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Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO is an easy to use automated analyzers, with unmatched reliability, small footprint, easy maintenance and low operating costs.

   Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO is a fully automatic metal material analyzer. Just into the sample, register on the touch screen, the system will start. Sample preparation, the system shift, spectral analysis, sample archiving, report the results, all of which are part of the complete process of Q8 CORONADO.

   Even with automation systems, including in the interim period and the analysis of samples and monitor the implementation of standardized processes where necessary. This helps to shorten the sample before analysis turnaround time and ensure consistent quality.

  Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO offers a variety of configurations, ferrous and nonferrous metals can be used for applications.

   Because of the automation system used in the flagship product Q8 MAGELLAN, ensuring high analytical performance.

  Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 CORONADO automated analysis system designed specifically for iron foundries and steel mills; the results from the sample to just a few minutes! The automated analyzer stands beside the steel furnaces.

   Q8 direct reading spectrometer using the latest hardware and software technology crystallization technology, with 1000mm focal length and light room 2400 or 3600 engraved lines / mm grating resolution, making two spectral dispersion rate derivative 0.26nm / mm, single-pulse spark technology and time-resolved spectroscopy applications so that each channel can simultaneously capture 1000 spark pulse data, and analysis time window of up to four optional. Details:

Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 technical parameters:

Paschen Runge structure

Focal Length: 750 mm

Wavelength range: 110 nm - 800 nm

Detector: channel photomultiplier tube (CPM)

Channels: Up to 128

Direct Reading Spectrometer Q8 main features:

All-digital solid-state excitation light source, making the analysis of the results of unusually stable

1000 data pulse spark spark single pulse detection techniques, excitation frequency up to 1000Hz, one-time read all 128 channels

Time-resolved spectroscopic techniques, the best alternative analysis window brings excellent sensitivity and precision

Using the new channel photomultiplier tube technology, low dark current, high signal to noise ratio, and strong ability to detect

High vacuum thermostat optical system, high-performance turbo-molecular pump vacuum pump oil vapor eradicate pollution of the optical system

Industry: metallurgy, casting, forging, machinery manufacturing, valves, fittings, pressure vessels, automotive parts, railways, shipping, aviation, scrap metal recycling, testing agencies, research institutions, contract laboratories

Process analysis of steel, cast iron, process analysis, process analysis of aluminum, copper process analysis

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Q:With regard to the inspection of petroleum products, which one of the analytical instruments is of good quality?
Best to go a few large oil products inspection units, research, and then make a decision.
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
On line measurement and measurement is different, in general is elevation, instruments or other means of verticality measurement work, put the line is limited to the scope of the construction of buildings, roads, construction plans will reflect to the construction site.Generally use level to determine elevation
Q:The working principle of optical range finder
The measuring principle of phase photoelectric range finder is that the light emitted by the light source passes through the modulator to become modulated light whose intensity varies with the high frequency signal. The distance is calculated by measuring the phase difference between the modulated light and the transmitted distance at the distance to be measured.
Q:What are the materials, analytical instruments, or equipment?
In this way, the material can be identified as a unit and an inorganic component, and the material elements of the material are obtained to obtain a complete picture of the material.
Q:What are the main methods of modern instrumental analysis?
Electrochemical analysis:1) conductance analysis; (2) potentiometry; 3) Kulun analysis; 4) polarographic analysis;
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and equipment should be used in drug analysis experiments?
Physical and chemical analysis: moisture tester, atomic absorption, microscope and so on
Q:What are the water quality analysis instruments? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
There are too many water quality analysis instruments. I don't know which water quality indicators you want to analyze. A good, one instrument can detect many indicators, such as ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, nitrite, sulfide, COD etc..
Q:What are common automatic biochemical instrument analysis systems?
1. End point method2, fixed time method3 continuous monitoring method
Q:What are the problems in the application of analytical instruments?
What's more, the sensitivity problem, the ordinary atomic absorption can not measure the PPB class metal elements. For nonmetal elements, the atomic spectrum is helpless, so the analysis instrument has the characteristic of specificity.
Q:How do you decide which instrument analysis method can be used to solve an analysis problem?
UV Vis spectrophotometry: 1 for qualitative analysis, depending on the shape of the absorption spectrum, the number of absorption peaks, and the location of the maximum absorption wavelength;2 structural analysis of functional groups and isomers of organic compoundsInfrared absorption spectrum: 1, judge isomerIf you do not understand, you can ask

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