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TITAN handheld fluorescence spectrometer Bruker company's newest handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (alloy analyzer), a leading international, powerful, lightest, quality control (QA / QC), material analysis (PMI), mixing Recognition , waste sorting (Recycling), grade identification (Grade ID) and other areas in the best, most reliable detection equipment.

 TITAN compact design, precise measurement accuracy, superior ability to resist harsh environments, more suitable for users in a variety of environments, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, and even when the job can ensure normal operation of equipment, use more lightweight and convenient.

Measuring range of elements: Mg-U

Handheld fluorescence spectrometer applications



Metal recovery and classification

Quality Control

Military industry


Power Station

Boilers, vessels, pipes, etc.

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Precious metal analysis


Handheld fluorescence spectrometer software features

Bruce Crockett has been certified S1 TITAN patent accessories, anti-tie detectors, not only can protect the detector window is sharp metal materials (such as wood shavings and filaments) pierced bad, but also can quickly and accurately analyze virtually any material. Anti-bar detector which greatly reduces the probability of the detector is pierced, thus avoiding the problems and costs arising due to the replacement detector.

Patented anti TITAN tie detector can protect the detector

Anti-bar detectors reduce the maximum degree of expensive probes were slashed the odds

Does not reduce the analytical performance, even for light elements

So downtime to a minimum

Worry greatly eliminate waste measurement

Results The mean function

Battery power display

Color code shows

Voice prompts

Power Saving Function

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Q:Audio analyzer for audio analyzer
In combination acoustics, for example, the term "timbre" is often used to evaluate its performance. The so-called tone is the difference of sound caused by different harmonics. The so-called "balance" of sound refers to the amount of sound that sounds in full frequency range and sounds natural. The audio analysis instrument is the role of the evaluation equipment industry terms expressed in the form of various quantitative parameters, the measurement of distortion characteristic parameters corresponding to the harmonic tone "is the" balance "is related to the frequency of equipment in the whole audio range of distribution of the ring.
Q:What are the signals used to distinguish the elemental analysis instruments from scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy?
The elements that carry out elemental analysis are the elemental features emitted by the active region, X ray, auger electron,Characteristic energy loss electrons, such as cathode fluorescence, backscattered electrons, etc..
Q:What are the skills of purchasing a gas chromatograph?
Some people think that these indicators seem to be detectors. Yes, but as stated earlier, the conditions are to be compared throughout the loop and in the system. For example: the pulse of the pump will directly affect the noise index, pump flow accuracy, accuracy indicators, as well as poor sealing, will affect the relevant indicators. So watch the metrics systematically.
Q:What kind of jobs does the analytical instrument include?
I did the water testing, we belong to the quality department, other offices of the people think that one day we are in the laboratory to wash bottles, collocation solution on machine measurement was done, very simple, they do not in the office, a day that such things matter, in fact that some people are not doing before, he worked until the hands and feet a day are sour, also free gas suction point. You want a system to think so, and others who don't understand will think so, and the lab that performs the test is no better than the school laboratory teacher
Q:Does the nuclear power plants in the water quality analysis instrument, such as pH meter, conductivity meter and so on are used in what place, what is the special requirements?
Special requirements, is to use the water pH detection of acid-base cannot exceed the detection range of 0-14, otherwise the electric level is bad
Q:Are there any commonly used analytical instruments in chemical analysis?
1. application of new technologyThe current widespread use of EDA (Electronic Design Automation), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAT (computer aided test), DSP (digital signal processing), ASIC (ASIC) and SMT (surface mount technology) etc..2. changes in product mixPay attention to performance price ratio. While paying attention to the development of high-end instruments, we pay attention to the development and production of high and new technology and large quantities of products.Focus on system integration, not only focus on stand-alone, more attention to systems, product softening, with all kinds of equipment loaded with CPU, after the realization of the digitization, the software invested a huge amount of manpower and financial resources. The instrument into a simple formula: =AD/DACPU instrument software, AD chip analog signals into digital signals, and then processed by a software transformation with DA output.3., the product development standards have changedFrom "technology driven" to "market driven", from "pursuit of sophisticated" to "just right"". The development of a successful product criterion is that the user has a clear demand; can use the shortest time to market development; the function and performance to be just perfect; another change of product development standards is the direction of contraction, the advantages of centralized.4., production technology, specializing in production, do not engage in large and completeAutomatic test system is adopted in production process. At present, the automatic test system is set up with GP-IB instrument. The production line is full of large test cabinets, which can automatically test, count, analyze and print the results.
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and equipment should be used in drug analysis experiments?
Physical and chemical analysis: moisture tester, atomic absorption, microscope and so on
Q:Is the Zibo analytical instrument expensive?
Boshan Zibo Sea Branch instrument factory, the quality is excellent, the price is preferential, the after-sale service is perfect, the casting material model is complete. You need the analysis instrument of friends, if you do not find suitable for the factory, you can contact the first time - Shandong city of Zibo province Zhong Lin Road No. 207, by professional and technical personnel of a set of solutions to meet your actual situation of you.
Q:With the development of science and technology, why can't instrumental analysis replace chemical analysis completely?
For example, for example, a detection component is detected in the content is 10%, then the detection error in +-1% is relatively large, the detection of 9%-11%, +-0.1% and error is reasonable, namely 9.9%-10.1% detection at this time for chemical analysis, instrument analysis obviously large error for the content; 0.1% components, error +-1% is completely acceptable. The detection of 0.09%-0.11%, and the error in +-0.1% is not necessary, the range of 0.099%-0.101% detection in analytical chemistry is neither necessary nor meaning, then apply the instrument analysis.
Q:What is the height of a level instrument? What is the back view reading?
Level of sight height (range) = rear view elevation (must be known) + after reading unit must be unified (usually "rice");

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