Single-way Large Power D.C. Regulated Power Supply 1200W

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

The WYJ series D.C. Regulated power supply is the one whose output voltage is variable. They have the functions of continuous adjustment output voltage and fixed output to be chosen as per requirements. The circuit consists of integrated circuit and power amplifier, with single-way output and multi-ways independent output. The circuit has functions of high steady in capability, reliability in characteristic, steady in output voltage, small size novel appearance, suitable for scientific research institutes, manufactories, electric appliance serices and so on.

2. Product Characteristic:

Two-way output
Two numeral tubs show the value of output voltage and current separately through the choice switch.
The regulated voltage and current can be switched automatically and showed by luminous tube.
The two-way output voltage can be serial-shunt operation as per requirement, while in serial and shunt operation ,one of the main
power can follow the voltage or current(shunt).
It adopts the mode of protection of current limitation, which can be adjusted as per requirement.
It can add up to 5V/3A fixed voltage output as the users’ requirements.
Full plastic frame, novel appearance.



Power reaction:CV≤1x10-4+0.5mV CC≤2x10-3+1mA

Load reaction:CV≤1x10-4+2mV CC≤2x10-3+3mA

Measurement and weight:290x158x135mm 3~6kgs
Output voltage: Between OV-30V can be adjusted continuously
Output current:0-30A(WYJ1730SC 30A/WYJ1730SL 30A
WYJ1730SC 30A/WYJ1730SL 30A)


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Q:can we increase the current using transformer?
If you mean a 10 amp transformer, I hope you like the smell of burning insulation. However, you could re-wind the transformer to use one twelfth the number of secondary turns, using wire with twelve times the cross sectional area.
Q:whats transformer kva rating I need?
Your connected load is about 250 kW plus about another 700 kW (from the motors when taking into account efficency and Power Factor). So the total connected load is just under 1000 kw. This 1000 kw is about 1 MegaWatt ( MW). A MegaWatt is 1000 kW You want to oversize your transformer, to account for added load at a later time as well. If I was ordering the transformer, I would be looking at one to cover at least a 1.5 MW. This would be roughly a 1,500 kVA transformer. You could order one slightly smaller, and add cooling fans which come on at max loads to cool down the transformer and increase its kVA rating. Because you have a large motor load, you will likely need the full 1500 kVA unit, because of the Power Factor issues with motor loads. BTW --- there may be a 1 year lead time on ordering a transformer that size.
Q:Transformer oil filter method
So only on-line oil treatment. Oil filters require an external oil filter and oil tank. The new oil (has been qualified, insulation pressure are qualified oil into a clean oil tank inside, the external oil filter and oil drums and transformer tubing as a whole, the external circulation of online filter oil). Mainly: 1, online filter to continuous operation, to ensure that the weather is fine air humidity less case, under the conditions of the best conditions for 214 hours of continuous operation.
Q:Transformer Input?
If you live in USA or Canada,electricity voltage is 115v. You may connect the two wire that mark with 120v into the house electric main power panel,use a 10 amperes breaker to protect your house power source if the transformer that you found is defective. The output shall produce 240v,it is good to run a stove or dryer,because they need 240v. Some country house does not have 240v source. If you live in other country that using 240v power source. You may use this tranformer to produce 120v to run some electronic device that buy from USA. Or you may join the 120v coil with the 240v coil in series to produce 360v .
Q:Power drawn by a transformer?
Hello Samantha, in case of ideal transformer the power at the out put would be the same as that in the input. To get the power we need voltage and current. Voltage at the out put is 8 V and current is 570 mA. Hence power consumed by the machine is 4.560 W. So the power drawn in case of ideal transformer will be the same as 4.560 W If the efficiency of the transformer is 86.5% (100-13.5) then the input power will be 5.27 W (approx) To get the number of turns in the secondary let us use Ns/Np Vs/Vp Hence Ns 600*8/120 40 turns.
Q:Transformer cooling method AN stands for what
The cooling mode of the transformer is determined by the cooling medium and the circulation mode. Dry-type transformer cooling method is divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF); oil-immersed transformers commonly used cooling methods are generally divided into three types: oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air-cooled, forced oil circulation.
Q:How to test E-I Transformer having 10 terminals (pins) 5 on each side ? thanks?
With an ohm meter determine the resistance of each winding.Resistance will be determined by wattage(input) of xformer
Q:What is a low voltage transformer for a Heat Pump?
A low voltage transformer on an a/c and heat system is a device that lowers the line voltage down to a safe 24 volts to run in control wiring to your thermostat to control your system. If your thermostat has a removable cover where you can see the wires underneath it is easy to see if you have no low voltage as long as you have a volt meter that can measure 24 volts ac. Make sure the thermostat is off and measure the voltage from R to any other terminal and you should read 24 volts nominal (more likely somewhere around 27) If you don't read 24 volts minimum you have a problem in the low voltage circuit. Most heat pumps will have some kind of low voltage protection such as a fuse or small circuit breaker in the unit so it doesn't necessarily mean the transformer is blown. The more important thing is to find the reason that caused it and that requires thorough understanding of the system. It's really best to have a technician diagnose this kind of problem.
Q:Confused with transformer.?
It looks like you MAY have an auto-transformer, ie only one winding. Off hand, I would say the white is supply live and blue the common return. If you measure the DC resistance of White to all the others and record reading. Then red to all others as above and same with brown, yellow and blue. The pair with highest reading Should be the primary, it doesn't really matter which is live or neutral, as long as you take the return of the secondary to the neutral. The other 3 wires will give you 3 different voltages with respect to neutral, however the EHT in the serial No. May indicate Extra High Voltage, which is not 220v. by any stretch of the imagination. Is there no information whatsoever on the transformer itself? Clear as MUD I know, but I'm not good at explaining things. Your meter should be at the lowest range, as this is DC resistance you are measuring, not AC.
Q:Which is the best 220v to 110v transformer for a guitar amp?
Transformers are pretty much a commodity item. If your 220 supply is stable, just about any transformer will do. Get one in a case with a power switch and a fuse, which is really all the protection you need. If your electrical supply is erratic you'll have to think more carefully. A 100-watt transformer is more than enough for a 30-watt amp. You could probably get away with a 50-watt transformer, but the higher rating will ensure that it runs cool and lasts a long time.

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