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Handheld ore analyzer measurement range (Mg-U)

Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Zr, Nb, Mo, Pd, Ag, Cd,

Sn, Sb, Te, Cs, Ba, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Pt, Au, Hg, Pb, Bi, Th, U and the like.

Handheld analyzer measurement ore minerals: metal, nonmetal, precious metals and rare metals

For example: iron ore, copper, zinc, titanium, vanadium, chromium ore, manganese ore, cobalt ore, nickel ore, lead, molybdenum, magnesium ore, bauxite,

Silver, gold, platinum mine, Sulfur, arsenic mineral, selenium and other mineral

Main applications

The main analysis of ore, ore block, slag, slag, ore, crude ore, tailings;

The precipitate was also analyzed, fillers, soil, dirt, mud; dust, dirt, filtrate, the thin film layer and the like.

Handheld ore analyzer features:

Simplified Chinese interface

Operating System Windows Mobile5.0

Boot without calibration can be measured directly

Brooke uses patented technology XFlash®SDD detector

Analysis of the smallest elements from Mg start, reaching more than 40 kinds.

Scope of analysis: ppm level to 50% or more (and mine-like species related)

Real-time analysis of data and map display

XRF software has the qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities, control of the light tube voltage and current, so that a wider range of measurement

Completely non-destructive measurements without sample shape restrictions

Automatic instrument calibration, measurement data stored automatically, without human intervention

Host integration design, high strength sealed, waterproof, dustproof, shock

Choose a button timing measurements

Built Bruker specialized operating software calculates and displays the speed

Instrument adapt to high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity, rain, dust and other harsh environments

For a long time is not measured in the boot mode, the instrument will automatically enter standby mode to save power and protection equipment

X-ray tubes durability, using Peltier thermostat semiconductor refrigeration technology adds to the life of

Optional GPS positioning system, which can pinpoint the location of ore veins and draw maps

Universal FP mode, suitable for all kinds of ore samples, greatly reducing the time of the field work. Automatically compensates for interference between elements.

Free software upgrades

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Mining and exploration - now geochemical analysis:


Handheld Analyzer S1 TITAN ore lightening, easy to carry design, which greatly facilitates the direct detection and location of potential mineral exploration area in the scene, measuring core drilling to determine the depth and distribution of deposits

Ore analysis:

Once a mineral location, handheld analyzer S1 TITAN ore can quickly analyze Deposits

Ore Quality Control:

After positioning and start mining minerals, ores handheld analyzer S1 TITAN ore can be detected within every truck, providing detailed information on the ore grade, conduct pre-screening for the ore processing plant is about to flow into and improve the quality of raw ore

Processing and concentration analysis:

Ore processing, handheld analyzer S1 TITAN ore concentration of the sample can be determined

Restoration and renovation:

When mining operations coming to an end, the handheld analyzers S1 TITAN ore can be used to analyze unfinished, and assist in the completion of land rehabilitation

Geochemical trace determination:

Trace element

Ore pathfinder elements

Soil or sediment contaminants in

Repair inspection

Catalytic Converter

Geochemical constants determined:

Major and trace elements

Metalliferous ores

Industrial Minerals




Element Range: Up to 45 kinds of elements, including magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur

By standard sample for multiple specific calibration matrix

Continuous automatic gain calibration with Bruker's (CAGC), need to gain on-site inspection

Sample preparation:

Direct measurement of the rock surface, but such samples uneven texture, requires a large amount of data acquisition in order to achieve effective quantitative analysis. Conversely, the use of homogeneous sample (e.g. finely divided powder) to obtain more accurate results.

The best solution is to put the material ground to a fine enough powder pressed into a replicable or lightweight, dense samples. Field may be used a variety of auxiliary abrasive tool, the rock surface of the handset from the powder, or the sample "beat" the powder into a desired, then the powder is pressed into a pellet directly, can be used hand-held mineral analyzer S1TITAN analysis.

