Magnetic Fisheye Lens For Mobile Phone Smartphone

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Product Description:


Product Description


Magnetic fisheye lens for mobile phone smartphone




general use for universal cell phone,The fisheye lens is high quality optical lenses, after twenty times polished, highly clear and very obvious optical effect, the lens with a three-layer film ,the same as the blue film and green film of our glasses.




•Magnetic lens can be used to all brand mobile phone

Work on most type of mobile phone that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.

•Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your mobilephone at any time

•Work on most type of mobile phone camera that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.

•High Clarity: Made of high-class glass.

•Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminuim



Lens effect


Fisheye lens produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.Fisheye lenses achieve extremely extensive angle of view by forgoing producing images with straight lines of perspective, opting instead for a special mapping, which gives images a characteristic convex non-rectilinear and distorted appearance.



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Q:Different brands of SLR camera lens can match each other
But because of SONY's influence in the industry, Sigma, Tenglong, Tuli three plants will provide a basic lens mount lens With the words of nothing good or bad, of course, on the rich ZA. SONY deputy factory glasses less, the original set up, but now does not set up, especially Photokina on the horse issued a 5,6 new a bayonet lens and zoom lens and SONY dedicated flash.
Q:Why are SLR cameras so expensive? Are you there?
Expensive in the structure of the patent, lens material, lens grinding, lens coating are quite need of high-tech level of fine technology, focusing system, shutter system, anti-shake system, imaging system, miniaturization, reliability; To achieve the best grip feel, reduce the weight of the machine structure of the material, the machine sealing performance. And both are top scientific and technological achievements.
Q:What is the flat lens that protects the camera lens?
That can use a variety of lenses Have a dedicated lens protection mirror There are UV mirrors There are sky mirror Which lens protection lens only protect the lens function, the price is not low, the effect of light mirror almost can not see
Q:SLR camera lens focal length how much to how good
And like the lens of 18-200, what can be shot, but in the same person to use the case, the effect is worse than all the above listed lens. Answer the fifth floor, this lens I have not used, but if not accident, the imaging effect than 70-200 / F2.8L poor, more focal lengths of two to three times the zoom lens I am not familiar with, but with the red Circle head imaging will be better than it is.
Q:Camera lens 18mm a 55mm; 55mm a 230mm what it means
18mm shooting vision, 230mm can be a telescope 18-55, indicating that this lens allows the focal length to select any number between 18 and 55
Q:Camera lens how to do oil?
There is a lot of debate about whether or not to use a lens cleaning solution to clean the lens. Some poor quality noodle cleaning fluids do cause damage to the lens. Therefore, we recommend that you can use the suede and other tools to clean out the stubborn stains on the lens. Cleaning fluid, the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not wash the liquid stained outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution is acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious Will also make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! In addition, we recommend that the time to clean the lens is best not to exceed 30 seconds, because too long wiping will cause unnecessary damage to the lens, if that is more harm than good
Q:Camera lens broken glass, you can repair it
Sure to be able to repair. In the sale where the lens can be replaced.
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
The lens is actually the most afraid of hard dust, like sand, metal particles ,,, in the studio we generally use blowing, blowing better than anything else, brush is also very good, as long as the first dust off, hurt. Rare use of alcohol is also harmless, the lens coating in general, after hundreds of scrub will not fall, (thousands of times do not know). We are dirty when the location, there are fingerprints, mouth watermark, under the urgency of the mouth with a blow, grab the underwear can also rub. Instead, I do not like to call paper, not easy to use, easy to break, but also to create pollution, can not be reused. Really want to rub the words ,,,, personal recommended high-quality glasses cloth, suede, tissue paper. Alcohol in your really difficult to clean up the stains and then, but please remember the key, be sure to determine no hard dust and then wipe, or wipe it is a heartache marks ,,, Finally suggested that you buy A UV protection mirror, but also to block the UV, but also to protect, even if really wiped out, and then for a like, say, the lens has a few marks before, really do not change
Q:What does the camera's lens mean? How to understand
Heart: the center of the convex lens can be seen as a light heart. The lens of the camera we use is equivalent to a convex lens, where the film (or the photographic device of the digital camera) is in the vicinity of the focus of the convex lens, or the distance between the film and the convex lens is approximately equal to the focal length of the convex lens. Convex lens can be imaged, generally with a convex lens to do the lens of the camera, it becomes the most clear as the general will not just fall on the focus, or that the most clear as the distance to the distance (like distance) is generally not equal Focal length, but slightly larger than the focal length. The specific distance is related to the distance between the illuminated object and the lens (object distance), the larger the object distance, the smaller the distance (but in fact it is always greater than the focal length). Because we are photographed, the distance between the illuminated object and the camera (lens) is not always the same, such as giving a picture, sometimes, like the whole body, away from the body, away from the body, away from the nearest. In other words, the distance is not always fixed, so that in order to get a clear image, it must be different with the object to change the film to the lens of the distance of the heart, the process of change is that we usually say " Coke ".
Q:SLR camera lens 18-135mm and 18-200mm What is the difference?
SLR camera lens 18-135mm and 18-200mm difference There are several points: 1, wide-angle the same, but the telephoto end is not the same, 200 to 135 farther than some; 2, in terms of light change factor, 135 is 7.5 times, 200 is 11.1 times; 3, of course, the difference between the two prices, the latter slightly more expensive than the former.

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