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$20.00 - 200.00 / pc
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TT or LC
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1 pc
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9999 pc/month

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Product Description:


Quick Details

Standard or Nonstandard:





High Pressure





Temperature of Media:

High Temperature



Port Size:


Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Model Number:


Brand Name:




Design Standard:

BS EN 593



Connection Ends:

BS EN 1092 PN 10/PN16



Port size:

NPS 2"-42"

Working Pressure:


Temperature Pressure:

0 to 80


Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Operation type:



Powder coating/Acid pickling/Paint


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details: Standard export package or as per your requirements
Delivery Detail: 25 days from date of order



Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment


Valve Spring

Stainless Steel


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Q:How much pressure is the check valve h47x-10q?
Check valve h47x-10q is 1.0MPa pressureAccording to the provisions of the JB/T 308-2004 valve type programming method:H== check valve4== connection: flange7== structure: butterfly typeX== sealing surface material: Rubber10== pressure rating: 1.0MPaQ== body material: ductile iron
Q:Which type of check valve should be selected for vertical pipes?
The check valve on the vertical pipeline shall ensure that the spool goes back to its position when the fluid is stationary and reversed.Optional:Butterfly check valves, pipes of low pressureVertical lift check valve, high pressure resistance, good tightnessSwing check valve: flow must be from the next up, the pipe diameter is unlimited
Q:Where can I find the good check valve?
Northeast, I think the quality is better
Q:Is the check valve the same?
Same。 Call a difference; a thing. You come to our store to have a look.
Q:Pump adapter need check valve?
Multifunctional pump combination device usually comes with safety valves and check valves, usually in the flange pipe interface or who is interface settings simple check valve, safety valve is white, but does not apply to the north, the northern cold, need to separate the pipes below plus a check valve, a higher temperature of the South may be suitable for direct use of non frozen.
Q:What does the check valve "H44Y-160" mean?
H- check valve, 4 flange connection, 4 spiral structure, Y- sealing surface material is hard alloy. 160 table nominal pressure 16MPa
Q:How to install the kitchen flue check valve?
First, we should pay attention to the direction of check valve opening, open the location to smoke pipe opposite;Second, we should pay attention to check valve and common flue or after the installation of household flue sealing point, if the conditions are called thick putty plugging;Third, after the check valve is installed and fixed, the smoke exhaust pipe should be tightly packed with the check valve.Remark: when choosing check valve, choose a brand with better sealing effect, such as submarine.
Q:Is the hdf41x 1.6Mpa a check valve?
The backflow preventer consists of low pressure backflow prevention device and vacuum type backflow prevention device two, according to the national standard of low pressure backflow prevention device of head loss is less than 3 meters, decompression type backflow prevention device of head loss is less than 7 meters.
Q:What is the function of the check valve on the air compressor?
Check valve to prevent backflow of gas compressor back to the machine in a series of problems, as followsA gas flow will lead to failure, load startup, startup process if the machine internal high pressure will cause the motor overload start, starting current of the motor will be too high, at the same time, the impact of transmission components is also very large, generally good machine will be some type of protection.Two, multiple units of the system may make the tank filled with water, resulting in the unit can not start properly.Three, because of the shutdown state, most of the air compressor unloading valve is open, so if the gas flow back, but also cause energy losses.
Q:The Haier electric water heater has a check valve to prevent water from flowing backwards
No check valve can be installed. The check valve needs a certain amount of pressure to open. It may cause hot water flow or little hot water.

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