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I am in the United States to introduce imported laser range finder and other hardware, based on the research and development of the 5E-PM shock

CD coal instrument. After nearly two years of improvement, the use of digital interpolation techniques, the use of DTM modeling on this basis,

Optimize the three-dimensional data and graphics processing, launched measurements faster and more accurate laser disc coal 5E-PMⅡ instrument.

    The instrument hardware for the United States imported. By laser ranging system and angle encoders rapid acquisition

Each characteristic point of the entire coal field, and automatically entered into the computer space coordinates. Applicable to any shape of coal

Heap (rubble, construction) volume measurement. A person with a 25 ~ 45min can complete a 700m × 50m of

Coal field measurements. Measurement data directly input to the mini laptops results processing and preservation, without number

Data collection and other auxiliary equipment, automatic deletion of outliers, data and graphics processing speed.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement accuracy: ≤1%

2. Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

3. The laser radiation: compliance with US Food and Drug Administration a safety standard (Eye Safe)

Main features:

1. The instrument hardware for the United States imported, reliable performance.

2. Operation of the whole Chinese interface, easy to learn and easy to operate.

3. comply with the US Food and Drug Administration a safety standard, the use of safe and reliable.

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Q:What are the instruments for pile foundation testing?
The leak detection system of an ultrasonic detector is different from a specific gas sensor and is limited by the specific gas it is designed to detect. It is detected by sound.
Q:What can be done when measuring and controlling technology and instrumentation come out?
What I have learned is library testing techniques and instruments, and I have already worked. The first unit is switching power supply, I do R & D design engineers. Now this unit is made of high voltage solid state switch, I am responsible for some circuits, mainly driving circuit design and experiment.In addition, some of my classmates went to PetroChina, Sinopec, and some of them went to some enterprises of the national grid. The specialty of measurement and control is industrial control, detection and so on. So most of them go to factories or research and development enterprises. Specific position to see their hobbies, you can do technical support, research and development, sales and so on.
Q:What is the difference between oscilloscope CAN protocol decoding and CAN analysis instrument?
The logic analyzer belongs to the host computer can decode decode, analyze and display the measurement data of the signal in the PC can also find filtering operation, greatly facilitate the users, and now the logic analyzer storage depth is relatively high, can store large amounts of data, the oscilloscope has at most 4 channel logic analyzer has dozens of channel analysis is more simple and easy. Zhiyuan electronic logic analyzer basically supports more than 60 kinds of protocol analyzer, involving more than a dozen occasions, the use of relatively wide.
Q:Beauty salons with instruments to clear up clogged pores, skin care products can absorb better, reliable?
Do not often wash your face with a brush, the good skin will be thin. But once every 2 weeks is OK, and the skin can repair itself during that time.Usually wash your face sooner or later have to wash, to clean thoroughly with moisturizing whitening farewell Cleansing Cream, that is not washed clean residue. Also do not use frosted cleanser, grinding really pain ah. After washing, you must apply the essence of shrink pores, or else go out and go into the dirt again.
Q:What tests can be made by a skin test instrument?
Because the skin moisture in the presence of liquidity, skin test instrument designed automatic control sensor for multi vector repeat detection, large amounts of data and the complicated formula of the sensor is analyzed are the most close to the real situation of the data. Just as people swim in a swimming pool with water and oil, different water, oil content and speed are different, so as to test the effluent oil content. The elasticity of the skin is designed by using the principle of geometric difference, and the accuracy and reliability are high.
Q:When total station instrument coordinates setting out, do not input angle instrument, high-energy lofting?
Generally, there are two methods for layout: polar setting out and rectangular coordinate setting out. With the rectangular coordinate setting out, no rear view azimuth can be obtained. As long as the coordinate of the station and the coordinate of the back view are input, the instrument can automatically obtain the back azimuth; the same can be obtained with the forward azimuth angle. If you enter the Total Station Road lofting program, you need to enter the known data into the instrument.
Q:I'd like to know something about distribution instruments
First of all, to determine what kinds of construction or environmental testing, rock, mineral or metal materials, is biomedical, non-metallic, organic, inorganic,
Q:Water quality analyzer, what are the well-known domestic manufacturers?
In order to protect the water environment, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of wastewater discharge. The quality of detection point design and instrument (mainly water quality analyzer) plays a vital role in water environment monitoring. Determination of various chemical constituents in water by chemical and physical methods. Water quality analyzer is divided into three parts: simple analysis, full analysis and special analysis. Jane in the field of analysis of the project, but requires fast and timely, suitable for a preliminary understanding of the analysis of main chemical components in the groundwater aquifer with special large area within the scope of the project according to the specific needs and tasks. In addition, the automatic ion analyzer can be used for rapid and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis, and can be fully automated, intelligent, real-time, on-line and multi parameter simultaneous analysis.
Q:Determination of the pH of the solution with pH meter, instrument analysis and chemical analysis
The pH is used for solution Determination of instrument analysis.Instrumental analysis is an important branch of chemistry. It is a method of analysis based on the physical and physico-chemical properties of matter. Qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and morphological analysis of substances were carried out by using special instruments. Instrumental analysis methods include many analytical methods, and there are currently ten kinds. Each method of analysis is based on different principles, the measured physical quantity is different, the operation process and application are also different.
Q:What kind of analytical instruments do steel enterprises use?
In China, the test instrument network has seen the wood reinforced bar testing instrument, the analysis instrument that you said should be those steel tensile and bending tensile test machine.

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