Coal real-time data analysis and management network

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■ System Features

  Laboratory data management system capable of coal quality laboratory instrument real-time monitoring and collection (including calorimeter series, measuring sulfur analyzer series, the industry analysis series, etc.), to provide a seamless interface for SPC data quality analysis and enterprise MES system at the same time, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the experiment, a variety of resources such as personnel, equipment, facilities, etc. are also included among the effective management to improve the level of laboratory management, allowing companies to detect the level of information to reach a new level.

   Sampling room computer monitor computer laboratory center server (database server) consisting of an internal LAN, and the raw data for each station laboratory tests on the instrument for the collection, analysis and processing, printing; and then upload it to the laboratory via a LAN computer monitor (center server) summarize treatment. Meanwhile at the specified permissions for each user can be a variety of laboratory data query results via the web (WEB server). Reserved for external data interface, you can import the data into under the authority of the premise factory MIS information management system dedicated database for each user through the factory MIS system for testing data queries.

   System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help, leadership queries.

Technical parameters:

■ Function System

System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help.

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① laboratory data collection, processing, transfer automatically.

② real-time data query, statistical analysis, information distribution, leadership inquiry system to provide "one-stop" information services.

③ laboratory management processes, intelligence, networking, upgrading laboratory management.

④ laboratory data for the production of services, enhance production management standardization and scientific.

⑤ reduce office costs, reduce labor intensity and avoid manual errors and data errors, improve work efficiency.

⑥ maintain data consistency and data in the original, enhanced data sharing and avoid modifying data and data sources believed diversity, improve laboratory data security, impartiality and rigor.

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Q:What instruments are used in building lightning protection testing?
The utility model is suitable for measuring the grounding resistance of various devices and measuring the resistance value of a low resistance conductor, such as power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, mines, etc., and also can measure soil resistivity and earth voltage. Ground resistance tester should be kept indoors to maintain its ambient temperature 0 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity of not more than 80 percent, and in the air can not contain enough to cause corrosion of harmful substances.
Q:What are the problems in the application of analytical instruments?
What's more, the sensitivity problem, the ordinary atomic absorption can not measure the PPB class metal elements. For nonmetal elements, the atomic spectrum is helpless, so the analysis instrument has the characteristic of specificity.
Q:What's the difference between a logical analyzer and a virtual oscilloscope?
20M desktop analog oscilloscope bandwidth slightly low, the general application is enough, but the application of high frequency will have defects, but not memory retention, not easy to analyze the signal, so if there is a meter, a virtual oscilloscope is not redundant!
Q:What are the domestic brands of Spectrum Analyzer?
In the spectrum analyzer market, currently there are a number of manufacturers and brands, from the band and the most advanced technology is the development of the forty-first Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation including AV4036 50GHz AV4023 18GHz portable spectrum analyzer, spectrum analyzer and economical AV4037 ultra fast scan spectrum analyzer
Q:What principles are classified by chemical analysis and instrumental analysis? What's the difference between the two methods?
Instrumental analysis (modern analysis or physical analysis): a variety of experimental phenomena occur in the interaction of matter. Instrumental analysis is the use of a variety of characteristics can directly or indirectly characterize substances (such as physical, chemical and physiological properties of the experimental phenomena, etc.) through the probe or sensor, amplifier, analysis of converter can directly feel the change of adults already know about the material composition, content, distribution or structure information analysis method.
Q:What are the methods of calibration, external standard and internal standard in instrumental analysis?Standard plus standard method...... Thank you
Standard: a series of known amounts of analyte were added to several aliquots of the samples, prepared concentration (cx+0), (cx+c1), (cx+c2), (cx+c3)...... A standard series that has the same matrix as the sampleYou say, plus standard method, I think that is the standard adding method, that is, after adding the mark, through the instrument to measure the above series of response values S0, S1, S2, S3, S4...... The response signal was plotted with S at the concentration of C, and then the line extrapolation and the concentration axis intersect at one point. The concentration of the analyte to be measured was cx.
Q:Which brand is good for chemical analysis instruments?
In addition, when the glutaraldehyde storage time is too long, the pH value will be reduced, the color yellow, the fixed potency will be greatly reduced. If the glutaraldehyde pH value drops below 3.5 or contains other impurities, it must be purified before it can be used. Glutaraldehyde has a hardening effect on the skin, but it is less volatile than formaldehyde. It is best to operate in a fume hood.
Q:What instruments do you need to open a beauty parlor?
This needs to start with the actual location of the beauty parlor, and some beauty salons are positioned as family style salons, so that only a few simple nursing instruments are needed;
Q:What is the working principle of an Austrian Gas Analyzer?
The main problems in the practical application of austenite gas analyzer are:1) this method is manual analyzer, the operation is more cumbersome, low precision, slow speed, can not achieve online analysis, can not adapt to the needs of production development;2) the volume of the comb tube has an influence on the analysis result, especially the impact on the explosion method;3) hot analysis determination time length Austria instrument, place has some limitations, but also must pay attention to the degree of chemical reaction, reading or not mislead the production;4) pyrobitumen food sub alkaline liquid acid at 15? 20 degrees of oxygen efficiency the best absorption effect decreased with the temperature decreased, 0 degrees almost completely loss absorption capacity, so that the absorption liquid temperature shall not be less than 15 degrees.
Q:Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Working principle of austenite gas analyzerThe use of different solutions to different groups have been absorbed in the gas sample points in the sample of carbon dioxide with 40% sodium hydroxide absorption; in the sample of oxygen by pyrogallol solution of potassium absorption; using ammonia solution to absorb cuprous chloride in the sample of carbon monoxide. Then the content of each component is calculated according to the volume change of the sample before and after the absorption. CH4 and H2 were determined by explosive combustion, and the remaining gas was N2.

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