JDCF-110,132,220,230 Voltage Transformer

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Brief Introduction
The"JDCF"series voltage transformers are inducitive type,single phase,oil filled,outdoor type.It accords to the GB 1207-1997<voltage transformer>,IEC 186 and IEC60044,This type of voltage transformer is of cascade full seal construction,The product consists of winding assembly,porcelain housing,transformer oil,base and stainless steel Bellow.

The primary winding of 110KV or 132KV voltage transformer is divided into two parts,wound separately around the upper and lower core,Wound around the lower core,three secondary windings are respectively measuring winding,protective winding and residual voltage winding.

The primary winding of 220KV or 230KV voltage transformer is divided into four parts,wound separately around two cores.Wound around the lower core,three secondary windings are respectively measuring winding.protective winding and residual voltage winding.

The active part is located to the base by suporting frame made of high quality insulation materials and is put into porcelain housing with degassed and de-watered transformer oil after vacuum treatment,All outlet wires of secondary winding and the terminal "N" of primary wnding are connected to the epoxy resin board which is in the waterproof and dust-proof terminal box of the base.There is a valve for oil-filling or oil-exhausting on the base.
Type description

Technical Data

JDCF-110,132 Voltage Transformer Outline Drawing

1.Oil-level indicator
3.Primary terminal
4.Porcelain bushing
5.Insulation support frame
6.Winding body
7.Secondary terminal box
9.Name plate
11.Earthing bolt


JDCF-220,230 Voltage Transformer Outline Drawing

2.Observation window
3.Primary terminal
4.Primary terminal
6.Oil draining outlet
7.Name plate
8.Earthing bolt
9.Secondary terminal box


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Q:Is the transformer output DC or AC?
Is the exchange, after the diode rectifier into a DC.
Q:Production of high and low voltage switchgear transformer industry belongs to what industry category
Category C Manufacturing Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing In the class 392 transmission and distribution and control equipment manufacturing
Q:Transformer Lightning
Dry coil internal coil will burst open, so that the transformer outside the four sides of the shell will be bulging. Cylinders on the porcelain will burn black, porcelain will be black and cracked. The line breaker is tripped.
Q:From the variable ratio to determine whether the transformer is boost or buck
High pressure to low pressure is the buck, and vice versa is boosted. That is, the input transformer is a high voltage, the output is a low voltage is a low voltage.
Q:Transformer parameter interpretation
C, rated current (A): transformer in the rated capacity, allowing long-term through the current. D, no load loss (kW): when the rated frequency of the rated voltage applied to the end of a winding, the other winding open when the active power. And the core silicon steel sheet performance and manufacturing process, and the applied voltage. E, no-load current (%): When the transformer in the rated voltage under the secondary side of the load, the current through a winding, generally expressed as a percentage of the rated current. F, load loss (kW): the transformer secondary winding short circuit, in a winding rated tap position into the rated current, then the power consumption of the transformer. G, the impedance voltage (%): the secondary winding of the transformer short circuit, in a winding slowly increase the voltage, when the secondary winding short-circuit current equal to the rated value, then the voltage applied once the general. As a percentage. H, the number of phases and frequency: three-phase beginning to S said, single-phase start with D said. China's national standard frequency f is 50Hz. Foreign countries have 60Hz (such as the United States).
Q:What is the meaning of the Y D11 on the transformer?
Yn d11 said: high side is a star-shaped wiring with a neutral point of the lead-out, low-side side of the triangle wiring. Using 11-point connection, that is, high-voltage side of the line voltage ahead of the low voltage side line voltage of 30 degrees.
Q:50KVA transformer maximum load is how much?
Transformer output power is apparent power, and active power (KW) relationship: apparent power = active power × power factor. The average power factor of 0.8, 50 KVA transformer can be load power (50 KVA × 0.8) 40KW of active power.
Q:Why the provisions of the maximum temperature of the provisions of the transformer 65 °?
Most big oil temperature increased load, the transformer internal fault, there is lack of oil performance security risks. So we do need to limit oil temperature and protection tripping. Small capacity (630KVA less and outdoor) often do not have the oil temperature protection. I have the original table 800KVA overload (secondary current 1500A), top oil temperature to over 90 degrees ......
Q:The specific steps and procedures for installing the transformer
Oil-immersed or dry-type transformers are generally installed by the engineering team or factory installed do not know how much capacity your transformer is electronic or industrial power system
Q:Single bus sub-section for power distribution, transformer with a prepared and dual-use how to understand
One with one: single bus segment switch closed, only one transformer power supply, another standby. Dual use: single bus section switch off, two transformers were powered. Added: Single bus segment wiring form, it is a single bus with sub-section breaker into several sections. Increased reliability and flexibility compared to single-bus non-segmentation. Advantages: 1, two bus segments can be split operation, can also run side by side; 2, important users can be connected to a different dual-circuit busbars, to ensure uninterrupted power supply; 3, any bus or disconnector overhaul, only stop the paragraph, the remaining sections can continue to power, reducing the power outage range.

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