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5E-MIN6150 intelligent nitrogen oven

Size and power consumption is only 1/4 of the traditional oven, can pass nitrogen analysis for arbitration.

Adapt to all coal, used in stainless steel oven arbitration nitrogen analysis. Water is one of the most important indicators of coal settlement indicators of water directly affects the accuracy of the test results of coal prices, the National Standard GB / T211 "Determination of total moisture in coal method" and GB / T212 "method of analysis of coal industry." were provided for the determination of total moisture in coal, air dry basis moisture.

These two standards are specified, only nitrogen drying method applies to all coal testing, nitrogen drying arbitration analysis standards.

■ Applications

This product has blast oven and nitrogen-oven dual function, suitable for electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, cement, paper, the geological survey, research institutions and other industry sectors measured coal, heavy oil, coke, ore and other substances moisture analysis.

■ using standard

GB / T212-2008 "method of analysis of coal industry", GB / T211-2007 "Determination of total moisture in coal."

Main features:

A "mini", with oven blast and nitrogen-oven dual function, only 1/4 of the volume of a traditional oven; higher precision temperature control, temperature faster, better insulation, more energy-efficient, energy-saving efficiency is improved by 25%.

2, intelligent control, with leakage and over-temperature protection device; the temperature detection terminal interface.

3, a small space, with less nitrogen, the temperature more uniform, more reproducible test. Stainless steel heating pipe, stainless steel chamber, automatic switch vents.

4, automatic operation at night and rest days, 99 hours and 59 minutes can be set free automatic start, automatic stop the chronograph function, even at night and rest days can easily be tested.

5, with the nitrogen drying apparatus.

Technical parameters:

Constant temperature range (℃) (room temperature +20) ~ + 200

Temperature fluctuations (℃) ± 0.3

Internal volume (L) 15, 15 times per hour automatic ventilation

Full load current (A) 4.5

Weight (kg) 26

Dimensions (mm)

300 × 435 × 540

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Green environmental protectionThis product is a green environmental protection product, and conforms to the national electronic information products pollution control management measures, the product in normal use, will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.
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