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1)No need of water pool, saving both fund and energy

2)Simple installation and less used

3)Extensive purpose and strong suitable

4)Full functions and high degree in intelligence

5)Advance product and reliable quality

6)Personalized design, showing a distinctive style


1)Water supply for city life

2)Fire-fighting system

3)Agricultural irrigation

4)Prinkling & musical foudation

<3>Technical Data

1)Ambient temperature 5~40&ordm; C

2)Relative humidity no higher than 85. C(20+/-5) &ordm; C

3)Liquid temperature 5~70&ordm; C

4)Service voltage 380V(+5%, -10%)

<4>Working Principle

When the equipment is put into movement, the water from the tap-water pipe-net flows into the flow stabilizing can. When the water supply capacity of the pipe-net can meet with the demand of use, the pressure of it is kept with the normal water supply range, the negative-pressure preventing module controlled electric valve is opened and the pump moves to carry out the pressure-overlapped water supply; While the said capacity can not meet with the demand, the pipe-net pressure is lower than that for normal water supply, the said module automatically adjusts the opening of the electric valve till its being closed, at this time water supply by the flow stabilizing can is automatically switched in. The vacuum eliminator on the said can is opened therewith, preventing a negative pressure from being produced inside of the can.

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Q:Can I use a electric water pump to cool my V-Drives and transmissions?
You would be playing with fire to use electric pumps to cool the transmissions and v drives. I doubt they would put out the volume of cooling water needed to cool them and have enough extra volume just in case. Besides, the raw water pumps also would cool the engines and exhaust systems if they are raw water cooled or they would cool the anti freeze and exhaust and transmissions with heat exchangers and oil coolers. Those transmission coolers should be plumbed into the raw water system using the same water that flows through the engines. Not to mention the reliability of the electric pumps vs engine driven pumps.
Q:install recirculating hot water pump?
there okorder.com
Q:How hard is it to change a water pump on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am with the 3.3 Liter motor?
A repair shop will charge about $200 to fix that problem. If you have a jack and a jack stand the lack of room wont be much of a problem anymore. It only a matter of getting the belt covers and timing covers off, and the water pump pully off. The pully can be tricky. since It is a car '92 and younger you may have a problem with a gear slipping and the motor needing timed. If your paticular car needs timed by the belts and pullys, then no problem line up the notches in the gears as they go. But if the timing is off by the valves, Then your in for a long night of work and slight frustration. If you dont really know what you are doing at all, Then don't bother with it, leave it up to the pros, so that your car actually runs when the pump is put in. It took me 8 hours to fix one in a '99 honda Civic
Q:What is the reason that the water supply of pump is getting smaller?
1, the water pump screen plug, should remove the filter screen sundries.2, the use of lift is too high. Over the pump range, the pump should be adjusted to use height or replace the pump head.3, pump impeller plug or wear, should remove the impeller sundry. Replace the impeller if worn.4, pump outlet pipe blocked by debris, should remove the debris in the pipe outlet.5, diameter and pump does not match, replace the outlet pipe.6, the pump cover gap is too large, increased pump volume loss, should adjust the gap.7, pump body and pump cover leakage, should tighten the pump cover screw, make the pump body and pump cover close coordination.8, the pump speed is low, the use of voltage is too low. Should adjust the voltage to the rated value, replace the thicker cable or avoid peak use.9, water pump diving depth is too shallow, there is air intake, should adjust the diving depth. Pump running depth is not less than 0.5 meters.Yi Mai water pump to help you answer, I hope to help you
Q:Water Pump question ...?
the water pump has a small weep hole on the bottom where it will leak small traces of coolant/water. this is an indicator that the seal inside the pump is going bad. it can go from a small leak to leaking like a cow pissing on a flat rock at anytime. if this happens the motor will overheat and you might find yourself stuck on the side of the road. the estimate sound reasonable and does it include the tax and everything?
Q:Coolant dripping from A/C compressor - is it the water pump or the compressor itself?
i think of that particularly some the coolant have been given interior the compressor and now it is being heated up by ability of the warmth out of your compressor rotation jointly as the unit doesnt artwork , it nevertheless spins whilst you're taking the belt off the compressor, and replace it with a smaller belt that fits without the AC it would end the smoke. or you are able to desire to absolutely eliminate the AC compressor (as a results of fact it wont artwork) and be rid of the comprehensive subject.
Q:1994 honda accord lx water pump what does it do?
94 Honda Accord Water Pump
Q:Flow 70 cubic meters per hour; lift 35 meters, choose what standard water pump?
If you want to install simple, you choose vertical single stage pipeline pump, he imports and exports in a straight line above, installation super simple. If the installation does not require, IS ah, GD ah, you can.
Q:What's the water pump?
A water pump that automatically or manually supplies water to the water system when the amount of water in the water system decreases (evaporation, overflow, etc.), and does not belong to a chilled water pump or a cooling water pump.
Q:Replace the water pump on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird LE?
On okorder.com, your timing belt with cost $15.99 and your water pump will cost $35.19 for a new one. Keep in mind that most shops charge more than that as this is how they make a profit. Depending on what their labor charge is, that doesn't sound too far out of line. I just did a timing belt and water pump on a Chrylser with a 3.5 today and it cost about $600 to do that. The water pump on your car is driven by the timing belt and is not an easy task to accomplish if you have no idea what you are doing. You can easily destroy this engine. If you are not sure how to replace an air filter, this would definately be out of range.

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