Coal real-time data analysis and management network

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■ System Features

  Laboratory data management system capable of coal quality laboratory instrument real-time monitoring and collection (including calorimeter series, measuring sulfur analyzer series, the industry analysis series, etc.), to provide a seamless interface for SPC data quality analysis and enterprise MES system at the same time, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the experiment, a variety of resources such as personnel, equipment, facilities, etc. are also included among the effective management to improve the level of laboratory management, allowing companies to detect the level of information to reach a new level.

   Sampling room computer monitor computer laboratory center server (database server) consisting of an internal LAN, and the raw data for each station laboratory tests on the instrument for the collection, analysis and processing, printing; and then upload it to the laboratory via a LAN computer monitor (center server) summarize treatment. Meanwhile at the specified permissions for each user can be a variety of laboratory data query results via the web (WEB server). Reserved for external data interface, you can import the data into under the authority of the premise factory MIS information management system dedicated database for each user through the factory MIS system for testing data queries.

   System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help, leadership queries.

Technical parameters:

■ Function System

System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help.

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① laboratory data collection, processing, transfer automatically.

② real-time data query, statistical analysis, information distribution, leadership inquiry system to provide "one-stop" information services.

③ laboratory management processes, intelligence, networking, upgrading laboratory management.

④ laboratory data for the production of services, enhance production management standardization and scientific.

⑤ reduce office costs, reduce labor intensity and avoid manual errors and data errors, improve work efficiency.

⑥ maintain data consistency and data in the original, enhanced data sharing and avoid modifying data and data sources believed diversity, improve laboratory data security, impartiality and rigor.

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Q:What is mechanical, instrumentation, automation?
Application:For example, the chemical industry, chemical industry, there are many parameters need to be controlled, such as flow, temperature, level, pressure, composition of the need to control, because they are directly related to the required product quality, and mechanical instrument automation is the instrument management.
Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
Generally speaking, an audio analysis instrument with complete functions should be able to measure parameters such as signal AC and DC voltage, signal frequency, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and so on. Powerful audio analysis instrument provides spectrum analysis, 1/3 octave analysis, octave analysis, sound pressure level measurement, and other functions. If you want to build an audio analysis system, you also need a standard audio generator as the source of the excitation.
Q:The automatic biochemical analyzer belongs to several kinds of medical instruments
Previously, some registrations were of the three category, and are currently collectively referred to as the two category. Domestic automatic biochemical analyzer which should be the best quality of Nanjing Yi rambe.
Q:What acne removal instrument is better to use?
Usually must pay attention to the face clean, strong Cleansing Cream with some cleaning, after washing the face must rub moisturizing cream, acne and one of the reasons is the skin oil, skin oil because the skin dry, so we must do a good job moisturizing and replenishment.
Q:I have instrument to need to make calibration, how to choose measuring instrument calibration service?
Tell them the calibration parameters, such as balance, temperature, time and so on, they will make you in accordance with the requirements of the calibration and measurement instrument calibration, Boluo has many places in the city, you can check your.
Q:What instrument errors can be eliminated by using the method of "left disk, right disk" and "average observation"?
Effect of horizontal disc and alidade eccentric error by disk observations are averaged to eliminate left right;
Q:How do you choose the RTK measuring instrument?
Core performance mainly depends on: accuracy, signal, anti drop waterproof performance, whether to bring built-in radio, hand book software is good, and if it is a large number of purchases, it is recommended that you can prepare site comparison.
Q:What instrument can measure the relative humidity of air?
Relative humidity, ratio of absolute humidity in the air at the same temperature and absolute humidity saturation, that is a percentage. The percentage of saturated vapor temperature when the absolute humidity of air with the same water temperature, the relative humidity of the air was called. If the absolute humidity of air temperature when using P, P said the same temperature water saturation vapor pressure, relative humidity expressed by B, then a saturation vapor pressure temperature of water can be found out from the table. Therefore, you can calculate the relative humidity when you know the absolute humidity; conversely, you can calculate the absolute humidity by knowing the relative humidity. If the absolute humidity of p=800Pa air, when the temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, the relative humidity of the air is when the temperature is 10 DEG C, the relative humidity of the air in the living room, proper humidity is around 60%. Rice at flowering stage, the most suitable relative humidity is 70% ~ 80%.
Q:The method of eliminating the background of atomic emission spectrometry
Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is one of the most important analytical methods in analytical chemistry. It has been widely used in metallurgical industry
Q:What principles are classified by chemical analysis and instrumental analysis? What's the difference between the two methods?
Chemical analysis, based on the chemical reaction of substances, is called chemical analysis. Chemical method of (analysis) is a method that relies on specific chemical reactions and their quantitative relationships to analyze substances. Chemical analysis has a long history, is the basis of analytical chemistry, also known as the classic analysis method, mainly including gravimetric method and titration method, and sample processing and separation, enrichment, masking and other chemical means. In many fields of production and life, chemical analysis plays an important role as a routine method of analysis. Titration method is simple, fast and has great use value.

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