. Full-frame + professional macro lens, is a very professional, money method, but for some ordinary players, there are some ways to compromise, you can shoot macro images, such as:
Q:Digital camera lens suddenly shrink back? Camera is the Canon IXUS 210 how to do?
The battery did not power before the tube will shrink back to their own, so that the situation can only say that it is broken, you gently knock twice, take the body knock, not to take the repair, and if you did not fall, Then you go to complain to them. This is the problem inside.
Q:Does the SLR lens focal length and the aperture have a relationship?
From another point of view, if the aperture does not change, the larger the focal length, then the greater the effective aperture. So some of the telephoto cannon caliber is very large.
Q:SLR lens magnification how to see?
Such as 50mm fixed focus lens is 50/50 is 1 times ah. That is called the magnification and zoom ratio is completely completely two concepts ...........- - || The magnification rate is like a diameter of 1 cm coin on the film is the size of 1 cm, then the lens magnification is 1: 1, if the imaging size is only half (0.5 cm), then the magnification is 1: 2 ( That is, 0.5 friends) Generally reach 1: 1 lens can be called macro lens, but now manufacturers are more wicked, can reach 1: 4 (that is, 0.25) of the lens will mark the macro words ... ...
Q:SLR camera lens specifications how to see
The first part: the type of lens EF is the English Electronic Focus abbreviation, translation is "electronic focus", EF is Canon EOS camera lens mount name, all Canon original lens models are EF beginning The lens with EF-S is a special lens for the APS-C size image sensor model in the Canon EOS digital SLR camera. S is the acronym for Small Image Circle, and the APS-C frame sensor area is small , Its professional lens imaging circle also correspondingly reduced
Q:The focal length of the SLR camera lens is calculated
Take 50mm as an example. In the full camera do not multiply by the coefficient, that is, 50mm, full-size cameras such as Canon 5D2, Nikon D700. On the APS-C frame camera, multiply the coefficients of 1.5-1.6. Such as Pentax K5 Nikon D90, Canon 550D 60D are APS-C format. Canon APS-C frame camera is multiplied by 1.6 coefficients. In the 645 amplitude camera, divide by 1.4--1.6 and the coefficient is equivalent to 36mm lens. Such as Pentax 645D
Q:Canon lens ef what does it mean
The reason is simple, because the size of the EF-S lens group is relatively small, but also a small length than the EF, such as installed in the full frame body, full frame SLR reflector will hit the EF-S lens After the group above, so EF-S lens can only be used in the Canon non-full frame (APS-C frame) above the body to go.
Q:How to distinguish between good and bad lens lens SLR camera?
Only by the eyes to see the quality of the lens, although unscientific, but there are some experience can refer to. 1: look at the lens coating reflective, reflective the weaker the better. There are many kinds of reflective colors, but the reflective color can not explain the quality of the lens. Look at the lens reflex is to see the intensity of the intensity of the reflective; In fact, the lens coating the weaker the better, in theory, the lens coating is not the most perfect reflective, the current highest level can achieve 2% reflectivity, that is to increase The highest rate of 99.8%.
Q:What is the lens aperture?
No one intended to spend a few hours to take a vague picture, we have to find ways to increase the amount of light. Is there any way to make this hole open and produce a clear image? People immediately thought of the condenser lens condenser function. The glass convex lens installed on the big hole, the problem is not resolved? Really so. Camera lens is so born. Today, a variety of digital camera lens is a combination of a few pieces of convex lens, and then outside with a package of plastic or metal. With the lens, the aperture of the hole in the hole - that is, the aperture below - is no longer pinhole, and it becomes a hole.

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