S11-M.R-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Scrolliron Core Distribution Transformer

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S11-M.R-  30~2500/10KV three phase scrolliron core distribution transformer is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise and power illimination.It confirms to GB1904<power transformer>standard.

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Q:Transformer input power how to ask?
Transformer calculates power factor If the capacity of the power transformer is denoted by S, the output active power is expressed by P, then the power factor cosa = P / S.
Q:Transformer Wiring and Principle
In the three-phase transformer, each core is wound around the original winding and the secondary winding, the equivalent of a single-phase transformer. Three-phase transformer high-voltage winding commonly used A, B, C, the end with X, Y, Z to represent . The low-voltage windings are represented by a, b, c and x, y, z. The high and low voltage windings can be connected in star or triangular lines, respectively. In low-voltage winding output for low voltage, high current three-phase transformer (such as plating Transformers), in order to reduce the low-voltage winding wire area, low-voltage winding also has six-phase star or six-star star connection. China's production of power distribution transformers are used Y / Y0-12 or Y / triangle -11 two standard wiring method. The number of 12 and 11, said the original winding and secondary winding line voltage difference, that is, the so-called transformer wiring group do not.
Q:How to open a transformer?
Transformers are not usually made to be opened. There is usually no point. There is nothing inside but tightly packed bundles of copper wire coated with something. They are repairable easily in a shop that knows about the design of that particular transformer. They know how to open them, but there is usually no way for a user do it. Mayan
Q:How many robots will be in the transformers movie?
Autobots (Good) Optimus Prime Ironhide Bumblebee Jazz Ratchet Decepticons (Bad) Megatron Blackout Starscream Barricade Scorponok Frenzy Bonecrusher Brawl
Q:DC pulse transformer?
Yes.roughly 4.8kV .for about a millisecond at about 10 microampsThe only problem with the design is the secondary insulation on the transformer may not be of the correct insulation class to provide the shielding required. It takes quite a bit of modification to the 90degreeC insulation for a 600volt class to get that up to the 4.8kV classAlso since your going for this type of system might i recommend you avoid holding this in the palm of you hand as well.Well I knew you wouldn't do that ,i was just kidding around.you could always rob the igniter off an outdoor grille ,the capacitive discharge from them is about the same.From the E
Q:What are the serious consequences of transformer circulation?
Two parallel transformer transformer ratio is not equal, the two transformers due to the same phase between the phase difference generated by the circulation, the size of the flow of two transformers to determine the size of the difference, according to the magnetic potential balance, although the two transformers Side of the same power supply, but due to the secondary side of the pressure cycle, two transformers will also produce a circulation at the same time.
Q:What will happen at primary side of transformer?
Primary side you will get 230V , nothing will happen to Transformer, you must be very care full do not touch the primary side just measure it with multimeter
Q:When hot wiring two 12 volt transformers does the voltage become 24 or 12 volts?
There is actually a phasing to the transformer windings. If you connect them in series with the phases adding (both hit + 12 at the same instant) you get 24 volts out. If you connect with the phasing wrong (one hits +12 while the other hits -12) and put them in series the output will be zero volts (and they might overheat). If you connect them in parallel with the right phasing you will get 12 volts and the amperage will add to give you the sum of their amperage. If you connect in parallel with the phasing wrong you will get zero output voltage (and the danger of overheating). If the transformers do not make their phasing clear put a voltmeter on the output and briefly turn on the primary while seeing if you get zero or the voltage you want. If the phasing is wring swap the wires of one transformer around and check with the meter again.
Q:Power transformer primary current and secondary current
Do not know what the specific content of the question you ask? If the relationship between the variable and the ratio, then the secondary current and primary current ratio of the transformer for a second and second turns ratio, the need for specific problems.
Q:Indoor/outdoor distribution transformer?
To be honest, I don't believe that's correct

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