Art and Archaeology analyzer

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Art and Archaeology handheld analyzer

Nondestructive elemental quantification of almost any element is used (from magnesium to uranium) analysis techniques

Handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers have the ability to quantify or describe almost any element from magnesium to uranium, depending on the specific instrument configuration.

Portable XRF spectrometer enables you to take a battery-powered analyzer to analyze the sample, rather than the sample to the laboratory. When larger or heavier the test sample, it is very useful.

Art and Archaeology analyzer applies a very wide range of industries and applications, such as:

Metal analysis

Waste sorting

Identification of the material reliability

Mining and prospecting

Environmental and Soil Screening

Art and Archaeology

Research and Teaching

The new anti-tie detector TITAN

You use a handheld metal turning fluorescence spectrometer or metal filaments it?

Have you had punctured handheld fluorescence spectrometer detector it?

You will learn that the cost of repairing a probe will be in the $ 4000 to $ 7000 range; plus unknown downtime.

TITAN anti-tie detector can reduce this risk!

Brook production of handheld fluorescence spectrometer is divided into two different series, which gives you a wide range of options to meet your analytical needs.

Tracer III-SD system

Tracer series product line for research aims to provide users with the most flexible measurement conditions, and the ability to create and modify calibration.

  X-ray fluorescence as a non-destructive testing equipment elements, used in archaeological excavations, the protection of cultural relics and works of art and other fields more than 50 years of history.

  For some archaeological excavations unearthed objects, historical artifacts and works of art of the origin and structure identification, you first need to understand its elements. Especially in the identification of some of the artwork is genuine or fake, the art and archeology analyzer elemental analysis often has very important significance.

  Until recently, the technology development of powerful handheld devices, which makes this a non-destructive testing techniques can be fully applied in the field. Because the analysis can be applied to a variety of field work, and elemental analysis are also more and more accepted by conservation workers. At the same time, armed with fluorescence spectrometer on the target detection has also been greatly expanded.

 German company Bruker TRACER III-SD handheld XRF analyzer equipment Art and Archaeology in this area has become a unique research tool.

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Q:Audio analyzer for audio analyzer
The audio analysis instrument mentioned here refers to not only can measure the microphone, audio amplifier, speakers and other types of single audio equipment of various electro acoustic parameters, can the overall performance of combination test combination audio mixer, audio equipment analysis instrument. At present, the market has been the emergence of measurement can be used for all kinds of audio equipment, analytical instruments, such as distortion analyzer, spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, AC voltmeter, DC voltage meter, oscilloscope audio etc.. These rack type hardware instruments based on various functional circuits are easy to use and have high measurement accuracy, and have been widely used. Audio equipment manufacturers can analyze the performance of the instrument inspection equipment using audio, discovery of defects, and for the design of the equipment manufacturing is improved, consumers can also use audio analysis instrument to evaluate the equipment, choose the right product.
Q:What are the similarities and differences between chemical analysis and instrumental analysis?
Different:Chemical analysis is a quantitative or qualitative branch of analytical chemistry based on four conventional titrations, namely, redox titration, complexometric titration, acid-base titration, and precipitation titrations.Instrumental analysis is a method of analysis based on the physical and physico-chemical properties of matter. Qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and morphological analysis of substances were carried out by using special instruments. Instrumental analysis methods include many analytical methods, and there are currently ten kinds. Each method of analysis is based on different principles, the measured physical quantity is different, the operation process and application are also different. Common analytical instruments are spectrum instruments (AAS, ICP, etc.), chromatography instruments (GC, LC, etc.), nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, coulometric analysis, polarography, and so on.
Q:What acne removal instrument is better to use?
Long acne, do not touch the hand, a lot of bacteria on the hand, easy to cause infection. If you want to squeeze the inside out of the acne, you should use a special needle to pick acne, disinfection can be used, after the acne picked, should pay attention to anti-inflammatory.
Q:What are the signals used to distinguish the elemental analysis instruments from scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy?
SEM often use: EDS, WDS X - ray spectroscopic features; Auger electron need ultra high vacuum environment, often appear in Auger electron spectroscopy products, can also be included in the scanning electron microscope category; contrast backscattered electrons carry different domains average atomic number regions, atomic number height or the material density distribution of the qualitative solution cathode; fluorescence spectra in the ultraviolet range, electromagnetic radiation emitted visible or infrared wavelengths, this phenomenon can be used to detect minerals, trace elements and semiconductor in biological samples (ppm level, X ray spectrum WDS or X ray EDS can not achieve) distribution.
Q:Development trend of instrumental analysis
In the analysis method, the intelligent computer of analytical instruments not only calculates and analyzes the results, but also stores analytical methods and standard data, controls all the operations of the instrument, and realizes the automation and intelligence of the analysis operation.
Q:The principle and application of austenitic gas analyzer?
The main problems in the practical application of austenite gas analyzer are:1) this method is manual analyzer, the operation is more cumbersome, low precision, slow speed, can not achieve online analysis, can not adapt to the needs of production development;2) the volume of the comb tube has an influence on the analysis result, especially the impact on the explosion method;3) hot analysis determination time length Austria instrument, place has some limitations, but also must pay attention to the degree of chemical reaction, reading or not mislead the production;4) pyrobitumen food sub alkaline liquid acid at 15? 20 degrees of oxygen efficiency the best absorption effect decreased with the temperature decreased, 0 degrees almost completely loss absorption capacity, so that the absorption liquid temperature of not less than 15 DEG C.
Q:The method of eliminating the background of atomic emission spectrometry
Not only can the determination of certain components, but also ppm, ppb level micro determination, can be carried out in iron and steel of low content of Cr,.
Q:Major of Applied Chemistry has two directions: fine chemical and instrumental analysis. Which one should be chosen?
Instrument analysis direction is good, and now are high paying technical materials, and the state attaches great importance to material analysis, and material analysis is instrument analysis direction, work easier to find.
Q:Are there many agents in the water quality analyzer?
Hashes don't do direct marketing in China and go through local agents
Q:In principle, how many kinds of instrument analysis can be divided into?
Mass spectrometry is used to determine the molecular structure.In addition, other instrumental analysis techniques are limited to the limited level of knowledge of individuals

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