X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

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   Micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technique is uneven sample, irregular sample, or even the preferred method for non-destructive analysis of elements of high sensitivity and small samples were inclusions. Rapid analysis using multi-channel focusing light to a very small area, in order to obtain an excellent spatial resolution capillary focusing mirror will inspire. Any type of sample can be prepared even directly analyzed by a simple sample preparation.

Determination of sample thickness and composition of the coating

   X-ray fluorescence analysis of a thin coating of M4 can sample, such as a printed circuit board, metal or plastic parts, including single and multiple layer coating. XSpect software using non standard fundamental parameter method, can be calculated simultaneously coating thickness and coating composition. Using standard samples to further improve the accuracy of quantitative analysis

RoHS testing

    PCB measuring a sample. u Anso surface maps show the distribution of the following elements: Br (green), Cu (red), Au (yellow), Pb (white) and Sn (pink)

The original image size: 250 × 75 pixels

Measuring time: 0.15s / pixel

Main features:

  M4 TORNADO uses a new technology to provide the best analysis of the performance and handling is very convenient for a variety of users.

  Using multi-channel capillary focusing lens, minimum illumination spot, the highest spatial resolution.

  TurboSpeed XYZ sample stage, with variable magnification imaging system to obtain high-quality images of the sample, in the "fly" elemental distribution analysis.

  High-intensity X-ray tube with a multi-channel capillary focusing lens combine to ensure access to a very high excitation intensity illumination in a very small area. Using filters and can be used concurrently with a different target of bifocal tube, the analysis according to different requirements, optimization of the excitation spectrum.

  Use XFlash® detector ultra high speed access to the sample spectrum, additionally, a plurality of detectors can be used to further increase the measurement speed.

Using non-standard analysis accurate quantitative analysis of bulk samples, accurate analysis of multilayer samples.

  Can vacuum sample chamber is equipped with automatic doors, large sample compartment can be placed samples of various sizes. Through two variable magnification camera system to observe the sample (careful observation and analysis of the overall observation area), convenient injection capabilities and autofocus functions can be fast and accurate positioning. Edited by the user to run the program XYZ sample stage allows repeated measurements.

Industry Applications:

Earth Sciences (core, rock, sediment, microfossils, rings and other elements distributed imaging)

Forensic forensic and trace analysis (of the bullet holes on the clothes to shoot residues GSR analysis)

Art and Archaeology (for relics pigments, pigment composition analysis, repair artifacts)

Quality control and fault analyzer (electronics and electronic components elemental analysis, ROHS analysis)

Engine parts, electrical / lubricants (identification of the motor / lubricating oil in the engine wear products)

Life Sciences (cross-sectional examination of trees / leaves / roots rings)

Materials Science (steel corrosion test)

Environmental Science (heavy metals in soil, sewage sludge heavy metal analysis, air and municipal waste)

Film (air filter) on the filter

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Q:Chemical composition analyzer
Chemical composition analysis is relatively simple for inorganic salts, some glass instruments are almost enough, and atomic absorption spectrometers can also be used;
Q:Now popular instrument skin care, do not know that those beauty instrument has no side effects?
No side effects, even if the side effects are due to allergies, skin care products are not suitable, and if you often go to beauty salons to do some key care, you know, I hope you are more and more beautiful.
Q:What is the principle of an industrial analyzer?
The industrial analyzer is mainly used for the determination of water, ash and volatile matter in coal and other organic compounds. Its main characteristic is that the whole test process is automatically controlled by computer, and the analysis time is short and the testing accuracy is high. Moreover, the instrument has high reliability through the use of advanced data acquisition and transmission data control system. Is one of the commonly used coal testing equipment.Instrument structure:The instrument is mainly composed of three parts, such as tester, host computer, computer system and printerPrinciple of test instrument host and function of each component1) high temperature furnace: a new type of ceramic fiber material made of infrared furnace, heating up fast, the maximum use temperature of 1000 degrees.2) electronic balance: the quality of a crucible is accurately weighed by a rod that is extended to a high temperature furnace.3) lifting device: the rotation of the stepper motor drives the screw rod, so that the parts connected with the turntable produce reciprocating movement in a vertical direction.4) thermocouple: used to accurately measure the temperature in a high temperature furnace.
Q:The difference between UV Vis spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectrophotometry
UV VIS spectrophotometer consists of 5 components: 1. Radiation source. The continuous spectrum must have a stable and sufficient output power, the use of equipment such as band, tungsten lamp, halogen lamp (wavelength range from 350 to 2500 nm), hydrogen deuterium lamp or lamp (180 ~ 460 nm), or tunable dye laser light source etc.. The monochromator [1]. It consists of the incident, the exit slit and lens system and a dispersive element (prism or grating), is a device used to produce high purity monochromatic beam, its functions include composite light generated from the light source into monochromatic light beams of monochromatic light and separation required. Sample container, also called absorption tank. For a solution of absorbance measurement for quartz glass tank is divided into pools and two, the former is applicable to the ultraviolet to the visible region, the latter is only applicable to the visible region. The vessel's optical path is usually 0.5 to 10 cm. Detector, also known as photoelectric converter. Commonly used are photoelectric tubes or photomultiplier tubes, the latter is more sensitive than the former, especially suitable for detecting weak radiation. In recent years, vidicon or photodiode array is used as detector, which has the characteristics of fast scanning. Display device. This part of the device is developing faster. The higher photometer has a microprocessor, a screen display and a recorder, etc., and displays the atlas, data, and operating conditions.
Q:What are the analytical instruments in a chemical plant?
Liquid level meter, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, flowmeter, and some digital display instrument, hope to adopt
Q:What's the difference between gas analysis instruments and gas detectors?
The structure of the gas detector is simple, including the probe (sensor) and the sensor signal conversion circuit.
Q:What instrument can detect radiation, please?
If I remember correctly, the Geiger counter was designed to measure ionizing radiation.
Q:About black head instrument
First wash your face with lukewarm light salt water, using egg white, mask paper or oil absorbing paper, with fresh eggs:1, steam for 5 minutes to make the pores open;2, the egg white painted black;3, painted in the location of the egg white, affixed with oil absorbing paper or very thin mask paper, press out the air;4, in oil absorbing paper coated with a layer of egg white;5, to dry, exposing the oil absorbing paper can be, in the oil absorbing paper can see a lot of black.
Q:What does "ABC classification" mean for test equipment? Need to be specific
The instrument belongs to the equipment, and the equipment can be classified into class a key equipment, B class general equipment and C class equipment according to the importance, the advanced technology and the value
Q:What is the principle that the signal bandwidth of the instrument is much higher than the sampling rate?
The sampling frequency limits the bandwidth requirement of the input signal.

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