S9-35kV Series Transformers

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1.Production introduction
The product conforms to the technical parameters and requirements of IEC60076 and China Standard GB1094 & GB/T6451, and a series of significant innovation is applied in aspects of material,design and structure.It has the features of high efficiency and low loss.It can save a lot of operation cost,and the social benefits are very significant.In conclusion,it is a nationally promoted new product and it is deeply favored by customers. Installation type:indoor/outdoor type Altitude:≤1000m Installation site:in places without corrosive gases and obvious dusts.

2.Applicable standards
IEC 60076 -1-2-3 2000 Power Transformer GB1094.1-2-1996 Power Transformer GB1094.3-5-2003 Power Transformer GB/T6451-1999 Technical parameters and requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformer.

3.Performance characteristics
1.The features of this product are high efficiency and low loss.It can save a lot of operation cost,and the social benefits are very significant.
2.The iron cores are made of the imported high-conduction magnetism,cold-roll,and grain-oriented silicon-steel sheets.The iron cores and windings adopt the vacuum drying and vacuum oil-filling processes,which make the internal moisture down to the very low level.
3.The conservator is hermetically sealed,which make the internal running oil to insolate with oxygen and moisture efficiently.
4.The above features guarantee the transformer does not need do replace the oil during the normal operation,greatly decrease the maintenance cost,and prolong the service life.

4.Main technical parameters of S9-M-50~2500/35 series of transformers

Rated capacity (kVA)Voltage combination(kV)Connecting group idNo-load lossess (W)Load-loss (W)(75˚C)Short circuit impedance (%)No-load current (%)Weight(kg)Overal dimension (mm)Gauge (mm)
High voltage (kV)Tapping (%)Low voltage (kV)
BodyOilGross weightLength x width x h

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Q:How long does it take to restart the transformer?
What are the requirements for the commissioning and outage of the transformer? A: (1) the new operation of the transformer must be rated voltage under the impact test 5 times, overhaul after the impact test 3 times. (2) the transformer put into operation when the first cooler, cooler running for a period (about 15min) time, until the oil temperature is no longer rise and then stop. Disconnect the transformer first. (3) 110kV and above in the neutral point direct grounding system, put into operation and outage transformer, the operation must be grounded before the neutral point, after the operation and then decide whether to decide whether to disconnect. Transformer neutral point access to the arc suppression coil should be first after the exit. The neutral point of the two transformers should not be connected to a neutral bus with an arc suppression coil.
Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
Transformer short-circuit impedance, that is, his own impedance. The impedance is large, the transformer needs to resist the short circuit current multiplier is small, relatively speaking, anti-short circuit capability, but the transformer's external characteristics (volt-ampere characteristics) soft (with the transformer output current increases, the output voltage - transformer Voltage drop is very powerful). On the contrary, short-circuit impedance is small, the transformer needs to resist the short-circuit current multiplier, requiring a strong anti-short circuit transformer capacity. Of course, the external characteristics of the transformer better. Another short-circuit impedance will also affect the transformer manufacturing costs. He is not the bigger the better, nor the smaller the better. To be considered, so there are strict rules in the national standard.
Q:630KVA transformer can use the maximum number of power appliances
600KVA box can generally increase the number of households with electricity
Q:Can the transformer be replaced with a component?
If you say the transformer is a small power frequency transformer, then you can use switching power supply instead. If the substation with high-power transformers, there is no thing to replace.
Q:Transformer charging
There is a megger, that is, shake the table, with a handle, used to measure the electrical insulation meet the requirements do not,
Q:50KVA transformer each phase current maximum band
Hello there: - ★ 1, three-phase transformer rated output current = transformer rated capacity ÷ (voltage × follower 3). This current is apparent current, marked on the transformer nameplate. - ★ 2,50KVA transformer, each rated output current = 50KVA ÷ (400V × 1.732), equal to about 72A. Note that the secondary voltage of the power transformer is 400V instead of 380V. - ★ 3,50 KVA transformer rated current per phase is about 72A, "the maximum energy can be large" according to the ambient temperature, cooling conditions may be. Generally below the rated current, can be long-term operation.
Q:Why 21 lighting transformers must use double-winding safety isolating transformers,
The double-winding type safety isolating transformer has two windings which are input (primary) windings and output (secondary) windings, and the two windings are insulated from each other, only by magnetic connection, that is, secondary Winding and the earth does not constitute a loop, if the use of additional insulation appliances, you should use a safe isolation transformer. And since the lotus transformer all of its winding are connected, by sliding the position of the contact to change the size of the voltage. Therefore, the autotransformer primary winding (power circuit) and the secondary winding (power supply circuit) is not only between the magnetic connection, as well as the direct connection of the circuit. It and the earth constitute a loop, so it can not be used as a safe voltage power supply. Therefore, the safety regulations: lighting transformers must use double-winding type safety isolation transformer, prohibit the use of autotransformers.
Q:The difference between the reflection impedance of the ideal transformer and the hollow core transformer is different.
The reflection impedance of the hollow core transformer reflects the influence of the secondary circuit on the primary circuit through the mutual inductance. The reflection impedance is in series with the self-impedance of the primary circuit. The reflected impedance of the air-core transformer is opposite to the reactance characteristic of the secondary circuit impedance.
Q:What is the transformer capacity ratio? Capacity than 100%.
The ratio of the maximum capacity to the minimum capacity. The ratio of capacity to 100% is the ratio of maximum capacity to minimum capacity of 1: 1.
Q:Why is the notebook computer transformer hot?
I bet, your power certainly no my hot ,,, my power is my friend's hottest, But you do not have to, but it is normal ah ,,,, different brands, the temperature is not the same .. Generally good power are temperature control, to a certain temperature to turn off the power, I was like this, do not worry But do not plug in the socket for a long time, and will burn the power, and there is easy to thunder in the summer ,,, will burn out ...

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