S11-M.R-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Scrolliron Core Distribution Transformer

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S11-M.R-  30~2500/10KV three phase scrolliron core distribution transformer is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise and power illimination.It confirms to GB1904<power transformer>standard.

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Q:800KVA transformer itself is the loss of how much?
S9 type oil change 800kVA Calculation results: no-load loss 1400 watts load load loss of 7500 watts. Calculation formula of transformer loss (1) active loss: ΔP = P0 + KTβ2PK ------- (1) (2) Reactive power loss: ΔQ = Q0 + KTβ2QK ------- (2) (3) Integrated power loss: ΔPZ = ΔP + KQΔQ ---- (3) Q0 ≈ I0% SN, QK ≈UK% SN Where: Q0 - no load reactive power loss (kvar) P0 - No load loss (kW) PK - rated load loss (kW) SN - transformer rated capacity (kVA) I0% - transformer no-load current percentage. UK% - short circuit voltage percentage Β - average load factor KT - load fluctuation loss coefficient QK - rated load leakage power (kvar) KQ - Reactive power equivalent (kW / kvar) Selection of the parameters of the above formula: (1) take KT = 1.05; (2) The reactive power equivalent KQ = 0.1kW / kvar when the 6kV ~ 10kV step-down transformer of the urban power grid and industrial enterprise power grid adopts the minimum load, (3) the average load factor of the transformer, for agricultural transformer desirable β = 20%; for industrial enterprises, the implementation of three shifts, desirable β = 75%; (4) transformer operating hours T = 8760h, the maximum load loss hours: t = 5500h. (5) transformer no-load loss P0, rated load loss PK, I0%, UK%, see the transformer signs shown.
Q:What is the difference between the main transformer and the transformer used?
Selection of main transformers Main transformer is mainly used for electrical system power supply, the general capacity of large, to ensure the reliability of electrical system power supply, improve the system impact resistance. 1, the number of the main transformer: In order to ensure the reliability of power supply, substation should be installed in general two main transformer. 2, the main transformer winding connection: 110KV using a direct grounding neutral point effective grounding system, using star wiring. If necessary, the use of triangular wiring by arc-suppression coil connected to the use of high-pressure side of the change. 35KV using arc suppression coil neutral point non-effective grounding system grounding point, the use of star wiring. 10KV generally use unattached system 3, the choice of the main transformer winding: China 110KV and above voltage transformer winding are used star wiring, 35KV also uses star wiring, 35KV following voltage transformer windings are triangular connection. 4, the choice of main transformer capacity: the main transformer capacity is generally based on substation built 5 to 10 years of planning load selection and take into account the late 10 to 20 years of load development, when a transformer outage, the remaining transformer capacity should Can guarantee 70% of the total load. The choice of choice Used to change the main power supply system, the capacity according to their own distribution load to choose. The number of units used to consider the general standby power supply, when there are two used when the variable, the use of single bus segment wiring, usually run to limit the scope of failure to improve the reliability of power supply. The power system uses 380 / 220V neutral point directly grounded three-phase four-wire system, power and lighting combined with a power supply.
Q:The main transformer is chosen in principle
Transformer selection, you can refer to the following, but still according to the actual production needs! 1, the number of transformers to determine    (1), the number of main transformer to determine the principle is to ensure the reliability of power supply. When one of the following conditions is met, two or more transformers shall be installed.    ①, there are a lot of first-class load and although the secondary load but need to set from the security (such as fire, etc.).    ②, when the seasonal load changes greatly.    ③, when the load is large.    For large-scale hub substation, according to the specific circumstances of the project can be installed 2 to 4 main transformer.    When installing multiple transformers, it is appropriate to group the transformer according to the characteristics and changes of the load in order to flexibly switch the corresponding transformer group. Transformers should be operated in the sorted manner. Transformer low-voltage outlet of the neutral and neutral ground wire should be laid separately. For the convenience of testing, in the ground circuit, close to the transformer to do a removable connection device.    (2), the general three-level load or capacity is not too much power and lighting should be a load with only one transformer.    (3), when any of the following circumstances, can be dedicated transformer    ①, when the lighting load is large or power and lighting using a common transformer seriously affect the lighting quality and lamp life, can be set for lighting special transformer.    ②, single single-phase load is large, should be set single-phase transformer.    ③, the impact of a larger load, seriously affect the power quality, can be set for shock load special transformer.    ④, when the seasonal load (such as air conditioning equipment, etc.) about the total load of the project 1/3 and above, it is appropriate to configure a dedicated transformer.
Q:630 kilovolt transformer secondary side of the current is how much
There should be a second test voltage to calculate the current, but generally no load 400V. Full load 380V. Primary side rated current: I = 630000 ÷ 10000 ÷ 1.732 = 36.37A Secondary side rated current: I = 630000 ÷ 400 ÷ 1.732 = 909A Maximum output power P = 630 * 0.95 = 599KW (COS ¢ by 0.95) The maximum output power P = 630 * 0.9 = 567KW (COS ¢ by 0.9)
Q:Sichuan transformer manufacturer that a best?
Sichuan Meishan New Transformer Co., Ltd.'s products have the strongest load capacity, up to 200%
Q:How to increase the transformer output current
Change the coil winding group, if possible. Otherwise can not change, change the voltage can be.
Q:Transformers are divided into several. What is the role of each? To be specific!
Transformer is the instrument that regulates voltage! Transformers can be classified according to their operating frequency, use and core shape. (1) Classification by operating frequency Transformers according to the operating frequency can be divided into high-frequency transformers, IF transformers and low-frequency transformers.
Q:315KVA transformer high-voltage side need to use the specifications of the high-voltage cable
You are not very specific, according to the general distribution transformer, then the high side of 10kV, low voltage side of the 400V; high voltage side of the actual current is small, the voltage is high, so the main choice of cable attention to insulation, pressure and other properties, specifications suggest that you choose YJV-1 * 25 (10KV) cable, 25 mm square cable. (High-voltage cable diameter is not too small)
Q:How do you choose the public transformer capacity?
800X8 = 6400KW 6400KWX0.5 (use factor) = 3200KW + 50KW mall = 32500KW (full load operation) Choose three sets of 1000KVA transformer ,, 3000 (KVA) X0.9 (functional factors) = 2700KW · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 315KVA transformer for 670 is too small ,,, 670X8 = 5360KW, 5360X0.5 = 2680KW 2680KW / 0.9 = 2977KVA Choose three sets of 1000 phase change
Q:What is the transformer absorption ratio (R60 / R15)
Absorption ratio = R60 〃 / R15 〃 For the same insulating material: the moisture or defective absorption curve will change, so you can determine the insulation curve based on the insulation is good or bad, usually in megger in 15 seconds and 60 seconds of the insulation resistance ratio (This is the absorption ratio, expressed by the K value), because the insulation of the degree of moisture increases, the leakage current increase than the increase in the starting value of the absorption current is much more, expressed in the insulation resistance is: megger in 15 seconds and 60 seconds of the insulation resistance is basically equal, so the K value is close to 1; when the insulating medium is dry, because the leakage current is small, the current absorption is relatively large, so the K value is greater than 1. Experience: When the K value is greater than 1.3, the insulating medium is dry, so that by measuring the absorption ratio of the insulating medium, it is possible to determine whether the insulating medium is damped and K is a ratio which eliminates the geometric dimensions of the insulating structure , And it is the same temperature measured under the value, without going through the temperature conversion, the comparison of measurement results is very convenient.

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