Mini Fisheye Lens For Mobile Phone Magnetic Lens 180 Degree Camera Lens For Galaxy Note 3

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Do you want to take a greater, more recent and broader picture? Magnetic-handling simple series of exchangeable mobile phone lens will do that. You can taster the different feeling. Just paste a ring on the location of concentric circles of camera, with simple skills of taking a picture; you can lave a beautiful and touching moment permanent.



Material metal:high-quality aluminum

Glass lenses:multi-coated optical glass

Central:3M adhesive stickers

Lens cap:high-strength engineering plastics

The lens with high grade green lens coating. Better light transmittance.

Magnification:180° FISH-EYE

Lens construction: 3 elements in 3 groups


Lens size: Diameter: 16.5mm High: 10.5mm

Ring size:  Inside/Outside Diameter: 9/13.5mm*2pcs(notched ) , 10/13.5mm*1pcs



Lens compared:

From left to right is Mini Fisheye lens / 180degree fisheye lens / 190degreee fisheye lens / 235degree fisheye lens

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Q:What are the digital camera lenses?
Wide-angle, telephoto refers to the focal length of the lens, reflected in the width of the view! The human eye is about 45 ° angle is equivalent to 50mm lens.
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
In the general digital camera or normal normal lens before adding a magnification magnification is not large, you can simply close to the subject, photographed macro effect. But because adding a magnifying lens, the quality will be lower than the original lens, but can make ordinary digital camera to enjoy the fun of macro photography. Another way does not affect the quality of the method is only applicable to the SLR or micro single camera, between the lens and the fuselage plus a close-up ring (with the brand camera and lens compatible close-up not only bayonet fit, There are the same electrical signal transmission contacts, if the purchase of the original brand with the same close-up ring is better, but the price is not low) method, this access ring is usually 12mmm, 24mm and 36mm several, can be a single Use or group use, so that the original ordinary lens image from double to double the focal length, and produced a magnified image, this method is characterized by shooting the lens to maintain the original optical quality, but the actual aperture Will be reduced, the light is weak when the viewfinder will be slightly difficult. The easiest way is to remove the ordinary standard lens, and then buckle in the fuselage of the lens can be connected, you can also take a macro picture, but then there is no TTL metering, the aperture can not change, the focus is not easy to control, Vulnerable to the camera and the fuselage between the stray light dry.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
4. With the lens cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains (caution): on whether to use lens cleaning solution to clean the lens of a lot of controversy, some poor quality of the brand-name cleaning solution does cause damage to the lens, so we recommend that if the use of suede and other tools You can wash away the stubborn stains on the lens, then you can not use the cleaning fluid, when the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not put the cleaning solution outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution Ingredients are acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious will make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! The lens has oil or fingerprints, blowing, brush are invalid, it is necessary to use a very soft clean cotton swab (or mirror paper) stained with a little lens water gently wipe. It is not recommended to use lens cleaning solution, cleaning fluid is often used, will wash away the coating. On the other hand, the cleaning fluid in the dry when it is inevitable and then stained with dirt.
Q:Canon lens ef what does it mean
Canon digital SLR lens has two kinds of bayonet: EF and EF-S respectively. EF mount lens, not only can be used in full frame SLR above, and all Canon digital SLR cameras can be used. EF-S lens can only be used in Canon APS-C frame SLR.
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
You want to ask is 100D and 5D it Canon D is behind, D stands for digital camera. Canon SLR currently has two main specifications of the lens. EF-S half-frame lens and EF full frame lens. EF-S and half-frame fuselage as halves, so the cost is low, the price is cheap, the quality is correspondingly worse. EF full frame lens and full frame opportunities like the use of materials, relatively high quality, the price is high.  
Q:Millet camera lens reversal icon no
Empty data: shutdown state, press and hold the volume plus key and shutdown key, etc., etc., when the boot screen to let go, you can enter Recovery. Enter> Chinese> Clear data> Clear All data.)
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Need to be sent to a special repair shop repair. May be the lens of the bayonet to be destroyed.
Q:Is the digital camera lens related to the pixel? Is the lens really important?
1. Look at the pixel is wrong, because the smaller the camera, the higher the pixel density is worse, small digital camera absolutely do not look at the pixels, because there is no effect to improve imaging, but will imaging down, you look at the Canon small digital camera King G10 and G11 is the pixel down, the pixel is the biggest seller of the selling point. 2. Repair costs are very high. Suggestions, or find a small place to repair what can be used, can not be used to re-purchase an old machine.
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
1. As the framing lens is separated from the photographic lens, the TLR has a parallax problem (ie, no WYSIWYG) as with the side viewfinder camera. In the shooting of close objects when the problem brought about by the drawbacks will be more obvious. So some modern TLR camera framing system built-in parallax automatic compensation device. 2. The image on the ground glass is not very bright compared to the optical viewfinder or range finder.
Q:What is the camera lens rubbing convenience?
then there are lens paper and absorbent cotton. Above supplies are not crude fiber, etc. will scratch the lens (and the above coating) components. Use the circle from the center of the lens out of the circle (the strength is not too much, do not use nails worn), to keep the diameter gradually larger (that is, each lap than the previous lap but there will not leave gaps) , Until the most edge, so OK.

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