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Melting characteristics of coal ash is directly related to whether the power plant boiler slagging (commonly known as coke) and its severity,

Therefore safe and economic operation of its boilers great relationship. 5E-AFIII smart meter tester uses molten ash

Computer image recognition technology to automatically distinguish four characteristic temperature for the determination of ash melting.


    My computer image recognition company early in 1999 successfully developed 5E-AF intelligent ash melting point tester used

Do not automatically determine the four characteristic temperatures of technology to fill the gap, has been unanimously praised by users, in the Division

Evaluation of hospital specialists is: "to reach the world advanced level, can completely replace imported." In May 2001, the production

Product won the national new product certificate issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission. 2002, the company used the National Science and Technology Innovation

Support Fund conducted a comprehensive improvement of the products, the introduction of more powerful, more of a third-generation test sample

Smart ash melting tester, test the temperature reaches its maximum 1600 ℃. The product has been exported to Australia, India

And other countries.

Technical parameters:

1. Maximum temperature: 1600 ℃

2. heating rate: 900 ℃ before 15--30 ℃ (can be set)

After 900 ℃ 5--10 ℃ (can be set)

3. Temperature error: ≤ ± 1 ℃ / min

4. Temperature Resolution: 1 ℃

5. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5 ℃

6. Switch speed up time: 1-2 minutes

7. Sample Number: 1--5 months

8. Test Atmosphere: oxidizing or weakly reducing (carbon seal method or aeration method)

The image storage interval: 1 / about 2 ℃

The image format: 24-bit true color

11. Image size: 200 pixels (height) * 140 pixels (width)

The image capacity: less than 5K / Frame

13. The image compression formats: standard multimedia video compression format

14. Power: 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz

15. Power: less than 2.6KW

16. Precision: meet GB / T219-1996 standard, ISO540-1995 (E) standards.

17. Accuracy: T1≤40 ℃, T2-T4≤30 ℃

Main features:

The world's only able to simultaneously test five samples automatically determine the ash fusion temperature of four characteristics tester

1. With CCD digital camera technology, from both the horizontal and vertical scanning automatic tracking ash cone dynamics, the image in real time at a high temperature to the computer; and by the highly intelligent image processing and image recognition technology, automatic identification of the four characteristic temperatures : deformation temperature (DT), the softening temperature of (ST), hemisphere temperature (HT), the flow temperature (FT).

2. Real-time image at a heating 1--2 ℃ intervals automatically saved in the computer, the dedicated media player throughout the experiment can be repeated at 5 minutes.

3. The use of advanced intelligent temperature control system, no manual pressure regulator and parameter adjustment, high precision temperature control.

4. There are several test methods atmosphere: an oxidizing atmosphere, the carbon seal method, ventilation method, heating rate can be set freely, it is determined after the flow temperature continues to heat up the image provided within the section 100 ℃ any temperature, to meet the requirements of a variety of research.

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