Automatic lightwave moisture analyzer

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Product Description:

Patented technology:

1. Automatic moisture meter waves (application number: 201030505349.3)

2. The ring of light tube clips (application number: 201020516455.6)

3. A nitrogen device (application number: 201020516454.1)

Using standard:

GB / T211-2007 "Determination of total moisture in coal", GB / T212-2008 "method of analysis of coal industry", GB / T483-2007 "coal analytical test methods General Provisions"

Technical features:

1, using DSP + CPLD common platform, strong real-time and reliability, easy software upgrades.

2, with automatic nitrogen means nitrogen drying method may be employed when moisture testing, after introducing nitrogen to protect the test sample is not oxidized, to achieve arbitration analysis.

3, using light waves instead of infrared tube pipe, light heating more uniform heating faster, more efficient heating, more energy-efficient, energy-saving efficiency of 15%, the test speed.

4 ways to overcome the low thermal efficiency infrared heating, water testing for a long time defects; with cooling devices, multi-batch continuous testing latency, test efficiency by 25%.

5, external balance data display, real-time display weight, user precise control sample weight.

6, with power and memory function, a sudden power failure without losing the test data, power can continue to complete the test.

7, using a number of unique patented technology to improve the overall performance of the instrument.

Technical parameters

Measuring the number of samples (a) 18

Precision line with GB / T211-2007, GB / T212-2008

Test Time (mm) classical method (25-45), fast method (15-25)

Power (kW) <2.5

Weight (kg) 45

Dimensions (mm) 530 × 650 × 615

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Q:The quality of the coal analysis instrument is the best
Changsha Kaiyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. calorimeter is great, do not believe the feasibility of inside inquire about

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