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TITAN handheld fluorescence spectrometer Bruker company's newest handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (alloy analyzer), a leading international, powerful, lightest, quality control (QA / QC), material analysis (PMI), mixing Recognition , waste sorting (Recycling), grade identification (Grade ID) and other areas in the best, most reliable detection equipment.

 TITAN compact design, precise measurement accuracy, superior ability to resist harsh environments, more suitable for users in a variety of environments, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, and even when the job can ensure normal operation of equipment, use more lightweight and convenient.

Measuring range of elements: Mg-U

Handheld fluorescence spectrometer applications



Metal recovery and classification

Quality Control

Military industry


Power Station

Boilers, vessels, pipes, etc.

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Precious metal analysis


Handheld fluorescence spectrometer software features

Bruce Crockett has been certified S1 TITAN patent accessories, anti-tie detectors, not only can protect the detector window is sharp metal materials (such as wood shavings and filaments) pierced bad, but also can quickly and accurately analyze virtually any material. Anti-bar detector which greatly reduces the probability of the detector is pierced, thus avoiding the problems and costs arising due to the replacement detector.

Patented anti TITAN tie detector can protect the detector

Anti-bar detectors reduce the maximum degree of expensive probes were slashed the odds

Does not reduce the analytical performance, even for light elements

So downtime to a minimum

Worry greatly eliminate waste measurement

Results The mean function

Battery power display

Color code shows

Voice prompts

Power Saving Function

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Q:Audio analyzer for audio analyzer
The audio analysis instrument mentioned here refers to not only can measure the microphone, audio amplifier, speakers and other types of single audio equipment of various electro acoustic parameters, can the overall performance of combination test combination audio mixer, audio equipment analysis instrument. At present, the market has been the emergence of measurement can be used for all kinds of audio equipment, analytical instruments, such as distortion analyzer, spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, AC voltmeter, DC voltage meter, oscilloscope audio etc.. These rack type hardware instruments based on various functional circuits are easy to use and have high measurement accuracy, and have been widely used. Audio equipment manufacturers can analyze the performance of the instrument inspection equipment using audio, discovery of defects, and for the design of the equipment manufacturing is improved, consumers can also use audio analysis instrument to evaluate the equipment, choose the right product.
Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
One is to input sinusoidal signals into the device to be tested, and then to analyze the frequency components of the equipment response signal, so that harmonic distortion can be obtained. A more simple measurement method is the first to use bandstop filter filter response frequency components in the signal, voltage and measuring the residual signal directly, compared with the original signal, can get harmonic distortion. Obviously, second methods of harmonic distortion is THD+N, the total value of the voltage signal instead of the fundamental frequency component of voltage, so the harmonic distortion is smaller than the actual value, and the actual harmonic distortion is bigger, the greater the error.
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
Put the line is to set the coordinates on the map in the field to go ~ ~ theodolite now has little use, almost eliminated, the total station used a little more
Q:What are the signals used to distinguish the elemental analysis instruments from scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy?
SEM often use: EDS, WDS X - ray spectroscopic features; Auger electron need ultra high vacuum environment, often appear in Auger electron spectroscopy products, can also be included in the scanning electron microscope category; contrast backscattered electrons carry different domains average atomic number regions, atomic number height or the material density distribution of the qualitative solution cathode; fluorescence spectra in the ultraviolet range, electromagnetic radiation emitted visible or infrared wavelengths, this phenomenon can be used to detect minerals, trace elements and semiconductor in biological samples (ppm level, X ray spectrum WDS or X ray EDS can not achieve) distribution.
Q:The working principle of flue gas analyzer, with the brand
This is the principle of electrochemical analyzer, i.e. smoke flue gas, flue gas into the gas analysis box, along the road, followed by each sensor, and the sensor produces chemical reaction, generate electrical signals, the manipulator on display.
Q:What's the difference between direct reading spectrometer and X ray fluorescence analyzer, and other ones are elemental analysis. What are their differences?
Direct reading spectrometer can be divided into three types: vertical, desktop and mobile, and the stability and precision of analysis are descending in turnX ray fluorescence is mainly divided into three types: wavelength, energy and portable. The accuracy of analysis is also descending according to the order in sequence. The function of these elements is followed by the analysis of elements content, semi quantitative qualitative analysis and qualitative analysis
Q:The difference between UV Vis spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectrophotometry
UV VIS spectrophotometer consists of 5 components: 1. Radiation source. The continuous spectrum must have a stable and sufficient output power, the use of equipment such as band, tungsten lamp, halogen lamp (wavelength range from 350 to 2500 nm), hydrogen deuterium lamp or lamp (180 ~ 460 nm), or tunable dye laser light source etc.. The monochromator [1]. It consists of the incident, the exit slit and lens system and a dispersive element (prism or grating), is a device used to produce high purity monochromatic beam, its functions include composite light generated from the light source into monochromatic light beams of monochromatic light and separation required. Sample container, also called absorption tank. For a solution of absorbance measurement for quartz glass tank is divided into pools and two, the former is applicable to the ultraviolet to the visible region, the latter is only applicable to the visible region. The vessel's optical path is usually 0.5 to 10 cm. Detector, also known as photoelectric converter. Commonly used are photoelectric tubes or photomultiplier tubes, the latter is more sensitive than the former, especially suitable for detecting weak radiation. In recent years, vidicon or photodiode array is used as detector, which has the characteristics of fast scanning. Display device. This part of the device is developing faster. The higher photometer has a microprocessor, a screen display and a recorder, etc., and displays the atlas, data, and operating conditions.
Q:Which is better, sic-100 multi component gas analyzer and gas chromatograph?
Power environmentAccess to power GYE99 chromatographic analyzer for 220V + 10% (50Hz + 0.5 Hz), can provide the power of not less than 2000W. In order to protect the personal safety of chromatographic analyzer, GYE99 panel and the case in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Association, with three core power line grounding.
Q:What is the working principle of an Austrian Gas Analyzer?
The use of different solutions to different groups have been absorbed in the gas sample points in the sample of carbon dioxide with 40% sodium hydroxide absorption; in the sample of oxygen by pyrogallol solution of potassium absorption; using ammonia solution to absorb cuprous chloride in the sample. Then according to the change of carbon monoxide suction collecting samples before and after volume to calculate the component content of.CH4 and H2 used explosion combustion method, the residual gas is N2.
Q:What tests can be made by a skin test instrument?
Using patented bio sensing principle, the depth of the probe in the epidermis and dermis of the skin with moisture, physical parameters of elastic oil content and the most representative were detected, and calculate the ratio and volume measurement.

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