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Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO is an easy to use automated analyzers, with unmatched reliability, small footprint, easy maintenance and low operating costs.

   Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO is a fully automatic metal material analyzer. Just into the sample, register on the touch screen, the system will start. Sample preparation, the system shift, spectral analysis, sample archiving, report the results, all of which are part of the complete process of Q8 CORONADO.

   Even with automation systems, including in the interim period and the analysis of samples and monitor the implementation of standardized processes where necessary. This helps to shorten the sample before analysis turnaround time and ensure consistent quality.

  Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO offers a variety of configurations, ferrous and nonferrous metals can be used for applications.

   Because of the automation system used in the flagship product Q8 MAGELLAN, ensuring high analytical performance.

  Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO automated analysis system designed specifically for iron foundries and steel mills; the results from the sample to just a few minutes! The automated analyzer stands beside the steel furnaces.

   Q8 direct reading spectrometer using the latest hardware and software technology crystallization technology, with 1000mm focal length and light room 2400 or 3600 engraved lines / mm grating resolution, making two spectral dispersion rate derivative 0.26nm / mm, single-pulse spark technology and time-resolved spectroscopy applications so that each channel can simultaneously capture 1000 spark pulse data, and analysis time window of up to four optional. Details:

Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 technical parameters:

Paschen Runge structure

Focal Length: 750 mm

Wavelength range: 110 nm - 800 nm

Detector: channel photomultiplier tube (CPM)

Channels: Up to 128

Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 main features:

All-digital solid-state excitation light source, making the analysis of the results of unusually stable

1000 data pulse spark spark single pulse detection techniques, excitation frequency up to 1000Hz, one-time read all 128 channels

Time-resolved spectroscopic techniques, the best alternative analysis window brings excellent sensitivity and precision

Using the new channel photomultiplier tube technology, low dark current, high signal to noise ratio, and strong ability to detect

High vacuum thermostat optical system, high-performance turbo-molecular pump vacuum pump oil vapor eradicate pollution of the optical system

Industry: metallurgy, casting, forging, machinery manufacturing, valves, fittings, pressure vessels, automotive parts, railways, shipping, aviation, scrap metal recycling, testing agencies, research institutions, contract laboratories

Process analysis of steel, cast iron, process analysis, process analysis of aluminum, copper process analysis

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Q:What are the basic components of an analytical instrument?
The separation device, "separation", is broad here and is available in various analytical instruments capable of simultaneous analysis of multiple components. It includes not only the separation of sample components, including energy separation, such as optical analysis of optical system in the instrument (or dispersion monochromator, etc.), column chromatography.
Q:Does the nuclear power plants in the water quality analysis instrument, such as pH meter, conductivity meter and so on are used in what place, what is the special requirements?
The pH for the detection of water pH; for the detection of water conductivity conductive ion content.
Q:What are the signals used to distinguish the elemental analysis instruments from scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy?
TEM often uses characteristic x rays and characteristic energy loss electrons,
Q:What is the principle that the signal bandwidth of the instrument is much higher than the sampling rate?
The bandwidth of the instrument is 1MHz, and the sampling frequency is 200kHz. If the signal bandwidth is below 100kHz, the sampling theorem is still satisfied. If higher than 100kHz, the built-in anti aliasing filter must be turned on. After the anti aliasing filter is turned on, the bandwidth of the instrument is bound by the aliasing filter, which is actually less than 100kHz.
Q:DAD chemical analysis instruments
DAD, also known as PDA, is the abbreviation of photo-diode-detector, that is, image diode array detector, which belongs to an ultraviolet detector. It is used in high performance liquid chromatography and gas phase detection.
Q:How to realize automatic cleaning of test and analysis instruments and pipes?
For small micro pipe, tube, water tank, oil tank, pipe, tubing, comb, toothbrush, smoking gun, teapot tea, medicine bottles, cans, all kinds of various slot objects, containers, waste plastic washing and all staff are unable to extend parts cleaning.
Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
Generally speaking, an audio analysis instrument with complete functions should be able to measure parameters such as signal AC and DC voltage, signal frequency, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and so on. Powerful audio analysis instrument provides spectrum analysis, 1/3 octave analysis, octave analysis, sound pressure level measurement, and other functions. If you want to build an audio analysis system, you also need a standard audio generator as the source of the excitation.
Q:What safety matters should we pay attention to when using chemical reagents and using analytical instruments?
In the sample with a large number of pH, the pH should also choose excellent chemical pure. At the same time, the preparation method of the purified water and the washing method of the glassware are also required,. The analysis also used as analytical reagent, gr.
Q:Major of Applied Chemistry has two directions: fine chemical and instrumental analysis. Which one should be chosen?
Instrumental analysis is a more precise instrument for analysis, inspection, identification, etc.!
Q:In principle, how many kinds of instrument analysis can be divided into?
Spectrometry, chromatography, and mass spectrometry.The spectral method can be divided into atomic spectrometry (mainly used for the determination of element content, including atomic absorption spectrometry, atomic emission spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometry, X ray fluorescence spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy), molecular spectroscopy (or determine the molecular structure of the auxiliary, including ultraviolet and infrared spectra, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy etc.).

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