TND series High Accuracy Full-automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

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Principle & Characteristics

It adopt linear integrated circuit to form the control system, drive the contact voltage regulator to regulate automatically by controlling the servo motor, it is provided with delay、over-voltage、under-voltage and over-current protection function which ensure the voltage stabilizer can supply safely; It has the advantage of high fficiency、same input and output voltage waveform, stable output voltage, work continuously and so on.

Scope of Application

It is available in the electric equipments and facilities in housing、factory、school、shop、office、precision instrument for scientific experiment. And also is suitable for office equipment、test instrument、communication system、industrial equipment、armarium、domestic electric appliance and so on.

Main Advantage

Excellent output voltage waveform、stable regulating process、no lost electricity phenomenon;
High accuracy of output voltage, generally it is fixed in 220±3% when leave the factory, wide input voltage range、strong load adaptability; with satisfiable load property. It has(under-voltage)、over-voltage and over-current protection function; It can cutoff the power supply automatically to ensure the safety of the consumer when the output voltage is over-high or the input is over-current; It adopted high breaking capacity mini circuit breaker with the over-current protection function when it is over load or short-circuit; It use high property carbon brush which prolong the service life of the voltage stabilizer.

Main Technical Parameter
Overall Size & Weight(For reference only)

Note:property of this product is similar with the svc type product.

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Q:What kind of electrical component is this?? From a circuit board.?
Its a 1.6Amp, T, delay or anti- surge fuse. But if you dont know what it is , how do you know that it needs replacement? Dispite the temptation, do not do a kluge repair. It should only be replaced by exact replacement. As a safety device, you will need to determine why the fuse has blown, if indeed it is! Perhaps the pump got jammed or blocked? Faults on the board or wiring may be reason.
Q:Why is my fuse blowing all the sudden?
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i think it has yellow ring of death, contact sony if you still have the warranty.
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Fused Power Strip
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i own a restoration save,,and that i think of its in basic terms blown a fuse for it identity replace the fuse,and if starts off blowing fuses plenty identity take it and characteristic it checked it could have a quick in it that's inflicting it to try this,yet while that's the 1st time its achieved it,it somewhat is in basic terms an previous fuse that have been given susceptible and blew out on you,,shop a watch fastened on it even with the shown fact that,and if it starts off giving challenge identity have it appeared at,it may desire to reason a electric challenge if it does supply extra challenge,,solid luck i'm hoping this help,s
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Answer b) A series circuit only has one possible path for the electrons to move.
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It sounds to me as if your fuse did not blow fast enough and you did some damage to your speakers.
Q:corrolla 2000 fuse blown up15 ampere and its related to EFI or F-HTR.?

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