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I am in the United States to introduce imported laser range finder and other hardware, based on the research and development of the 5E-PM shock

CD coal instrument. After nearly two years of improvement, the use of digital interpolation techniques, the use of DTM modeling on this basis,

Optimize the three-dimensional data and graphics processing, launched measurements faster and more accurate laser disc coal 5E-PMⅡ instrument.

    The instrument hardware for the United States imported. By laser ranging system and angle encoders rapid acquisition

Each characteristic point of the entire coal field, and automatically entered into the computer space coordinates. Applicable to any shape of coal

Heap (rubble, construction) volume measurement. A person with a 25 ~ 45min can complete a 700m × 50m of

Coal field measurements. Measurement data directly input to the mini laptops results processing and preservation, without number

Data collection and other auxiliary equipment, automatic deletion of outliers, data and graphics processing speed.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement accuracy: ≤1%

2. Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

3. The laser radiation: compliance with US Food and Drug Administration a safety standard (Eye Safe)

Main features:

1. The instrument hardware for the United States imported, reliable performance.

2. Operation of the whole Chinese interface, easy to learn and easy to operate.

3. comply with the US Food and Drug Administration a safety standard, the use of safe and reliable.

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Q:What is the difference between a vector network analyzer and a scalar network analyzer?
In the network division, the vector has more phase angles, and has the imaginary part of the real part, but the scalar can only measure the modulus of the reflection coefficient.
Q:What are the domestic brands of Spectrum Analyzer?
In the spectrum analyzer market, currently there are a number of manufacturers and brands, from the band and the most advanced technology is the development of the forty-first Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation including AV4036 50GHz AV4023 18GHz portable spectrum analyzer, spectrum analyzer and economical AV4037 ultra fast scan spectrum analyzer
Q:How about the analytical instruments produced by Dalian far Dongxing?
Dalian far Dongxing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of analytical instruments and equipment. It also provides technical training for customers, laboratory design and laboratory equipment matching and so on. Enterprises have an annual output value of 1500~1800 million capacity.The purpose of business is: "quality first, service first", has passed the China Petroleum Institute, Chinese petroleum chemical technology assembly center quality management assessment in early 1999 Dalian far Dongxing Instrument Co. ltd.. And in 2002 February, through the IS9001:2000 version of the international quality management system certification.
Q:What indicators are used to measure the merits of a detector in instrumental analysis?
Sensitivity, precision, repeatability are better
Q:What instrument errors can be eliminated by using the method of "left disk, right disk" and "average observation"?
Can eliminate theodolite error.
Q:What are the construction equipment for water conservancy and hydropower projects? What are the test and test instruments and equipment?
Construction equipment: electric hammer, drill, electric iron, hydraulic clamp, cold press pliers, hydraulic opener, cutting machine, stripping pliers, stripping pliers, fiber fusion splicer, screwdriver, pliers, pliers, hacksaw, spring pipe, simmer pipe machine etc.
Q:Is there an instrument that can detect leaking water in a wall?
Leak detection method of water pipe:1, the first thing to do is to close the main locks. The hose is then attached to both ends of the hot and cold water pipe.2, at the same time, one end of the instrument is fixed on another pipe in the same space.3, when the master in the use of equipment, you need to wring each interface, can not cause leakage, so that the measured water pressure will be accurate.4, when everything is ready, you can be ready for pressure testing.5, the water pressure will gradually increase, test the water pipe pressure, to see whether there is water leakage.6, the test division of the water pressure hit, in accordance with popular parlance, at this time the water pressure is 8 pounds.7, check the water pipes everywhere to see if there is water seepage or water leakage.
Q:How does the LabVIEW connect to the instrument?
LabVIEW serial procedures template, try to open, debug, and the instrument serial port connection. However, instrument communication protocols are needed.
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
On line measurement and measurement is different, in general is elevation, instruments or other means of verticality measurement work, put the line is limited to the scope of the construction of buildings, roads, construction plans will reflect to the construction site.Generally use level to determine elevation
Q:What is the use of Raman Spectrometer? For what kind of industry?
The principle of action is that the scattering molecule is originally in the base electron state, and the vibrational energy level is shown in fig.. When the incident light irradiation, polarization induced luminescence and the molecules can be seen as a virtual absorption, expressed as electronic transitions to the virtual state (Virtual state), the virtual electronic energy level transition to a lower level immediately and the light, is light scattering. Set back to the initial state of the electron, there are three cases as shown in the figure. Thus, the scattered light has both the same frequency spectrum as the incident light frequency and also the spectral line different from the incident light frequency. The former is called the Rayleigh line, and the latter is called the Raman line. In a Raman line, the spectral line whose frequency is smaller than the incident light frequency is called the Stokes line, and the spectral line whose frequency is greater than the incident light frequency is called the inverse Stokes lineRaman spectrum analyzer, laser is mainly to the measured object, through the optical path, reflecting light into the spectrometer, each sample has its own characteristic spectrum, then by comparing the characteristic spectrum to determine what is the main component of the sample. UV spectra can also be used for Raman purposes.Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a weak sample.

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