Coal real-time data analysis and management network

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■ System Features

  Laboratory data management system capable of coal quality laboratory instrument real-time monitoring and collection (including calorimeter series, measuring sulfur analyzer series, the industry analysis series, etc.), to provide a seamless interface for SPC data quality analysis and enterprise MES system at the same time, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the experiment, a variety of resources such as personnel, equipment, facilities, etc. are also included among the effective management to improve the level of laboratory management, allowing companies to detect the level of information to reach a new level.

   Sampling room computer monitor computer laboratory center server (database server) consisting of an internal LAN, and the raw data for each station laboratory tests on the instrument for the collection, analysis and processing, printing; and then upload it to the laboratory via a LAN computer monitor (center server) summarize treatment. Meanwhile at the specified permissions for each user can be a variety of laboratory data query results via the web (WEB server). Reserved for external data interface, you can import the data into under the authority of the premise factory MIS information management system dedicated database for each user through the factory MIS system for testing data queries.

   System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help, leadership queries.

Technical parameters:

■ Function System

System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help.

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① laboratory data collection, processing, transfer automatically.

② real-time data query, statistical analysis, information distribution, leadership inquiry system to provide "one-stop" information services.

③ laboratory management processes, intelligence, networking, upgrading laboratory management.

④ laboratory data for the production of services, enhance production management standardization and scientific.

⑤ reduce office costs, reduce labor intensity and avoid manual errors and data errors, improve work efficiency.

⑥ maintain data consistency and data in the original, enhanced data sharing and avoid modifying data and data sources believed diversity, improve laboratory data security, impartiality and rigor.

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Q:Is the polarimeter a physical or chemical instrument or an optical ray instrument?
Iron oxide (Fe2O3) commonly known as iron oxide red, as red pigment; some industrial process applications and is also a catalyst of metal oxide.
Q:What is the difference between modern instrumental analysis and chemical analysis methods?
The function of the instrument to replace some artificial action, five concept identification and human, to speed up the progress of the analysis, to reduce the number of human errors; but if the principle is the use of new technology to achieve detection, then the determination object may be different, the determination of some heavy metals such as traditional chemical methods, may require chemical titration reaction each other through a variety of substances to judge analysis, a large number of samples needed before processing can be realized, but modern spectral instruments can realize nondestructive testing, do not need to complete the reaction through the middle to qualitative or quantitative, also do not need to sample pretreatment.
Q:About black head instrument
The instrument if in fact that it has not one... But will hurt the skin.It is recommended to start with the basic cleaning. Use a clean oily CleanserCosmetic tax should be used with convergence. Basically, there will be acne, because of coarse pores
Q:What is coal quality industrial analyzer, coal quality industrial analyzer, which are the main indicators of coal?
Industrial analyzer is mainly used for analysis in coal: water (water), ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon (calculated), is composed of a heating system (Gao Wenlu), weighing system (balance) and control system (computer) instrument, to replace the old muffle furnace and oven, balance function, can reduce the the influence of the test results;
Q:The automatic biochemical analyzer belongs to several kinds of medical instruments
Previously, some registrations were of the three category, and are currently collectively referred to as the two category. Domestic automatic biochemical analyzer which should be the best quality of Nanjing Yi rambe.
Q:How do simple methods and instruments test drinking water quality?
The TDS value represents the total amount of dissolved substances contained in each liter of water (mg). According to experience and related information, generally less than 50, safe to drink.In order to strictly control the water quality, it should be checked according to the national drinking water standard.
Q:Why can't the food quality be determined simply by the result of chemical analysis or instrumental analysis?
In chemical analysis, the chemical reaction based on the reaction must be complete. But in the instrument analysis, because the error request is around 5%, therefore may according to the actual situation, as appropriate treats.
Q:Only the "6840 clinical test and analysis instrument" can operate an in vitro diagnostic reagent?
Contains ah. 6840 of the categories include in vitro diagnostic reagents and some diagnostic kits for in vitro diagnostic reagents.
Q:Instrumental analysis can be used for porcelain dating
It is the use of porcelain in the day it was burned, it will continue to absorb and accumulate the external radiation energy, this energy and burning after the length of time. The time of porcelain can be known indirectly by measuring radiant energy. Thank you
Q:What is the working principle of chromatographic analyzer?
Host structureMESP-405 oil chromatographic analyzer consists of flow control components, injector, chromatographic column box, detector, temperature control and detector circuit components, chromatography workstation and so on.

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