Environmental conditions: Protection class IP54: Hand-held mineral analyzer S1 TITAN is designed to withstand the county school operating in all environments, including wet and dusty environments conditions

Sealed waterproof and dustproof design

Rubber molding, durable

To prevent the intrusion of contaminants and sand

Stand can be used to measure a sample of small and complex sample

Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to + 50 ℃

Sample temperature (intermittent use): 150 ℃ for Ultralene window, 500 ℃ for Kapton window

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Q:What instrument can detect radiation, please?
Hand-held radiation monitors are generally used, but only one of these is the following:Storage type portable beta gamma X multifunctional radioactivity detectorModel: R280 origin: GermanyGerman COLY company 2010 R280 type handheld storage beta, gamma, X multi-function radioactive detector to provide you with fast,Accurate and convenient means of radiation inspection. The utility model can be used for measuring the radiation dose rate and can also be used for surface pollution measurement, and the product adopts a nuclear radiation sensor manufactured by the American Standard Bureau, which is the best performance on the market at present
Q:How to analyze the instrument and select the regulated power supply
Electromagnetic compatibility, EMC and EMI indicators, are critical for precision measurement and high frequency loop equipment.
Q:What is the working principle of the ICP Analyzer?
Mainly used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of inorganic elements, as a kind of large precision inorganic analysis instrument ICP-AES inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer. Widely used in the analysis, analysis of precious metals, rare earth alloy materials, electronic products, medicine, metallurgy, geology, petroleum, chemical industry, commodity inspection and environmental protection departments due to the use of computer. Technology, intelligent instrument, screen display map and text and data acquisition and processing have reached the domestic advanced level, is the ideal analytical instrument of many industries.
Q:What does water quality analysis instrument include?
If you want to ask is what are the specific I can only say a few words about the water quality analysis instrument, including half of it, the conductance (including desktop and portable), pH (including desktop and portable meter), sodium silicate, analysis, phosphate analyzer, hydrazine analyzer, iron content analysis, copper content analyzer. Turbidity (including desktop and portable), BOD, COD, chlorine, phosphorus, spectrophotometry, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, ion chromatography, atomic absorption, TOC, point titration and so on
Q:Is the Zibo analytical instrument expensive?
Boshan Zibo Sea Branch instrument factory, the quality is excellent, the price is preferential, the after-sale service is perfect, the casting material model is complete. You need the analysis instrument of friends, if you do not find suitable for the factory, you can contact the first time - Shandong city of Zibo province Zhong Lin Road No. 207, by professional and technical personnel of a set of solutions to meet your actual situation of you.
Q:How can the spectrometer software be used offline?
First of all, it depends on what brand your spectrometer is. Different brands of software are not the same.
Q:Measurement and control technology and instrumentation professional is not numerical control ah?
I heard that we can control people to engage in off the CNC lathe, and mainly do the data measurement and instrument manufacture, the workshop is inevitable in engineering but when our professional good we are mainly in the laboratory. Employment direction, according to different universities, the direction of this profession is different, it is difficult to say, skilled employment is good. Compare with the other three majors you speak because you don't know your school is bad enough to draw conclusions. If the employment if the most notable is the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics graduate to China Aerospace City, engage in aerospace measurement and control. I hope what I say is useful to you!
Q:What's the price of the ore Analyzer?
Analysis of high speed, high precision, realizes the on-site analysis of chemical components such as geology, ore surface, core or have prepared samples. Through real-time multiple sampling, direct assessment of ore grade, and obtain analytical results, not only greatly improve the productivity and production schedule, and the results obtained from the laboratory analysis of the number of time days to a few seconds now.
Q:The difference between UV Vis spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectrophotometry
UV Vis spectrophotometry, UV visible spectrophotometry is a qualitative and quantitative analysis methods and structure according to the material properties of the molecular absorption wavelength of 200-760nm the range of the electromagnetic wave is established. The operation is simple, the accuracy is high and the reproducibility is good. Long wave (small frequency) light, small energy, short wavelength (large frequency) of light energy. Spectrophotometry is the measurement of the degree of radiation absorption of matter molecules at different wavelengths and at specific wavelengths.
Q:An instrument for measuring the size of a building. What is it called?
In general, precision ranging requires a total reflectance prism, while a range finder for house measurements is directly reflected on a smooth wall surface, mainly because the distance is relatively near and the intensity of the signal reflected back is large enough. With this, you must know that it must be vertical, otherwise the return signal is too weak to get the exact distance.

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