Art and Archaeology analyzer

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Art and Archaeology handheld analyzer

Nondestructive elemental quantification of almost any element is used (from magnesium to uranium) analysis techniques

Handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers have the ability to quantify or describe almost any element from magnesium to uranium, depending on the specific instrument configuration.

Portable XRF spectrometer enables you to take a battery-powered analyzer to analyze the sample, rather than the sample to the laboratory. When larger or heavier the test sample, it is very useful.

Art and Archaeology analyzer applies a very wide range of industries and applications, such as:

Metal analysis

Waste sorting

Identification of the material reliability

Mining and prospecting

Environmental and Soil Screening

Art and Archaeology

Research and Teaching

The new anti-tie detector TITAN

You use a handheld metal turning fluorescence spectrometer or metal filaments it?

Have you had punctured handheld fluorescence spectrometer detector it?

You will learn that the cost of repairing a probe will be in the $ 4000 to $ 7000 range; plus unknown downtime.

TITAN anti-tie detector can reduce this risk!

Brook production of handheld fluorescence spectrometer is divided into two different series, which gives you a wide range of options to meet your analytical needs.

Tracer III-SD system

Tracer series product line for research aims to provide users with the most flexible measurement conditions, and the ability to create and modify calibration.

  X-ray fluorescence as a non-destructive testing equipment elements, used in archaeological excavations, the protection of cultural relics and works of art and other fields more than 50 years of history.

  For some archaeological excavations unearthed objects, historical artifacts and works of art of the origin and structure identification, you first need to understand its elements. Especially in the identification of some of the artwork is genuine or fake, the art and archeology analyzer elemental analysis often has very important significance.

  Until recently, the technology development of powerful handheld devices, which makes this a non-destructive testing techniques can be fully applied in the field. Because the analysis can be applied to a variety of field work, and elemental analysis are also more and more accepted by conservation workers. At the same time, armed with fluorescence spectrometer on the target detection has also been greatly expanded.

 German company Bruker TRACER III-SD handheld XRF analyzer equipment Art and Archaeology in this area has become a unique research tool.

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The beauty parlor that pulls you down on the street is usually informal, so you're not right to do it. The beautician metaphor is the image, it is really the truth, but as long as you usually pay attention to clean, do not bother to go with what instrument, because you cannot go every day with this instrument, but your pores in everyday garbage, even if you do her instrument, but you go out to a circle, and then go back to check that check to you with her, your skin of blackheads or have so much.
Q:What are the specific methods of chemical instrument analysis?
Chemical reagents, scales and some glassware are used for the determination.
Q:What can be done when measuring and controlling technology and instrumentation come out?
Suitable to the information industry, measurement and control technology in the field of design in the information acquisition and processing technology, equipment and system manufacturing, technology development and application research, operation management and other aspects of the work, can also include industrial and commercial, financial, customs, public security, quality assurance, technical supervision and the military and scientific research institutes and colleges and universities engaged in information acquisition and processing technology of the corresponding research and development, technology transfer and transformation, technology management and teaching work in each department of national economy.
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and related applications have been invented by using X rays?
A crystalline substance, has its special crystal structure, including lattice type, spacing and other parameters by X ray irradiation specimen with enough energy, in the sample of the material by the excitation, will produce two X ray fluorescence (mark X rays), crystal surface reflection crystal follow Prague's law. By measuring the diffraction angle (peak) qualitative analysis can compound, determination of integral intensity of spectral line (peak intensity) can make quantitative analysis and determination of changes in the relationship between the detection of spectral line intensity with angle of grain size and shape.
Q:What are the materials, analytical instruments, or equipment?
Many devices can be used in the University, Zhejiang University, jiace Bo siangong chemical IR NMR, MS, UV, fluorescence, scanning electron microscope, XRD, X- ray photoelectron spectrum, are in need of comprehensive use of atomic absorption spectrometry.
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
These are all right, but it depends on your own personality. Maybe you have a high level of technology, but you like to be free and easy, so you have to install the after sales engineer
Q:What kind of electrical, automatic and instrument equipment are needed in the sewage treatment plant?
Water quality test equipment: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, suspended matter concentration, pH meter, COD instrument, ammonia nitrogen meter, phosphate, etc..Automatic instrument and meter: frequency converter, PLC control cabinet, upper computer, touch screen and so on.Aeration equipment: including blowing equipment, aerator and corresponding accessories.
Q:What is the principle of an industrial analyzer?
The instrument has high reliability through the use of advanced acquisition and transmission data control system. Is one of the commonly used coal testing equipment.
Q:How to judge sample residue in liquid analysis instrument
Manual injection, empty breaking needle, automatic sampling, sampling rate is zero.
Q:What instruments are needed for feed testing?
Moisture meter, constant temperature and humidity, drying box, I hope I can help you

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