Lentes 6.5mm F/3.5-22 Fisheye Lens For Canon Eos 100D

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$1.03 - 133.90 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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1500 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description


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Fixed Focus Lens

Focus Type:

Fisheye Lens

Place of Origin:

Jilin China (Mainland)


mount on DSLR directly


Original Manufactory Package

 Customized or OEM:


Compatible Brand:

For canon,nikon,sony,olympus,leica,pentax,fujitsu,samsung,sigma



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details

Inner Box included:   6.5F3.5 Lens x 1       Lens Bag x 1       Lens Cover x 1 (Original Manufactory Package)
Carton: 63.5 x 41 x 26cm      

Packing: 20 pcs/carton                

G.W.: 16.5kg                

Volume: 0.07CBM Customize color Box for free base on 500 pcs


Shipping Details

Within 500 pcs, 5 working days, Above 500 pcs, about 10 working days


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Q:Why does the camera retract when the camera shoots the vision?
Analysis: According to the principle of camera imaging, when the object distance decreases, the image becomes larger, to get a clear picture on the film, the box should be appropriate to elongate some, at the same time, the film will be slightly larger than the original image The In this case, the bottom of the object in the case of water and anhydrous, the distance relative to the camera lens is different; due to the refraction of light, the pool of water is equivalent to the object distance is reduced. According to the imaging principle, the correct option is C.
Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
3, fiber cleaning method: This is a soft texture of the micro-fiber material, stained with play a clean solution, in-depth CCD internal cleaning method. It is said that the playability of the cleaning solution is preferably more than 90% concentration of pure alcohol, do not use isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol can absorb moisture in the air, clean up in the industrial camera CCD surface to leave the liquid traces; Do not use methanol, methanol is a highly toxic substance. The advantage of this method is no damage, easy to operate, clear targeted, oily dust have a certain effect, the disadvantage is that if this method is used improperly, easy to clear more dirty, counterproductive.
Q:SLR camera lens how to see the model to identify the quality
Canon red circle, Nikon gold circle, this is just outsiders to see. Now out of the APS-C frame of the lens is no red circle, only full-frame lens has For example, 17-55 lens, you can say less than the red circle of 17-40? But the former aperture is 2.8, the latter is 4, look to see it.
Q:How do I know if the lens of the camera is glass or resin?
Resin lens and the advantages and disadvantages of glass lenses: weight Resin lenses: light, is one-half of glass lenses Glass Lens: Heavy Impact resistance Resin lens: high impact resistance, easy to break, safe Glass lens: low impact resistance, easy to break Dyeing situation Resin lenses: easy to dyed a variety of colors, with the clothing, popular to do with the appropriate. Glass lens: not stainable Anti - UV Resin lens: almost completely cut off the wavelength of 350mm below the UV Glass lenses: glass lenses cut off the UV effect as resin lenses Anti-fog Resin lenses: anti-fog strong, fast subsided steam, hot water vapor and produce fuzzy unknown phenomenon Glass lenses: anti-fog weak, easy to subside steam, hot water vapor and produce fuzzy unknown phenomenon Anti-dent Resin lenses: high heat and small volume of material is not easy in the resin sheet surface caused any traces Glass Lens: High heat and small volume material is easy to cause dent and spots in glass Surface Reflectivity Resin lens: the surface reflection is lower than the general glass, not dazzling Glass lens: the surface reflection is higher Transmittance Resin lens: no film transmittance of 92% plus film transmittance of 99.6% Glass Lens: Unmanned film Transmittance of 80% -91% Film transmittance of 98% Abrasion resistance Resin lenses: easy to scratch, is hardened by the improvement Glass lenses: high surface hardness, easy to scratch Thickness situation Resin lenses: the same degree than the glass lens to thicker Glass lenses: the same degree than the resin lens thinner Heat resistance Resin lenses: heat resistance is lower than glass lenses Glass lenses: heat resistance is higher than resin lenses
Q:SLR Canon camera lens 18135 good or 8518 good?
550D is half-width with full-size lens focal length to be multiplied by 1.6 is the real perspective focal lengths are based on the full standard Full width of the sensor with a large lens without conversion factor But Canon's full-frame machine can not use half of the lens full of high sense of feeling more impatient little depth of field shallow easy to blur
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
In the lens around the root of a button different interface position is not the same press the lens can be rotated to remove the
Q:Vivoxplay why the camera failure, can not connect the camera lens
3, if the mobile phone system is not the latest, the phone upgrade to the latest version of the try, you can enter the settings - more settings - system upgrade - check the update immediately, according to the prompt to download the upgrade package, click check and install, Restart automatically enters upgrade mode.
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Hope LZ lens is plastic bayonet, so the camera bayonet should be no serious   This situation can only repair, and if you can see the traces of the fall, is certainly to pay for
Q:Can the Canon SLR camera lens be generic?
2, EF-S bayonet lens: slightly less versatile, specifically for the APS-C format (some called half or slapped) digital SLR design, launched in 2003, can only be used for APS-C format digital camera , Can not be used for full-size camera
Q:Camera lens divided into a total of several cameras divided several basic use of the camera more points
Lens type: A certain focus lens: focal length fixed lens is called "fixed focus lens." 1. Standard lens (referred to as the header): 2. Wide angle lens: 3. telephoto lens: 4. Fisheye lens: 5. folding lens (reflective lens):

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