Quick ash calorific value test system

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Product Description:

Instrument Description:

5E-HCY7500 portable heat value fast ash analyzer is used for rapid determination of ash coals and heat equipment,

Applicable in the car, train, coal quality coal pile on-site inspection.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: 6% ≤ ≤60% ash content

Accuracy: measurement granularity ≤3cm, evenness good coal

Ash ≤20% error value ≤1%

Ash> 20% of indicated value × 5%

Test data can be stored: 1000 group.

Test time: 10 seconds.

Dimensions: Length 80cm, diameter 7.5cm.

Weight: 4Kg.

Power: 5V Lithium battery, can work nine hours, can be recharged.

Main features:

1, the instrument before each use without correction, can be measured every 30 seconds of a point, and fast!

2, portable, one person may operate during the operation have voice prompts.

3. Use the LCD backlight display the operation screen, can be operated at night, on-screen display as follows:

Gray scores:. ×× ×%

Heat:. ×× × MJ / Kg

Energy value:. ×× × Kev

4, may be infrared transfer of data to the PC, or printer.

5 for more coal testing, you can save 50 coal characteristic parameters of the instrument.

6, security, this instrument only within 30 seconds, without any damage to the operator.

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Q:What are the rules of sampling for raw iron analysis instruments?
After the specimen is mixed, the specimen is collected in a clean container. The same batch of samples is called equal quality, the total weight is about 45g, and the mixture is divided into 10! 15g is used to determine the composition of carbon, and the remaining 30~35g is crushed in hardened steel bowl or in his sample preparation equipment. To prevent the sample is too small, while beating the side sieve. Sample screening must be used to close screen cover, with the exemption like fine powder loss. The specimen shall pass all the required sieve holes. Malleable cast steel shot because chip into thin slices and not by all the provisions of the sieve, to film thickness impact screen aperture is less than the specified or not affect the analysis of melting sample, sieve specimens can be according to the provisions of the processing by sieve, sieve directly mixed in the samples. The size of the sample is determined according to the determination method. The standard method is that the conventional component is 60 mesh; the rapid analysis of the conventional component is 80`100; the burning method of carbon analysis is about 20 mesh (but sieve).
Q:The calorific value of testing equipment | thermal analysis instrument is what?
I was in Chengdu with the heat of the HY-A9 tester, as called the universal automatic calorimeter, we are used to detect coal, oil, fast, good precision, have what big problems, has been in use for 4 years
Q:What are the basic components of an analytical instrument?
The sampling device acts as an introduction to the sample to be analyzed. For some instruments, the sampling device is the sampler. There are two kinds of injector, manual and automatic, usually syringe injector. Sampling devices are much more complex for analytical instruments used in processes. For gas samples, the system must be positive or negative when sampling.
Q:Instrumental analysis can be used for porcelain dating
At present, there is only one instrument in the identification of porcelain age, there is a great use, that is, thermoluminescence detector
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
R & D, R & D wages are many times after the sale, and technical talent is a priceless treasure.
Q:How much is the indoor formaldehyde detector?
Formaldehyde detecting instrument based on the principle of high sensitive electrochemical sensor, combined with single-chip technology and network communication technology to place the air samples collected detection of formaldehyde in air by phenol reagent solution absorption reaction, triazine, triazine in acidic solution by chromogenic agent ferric ion is oxidized to form blue-green compounds. According to the color depth, direct colorimetric determination in situ.
Q:Cod analysis instrument level failure, how to get?
The following are some of the common failures and treatment methods, may not be comprehensive, I hope you correct me.1, first of all on the sampling of the problem, such as CODmax alarm, "no samples."". First of all, check the blockage of the sample tube, the sampler is normal or not, then check the submersible pump sampling. (1, whether the pipeline leaks; 2, piston pump);
Q:Which is more promising for the sale of medical devices and analytical instruments?
In sales, it's difficult to sell the hospital. You can't get close to the purchasing leader of the hospital unless you have a strong hospital background. Otherwise, it will be difficult.
Q:Which analytical instrument is suitable for the determination of the gold content of gold plating bath?
Iodometric method for the destruction of cyanide with hydrochloric acid, and the dissolved gold aqua regia and converted to three gold chloride, and free iodide precipitate quantitatively, and then the standard solution of sodium sulfate free iodine thiosulfate titration, to determine the amount of gold.Reagentofuse: hydrochloric acid (relative density l.19), 1:3 HCl, aqua regia (3 volume of concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid, l volume) 10% solution of potassium iodide, 1% starch solution, standard 0.025mol / L sodium thiosulfate solution.The methods of analysis are as followsThe pipet 2ml plating solution in a 300ml conical flask.Adding 20ml concentrated hydrochloric acid in the electric furnace evaporated to dry (in the ventilation cabinet)The adding chloroazotic acid 5 ~ 7ml, 70 ~ 80 DEG C to slowly evaporate into the slurry, but never dry.Then dissolve and wash the bottle wall with 80ml hot water. After cooling, add l:3 hydrochloric acid 10ml and 10% potassium iodide 10ml, placed in the dark 2min.Add 5ml starch indicator, titrate with 0.025mol / L sodium thiosulfate to blue, disappear as the end point
Q:In principle, how many kinds of instrument analysis can be divided into?
Spectrometry, chromatography, and mass spectrometry.The spectral method can be divided into atomic spectrometry (mainly used for the determination of element content, including atomic absorption spectrometry, atomic emission spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometry, X ray fluorescence spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy), molecular spectroscopy (or determine the molecular structure of the auxiliary, including ultraviolet and infrared spectra, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy etc.).

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