Magnetic Fisheye Lens For Mobile Phone Smartphone

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Product Description:


Product Description


Magnetic fisheye lens for mobile phone smartphone




general use for universal cell phone,The fisheye lens is high quality optical lenses, after twenty times polished, highly clear and very obvious optical effect, the lens with a three-layer film ,the same as the blue film and green film of our glasses.




•Magnetic lens can be used to all brand mobile phone

Work on most type of mobile phone that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.

•Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your mobilephone at any time

•Work on most type of mobile phone camera that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.

•High Clarity: Made of high-class glass.

•Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminuim



Lens effect


Fisheye lens produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.Fisheye lenses achieve extremely extensive angle of view by forgoing producing images with straight lines of perspective, opting instead for a special mapping, which gives images a characteristic convex non-rectilinear and distorted appearance.



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Q:Optical SLR camera lens can be used in digital SLR cameras
Yes, any brand can be, such as too bitter Mary Ricoh
Q:Digital camera lens how will there be a shadow ah?
Is the possibility of dust is relatively large. Remove the lens to see if the air can not blow off, if it is no way to blow the inside of the lens. Such as the supplier can change, if not for, to see whether the impact of imaging, do not affect the words do not go to customer demolition of the lens, the impact of imaging was demolished, there are some lens inside the factory with dust.
Q:How to choose a SLR camera lens
When the focal length is less than the head of the time, the lens can record a larger viewing angle of the image, so called wide-angle lens. The shorter the focal length the larger the angle of view. Wide-angle lens perspective is exaggerated, especially in the scenery photography can get more visual impact of the photo. The following are the same as the " Than the head of the focal length of 1.5 to 4 times the focal length of the lens called the focus. Generally the focus of the lens in the smallest, and designed to be relatively large aperture is relatively easy, so portrait photography is the best in the focus. General head of the 1.5 to 2 times the focal length used to shoot the whole body, half of the photo. More than 2 times the lens used to shoot close-up, the lens was called "portrait king" of several lenses are in this focal lengths. The following are the same as the " Greater than the focal length of more than 2 times the lens called the telescope lens. As the name suggests, telescope lens is able to achieve "telephoto" shooting, and more for sports, animals and other shooting, the scenery in the application of telephoto lens can make the landscape perspective is compressed.
Q:SLR camera lens ternary ternary how to talk about it?
[Canon ternary] Wide angle zoom: 16-35mm F2.8L USM Standard Zoom: 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM Telephoto zoom: 70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM
Q:What does the camera use to control the amount of light entering the lens?
Aperture is a device used to control the light through the lens, into the body of the photosensitive surface of the device, it is usually in the lens. Expression aperture size with f value. For a lens that has been made, it is impossible to change the diameter of the lens at will, but can be achieved by adding a polygon or circle inside the lens, and the variable area of the hole grating to control the amount of light through the lens, this device is called the aperture.
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
To take a good macro picture, choose a suitable macro lens is more important, there are three main categories: Focal length of 50 ~ 60mm standard macro lens, shorter focal length so that the focus distance shorter, suitable for close to the subject to complete the shooting. Do not deliberately open the distance from the shooting of the forest, botanical garden, etc. can play its strength. Because it is able to shoot around the subject, but also very suitable for indoor still life close-up, easy to carry. Focal length of 100mm macro lens, it is also referred to as 100 micro-lens, can not be very close to the macro shooting. The telephoto macro lens with a focal length of 180 to 200mm is suitable for telephoto macro shots that are close-up or close to the subject. Suitable for shooting insects and small animals such as unreasonable close to the subject, but also to enlarge the flowers on the branches in full bloom. There is also a macro zoom lens zoom lens, the subject can be enlarged 1 times to several times the macro photography dedicated lens. Able to the general macro lens is difficult to capture the microscopic world ideal imaging. Not only can the small insects local close-up, but also suitable for shooting small pieces of jewelry and so on. Full-frame + professional macro lens, is a very professional, money method, but for some ordinary players, there are some ways to compromise, you can shoot macro images, such as:
Q:Camera lens on the 5.0-60MM1; 3.4-5.9 What does it mean
At the minimum focal length of 5.0 mm, the maximum aperture is 3.4; at the longest focal length of 60 mm, the maximum aperture is 5.9. In addition, because the focal length is changing, it also tells us that this is a zoom lens.
Q:What does the camera's lens mean? How to understand
If you read "f =" in the camera's English specification, then the number followed by the code is usually its focal length, that is, the length of the focal length. Such as "f = 8-24mm, 38-115mm (35mm equivalent)", refers to the length of the camera's focal length of 8-24mm, while the diagonal angle of the equivalent of the traditional 35mm camera 38-115mm focal length. In general, 35mm camera lens lens length is about 28-70mm, so if the focal length is higher than 70mm on behalf of the support for telephoto effect, if less than 28mm said there is wide-angle shooting ability.
Q:SLR camera lens life how to count how to identify the life of second-hand lens!
Followed by the feel, see the zoom ring, focus ring with or without Caton, abnormal sound, see the aperture ring stalls is clear. The last is on the machine test, focusing performance, see whether the running coke Above no problem, then the lens is nothing.
Q:What is the lens aperture?
Since the aperture can be small or small, how much time the lens of the best quality imaging? According to the above figure, the minimum aperture F22 when the aperture with the pinhole almost, the digital camera has become a pinhole camera, said before the pinhole imaging is not good; aperture when the hole has become the largest hole, imaging is also poor. Therefore, according to the Chinese national tradition of the doctrine of the mean, please bear in mind: The lens is best in the medium aperture (the picture is most clear). We call the best aperture for the best aperture. If it is 135 digital SLR, medium aperture is F8 or F11. Small digital DC depends on the specific model, if the optional aperture value between F2.5 to F8, the middle of the F4.6 for the best aperture. If the time is like water, the lens aperture is the faucet, it controls the size of the water (into the light). For the lens of course, we hope that the aperture of the bigger the better, it is like the taps at home, although we usually wash your teeth never wash it open the largest, but if one day home fire, we will immediately screw the maximum, and Hate why did not have a big point of the faucet. A lens is the largest aperture imaging is not good, usually we generally use the largest aperture; but in the special low light and not allowed to use the tripod case, such as the night of the street documentary capture, we will not hesitate to use the maximum aperture, And regret why did not buy a large aperture lens. But the price of a large aperture lens is very expensive, the weight is amazing. For example, there are two versions of Canon70-200mm, aperture F4 price of 4,000 yuan, weighing 700 grams; aperture for the F2.8 that a price of more than 8,000 yuan, weighing 1500 grams. This is because the aperture level, the lens is much larger, processing difficult. It is worth the first-class aperture to pay twice the money and weight of the sweat, this is a matter of opinion.

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