Mini Fisheye Lens For Mobile Phone Magnetic Lens 180 Degree Camera Lens For Galaxy Note 3

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Do you want to take a greater, more recent and broader picture? Magnetic-handling simple series of exchangeable mobile phone lens will do that. You can taster the different feeling. Just paste a ring on the location of concentric circles of camera, with simple skills of taking a picture; you can lave a beautiful and touching moment permanent.



Material metal:high-quality aluminum

Glass lenses:multi-coated optical glass

Central:3M adhesive stickers

Lens cap:high-strength engineering plastics

The lens with high grade green lens coating. Better light transmittance.

Magnification:180° FISH-EYE

Lens construction: 3 elements in 3 groups


Lens size: Diameter: 16.5mm High: 10.5mm

Ring size:  Inside/Outside Diameter: 9/13.5mm*2pcs(notched ) , 10/13.5mm*1pcs



Lens compared:

From left to right is Mini Fisheye lens / 180degree fisheye lens / 190degreee fisheye lens / 235degree fisheye lens

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Q:What is the SLR camera lens motor?
The current entry-level machine only Nikon produced a part of the eunuch machine, that is, no fuselage motor, in the absence of the focus of the motor lens will not be used on the auto focus. To put it easier, the fuselage that motor is the power to turn the lens focus, without it, you can not automatically focus. Only use the lens built-in ultrasonic motor lens to auto focus. Such as D5000 machines such as the use of Nikon lens, can only use the AF-S lens, not that S on behalf of this is a need to drive the body of the camera, the D5000 can not achieve AF function!
Q:What does the lens on the camera lens mean?
[Lime] lenticular oil; lenticular ore body The lens of the lens is the lens of the lens. The lens of the lens is the lens of the lens. Lens lens Lens lens Lens lens
Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
When it is the lens of the camera, it becomes the clearest as the general does not just fall on the focus, or, the clearest, Generally not equal to the focal length, but slightly larger than the focal length. The specific distance is related to the distance between the illuminated object and the lens (object distance), the larger the object distance, the smaller the distance (but in fact it is always greater than the focal length). Because we are photographed, the distance between the illuminated object and the camera (lens) is not always the same, such as giving a photo, sometimes, like the whole body, away from the body, away from the body, away from the nearest. In other words, the distance is not always fixed, so that in order to get a clear image, it must be different with the object to change the film to the lens of the distance, the process of change is that we usually say " Coke ".
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
A little better lens surface coating, technology content is relatively high, the role is also more obvious, and the lens is different, the coating is also different. It is best not to use alcohol and other chemicals to wipe, in order to avoid damage to the lens coating, and change its characteristics, affecting the shooting effect. Since you can think of wiping the lens with alcohol, that you still love the lens. Although the lens is fragile, but not so squeamish. Dirt heavy, the general lens cloth or paper, Kazakhstan gas after the light enough, a little extravagant charcoal pen. Usually the kind of dust and so on, the air blown clean on it.
Q:SLR camera in addition to the lens outside the need to support things
SLR camera belongs to the photography industry's most professional equipment, in order to shoot outstanding photos, in addition to the lens, but also need to support the following things:
Q:SLR camera can take two shots?
Do not know what you mean in the end, you are not want to say is that you have two shots, whether the two together in the camera above, if it is to see what you are the lens
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Need to be sent to a special repair shop repair. May be the lens of the bayonet to be destroyed.
Q:SLR camera lens SLR lens classification
Single-lens reflection of the way it means that its professional positioning, even for ordinary users of entry-level products, also have a lot of excitement. Focal length and aperture are digital SLR (also known as SLR digital camera or simply referred to as DSLR lens parameters of the two most important parameters.
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
The division of the lens can be divided into many categories. For example, can be divided by focal lengths, in accordance with the fixed focus and zoom, according to the recent focus distance division, can also be divided in accordance with the brand and bayonet, or in accordance with the level of division. Sounds more complicated, but it is not difficult to explain.  
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need

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