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Using digital temperature controller control temperature, sensitive, accurate and

easy to operate.Studio is equipped with ventilation holes at the bottom of the

tank top is equipped with exhaust valve, the cold air from the bottom to,

through the roof and is equipped with wind stirring, make more uniform temperature field.

101 series electric drum drying manic box has excellent design, novel appearance,

convenient operation, accurate temperature control, easy to maintain, etc.

The use and for drying, baking, wax melting of items, sterilization, etc;

Apply to industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes,

colleges and universities, medicine and health care etc.

The working principle
Work after electric heater heating of indoor air, the fan forced circulation,

the workspace and heated objects in uniform heat exchange, in order to

achieve the goal of baking or dry.

Method of use
1, the door is opened, the need to deal with the heat of the items in the

trunk of the shelf, the door is closed, twist the exhaust valve on the control

panel set to half (may at any time during the process of heating by adjust the

temperature of the dry goods);
2, connected with the equipment requirements consistent power, and will be

used by the ground terminal of the power supply socket and reliable grounding;
3, open the power switch, the power indicator, temperature control instrumentation

started showed that the temperature of the studio;
4, heating switch is equipped with two, such as low temperature open heat 1, 2

high and open heating, heating at the same time.
5, according to the need of heated objects, turn the temperature setting knobs on the temperatu

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Q:Domestic high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer which few do the best?
Wuxi Qian Rong instrument is very good, good instrument accuracy, good after-sale, cost-effective
Q:Domestic production of high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, desktop integration and floor splitting models, which company?
No, the domestic manufacturers of high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur instruments are many. Beijing, ng, Nanjing, Jin Yibo, etc.. How many?. If your budget is high enough, you can also consider importing. Like Alter, power and so on.
Q:Who used the elemental analyzer to determine soil total nitrogen? What is the principle of its determination? Does the soil carbon measured at the same time as total carbon or organic carbon?
The sample under high temperature conditions, the interaction of oxygen and oxidation catalyst, to sample oxidation and reduction reaction of combustion, measured the sample into gaseous substances (CO2, H2O, N2 and SO2), and in promoting the carrier gas, into the separation detection unit.
Q:Can elemental analyzer measure TOC?
In principle, your TOC is measured in organic carbon, elemental analyzer measured is carbon amount, i.e. the sum of inorganic carbon and organic carbon, inorganic carbon to be excluded if, you need a separate physical and chemical tests, measurement error or ignore the inorganic carbon brought;
Q:Preparation of non-aqueous solution in carbon sulfur analyzer
Tank solution: solid absorption: 1000ml distilled water 0.2g Koh, a small amount of Methyl Red mixed solution, shake well. (green alkaline solution)
Q:What supplies does organic carbon analyzer require?
Organic deposition in different environment is different, it contains a variety of biological organic group, organic carbon content, with the increase of buried depth, the temperature and pressure increase, a portion of the hydrogen oxygen nitrogen depletion and loss
Q:Domestic TOC analyzer (total organic carbon analyzer), which manufacturers better?
Foreign old beauty GE is a common group of Japanese SHIMADZU has made Hangzhou the Wenzhou Beijing and teiling Vico is rubbish but not worth mentioning here is Chongqing for Wenzhou Tiansheng group Vico
Q:Automatic carbon and sulfur analyzer which brand is good?
I also bought some time ago now carbon sulfur better if the domestic instrument you can see Wanlianda after all is a veteran of the enterprise carbon sulfur analyzer is quality guarantee customer service.
Q:TOC detection method of TOC analyzer
Determination principleThe total organic carbon (TOC) was determined by a specialized instrument, the total organic carbon analyzer (hereinafter referred to as TOC analyzer). TOC analyzer is to oxidize the total organic carbon in aqueous solution to carbon dioxide and determine its content. By using the corresponding relationship between carbon dioxide and total organic carbon, the total organic carbon in water solution was quantitatively determined.There are common TOC analyzer has two basic functions: first, the total organic carbon oxidation in water, carbon dioxide CO2; second, CO2. of different brands and types of TOC analyzer test is the difference between the new different methods to realize the two basic function. Oxidation technology commonly used are: combustion oxidation, ultraviolet oxidation and supercritical oxidation; and the detection method of CO2 is divided into: non dispersive infrared detection, direct conductivity detection and selective film conductivity detection.
Q:What are the characteristics of the arc Infrared Carbon Analyzer?
What's the feature? You disconnect the arc from the infrared, an arc furnace and an infrared detector. But the arc furnace combustion power as high frequency furnace, so this is also cheap tens of thousands of dollars

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