Water Pump Slurry Sewage Submersible Water Pump

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Water Pump Slurry Sewage Submersible Water Pump


This series pump is widely used for sewage treatment of city construction discharge for architecture projects, hotel, mine, pond, dyeing and printing, paper making and textile industries.

It is the ideal tool for transportation of sludge, slurry, living sewage, feces and stale wastes, solid grains fiber, paper chips, sandy soil etc.

Model Description

100WQ 50-30-5
100: Drain aperture (mm)
WQ: Submersible sewage pump

50: Capacity (m3/hr)
30: Head (m)
5: Power (kW)

Operations Conditions

1. The medium temperature should not be over 60oC, the density 1200Kg/m3, and the pH value within 5-9.
2. During running, the pump must not be lower than the permitted lowest liquid level.
3. Rated voltage 380 V, rated frequency 50 Hz. The motor can run successfully, only under the condition the deviations of both rated voltage and frequency are not over ± 5%.
4. The maximum diameter of the solid grain going through the pump has not to be larger than 50% of that of the pump outlet.


 Water Pump Slurry Sewage Submersible Water Pump

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Q:Water well pump, always on??
Sounds like you have a holding tank problem. Check to see if it is leaking air. Or you could have a busted pipe somewhere, you could cut the water off in the house but not at the pump to see if it continues. If so the problem is at the well, if the problem stops after the tank refills you have a busted pipe between the pump and the house.
Q:2000 Chrysler Voyager w/broken timing belt, water pump, needs thermostat and coolant flush?
Yes as the water pump moves the coolant. They could have collected and reused the old coolant and added a bit of water to get the level up. Get it checked at a local garage(or buy a tester yourself) to see how strong the mixture is so you know how low you can go.
Q:2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?
2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?;Answer: the head can not be superimposed, that is, a lift and a pump, but the pumping speed (flow) is two times a taiwan.2 pumps in series, the same flow, pump head is not stacked?.Answer: the head can be superimposed, that is, the pump head is two times as much as a pump, but the pump speed is the same as that of a pump.
Q:how to repair water pump?
Almost certainly, the motor of your pump has conked off. It may be beyond repair now and the best solution would be to get the motor replaced. Although, in some cases, replacing the motor costs almost as much buying a new pump. If that is the case, you should get a new pump of a better quality that is likely to last for a long period of time.
Q:Pump frequent start will reduce the service life, I ask what kind of frequency is called frequent start?
How to define this frequently, this can only say, for example, the life of the switch is 60 thousand times, once every hour you move, it can be used for a long time, and that if you move one minute, it would not necessarily for long.Pumps frequently start the first self wear problems, as well as the impact on the pipe network, especially the soft connections.Water pump if the frequency of use or time, it is recommended to adopt: variable frequency constant pressure control.
Q:A few questions about a water pump?
It all depends on what size engine you have, the 3.0 is the worst and then the other two aren't as bad and 4 or 5 hundred seems like allot but these days when the garages are charging 100 an hour that probably isn't to bad specially in New York, the best place is probably the dealer.
Q:where is temperture sensor of water pump?
Look near or one the thermostat housing on Ford products for the temperature sensor.
Q:Do you think it's a water pump or a headgasket?
You are probably right about the water pump leaking, Of course you wont see it until you remove that cover and put a pressure tester on it... Sometimes they leak better with no pressure on them, Kind of like the piddle valve on the radiator cap.
Q:Car is overheating, just had water pump replaced? What now!?!?
Unless the weep-hole is leaking on the bottom of the water-pump input shaft housing, the impeller inside the pump rarely goes bad. The impeller is the part inside the water-pump that circulates the coolant thorough the radiator, heater-core and cooling passages of the motor. There are several checks to eliminate possibilities why the cooling system is getting too hot. I wish you had told us the year, make and model of the car plus the number of miles on the odometer. If the coolant has been getting so hot that it bubbles back inside the plastic cooling system reservoir, have a private mechanic do an inexpensive cooling system pressure test to see if you have any external or internal coolant leaks. If not, have the thermostat changed with a factory original. Always check and refill the radiator when the motor is stone cold. Fill the plastic cooling system reservoir 3/4 full when ever you remove the radiator pressure cap. If you or someone has ever mixed chemical types of antifreeze other than the factory recommended brand or type it will eventually plug-up your cooling system and cause it to overheat. It may be necessary to drain, flush and clean the system with a one part acid cleaner. If you haven't in the past had your coolant drained and flushed every three years and your car is 12 years old or older get ready to buy a new radiator. They're easy to install and they're not too expensive these days because they come from Mexico or off-shore suppliers. Keep this in mind: The higher the percentage of antifreeze in the coolant the less efficient the cooling system becomes. Antifreeze is an insulator of heat transfer. That's why race cars don't use it! If this statement is hard to believe, Look up Stewart Water Pumps on the net. They'll tell you that pure water is the best coolant to use for heat transfer purposes. In the real world we can't do that because of temperature fluctuations.
Q:Need a new water pump, should i get an electric?
Get.the.normal hose then think bout what you need to do

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